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Clémentine Delauney replaces Maxi Nil as vocalist for Visions of Atlantis

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Clémentine Delauney, who is best known as one of the vocalists for Serenity as well as the work she did with Whyzdom, has been announced as the new vocalist for Austrian symphonic metallers Visions of Atlantis. The announcement came about via former frontwoman Maxi Nil’s personal Facebook page. The full announcement is as follows:

I remember the first time I got on a plane to Austria almost 5 years ago, and as the plane was taking off, I was filled with happiness and excitement!…This flight was a beautiful journey, full of great times, and I got to meet beautiful people,make good friends and play around the world.

Now Visions of Atlantis Official and in particular Thomas Caser the only remaining founding member,wish to go back to the roots- reunite with some of the old members and play the music they used to play when they first started, something that fills them up with energy and makes them really happy. This is a decision I really respect and support. However, my motto in life is to be true to yourself and the ones around you, so I’ve decided to follow my heart and play the music that I have always loved, because to do otherwise would be unfair to VoA and to you, our friends and supporters.

This means that I’m no longer the singer of VOA, and my place will be given to my dear friend Ms Clémentine Delauney and I’m sure she will do a great job as the new front lady of the band.

I wish them all another great new beginning to their journey, and I thank them from the bottom of heart for everything. As for me…I’m embarking on the project I’ve always had in my soul, a band called Jaded Star Official, which will be a true reflection of ME as an artist. It is something different from what you’ve heard from me in the past, and I think you will enjoy it very much! Our debut album will be ready in early 2014.

My love goes to my partner in crime Mario Plank all my best to him and his band Austrian Hillbilly Hoedown and good luck to Cris Tían and Martin Harb with their future plans!

So this is not an end, only a different beginning, for me! We are all thankful for your support, and look forward to bringing you wonderful new music!

Here at Valkyrian Music, we wish Maxi, Clementine and Visions Of Atlantis the very best in their future endeavours.

Visions of Atlantis online:

Serenity release video for Wings of Madness, new album out now

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Austrian symphonic metallers, Serenity, have released the video for Wings of Madness, the single which is taken from their new album War of Ages. The video can be viewed below.

War of Ages was released earlier this month through Napalm Records.


Crimfall and Cadaveria announced as latest additions to MFVF

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Finnish energetic folk metallers Crimfall and “horror metallers” Cadaveria are the two latest additions for Belgium’s Metal Female Voices Festival, which is considered by many to be one of Europe’s premier “female fronted metal” festivals.

The full line-up for this year’s MFVF is as follows:

Tarja TurunenDelainReVampVisions Of AtlantisSerenityAnneke Van GiersbergenKobra & The LotusImperiaStream Of PassionVictoriansChaostarLEndeviDalriadaCrimfallCadaveria.

Full information on the festival and how to buy tickets can be found at this location.


Interview with Fabio D’Amore [Serenity]

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Fabio D’Amore has been the bassist for Serenity for three years now and has featured on their last album, Death & Legacy as well as their upcoming masterpiece: War of Ages. Nico catches Fabio for a quick chat about the upcoming album and the recent addition of Clémentine Delauney to the band.

Nico: What’s the meaning behind the band’s name?

Fabio: Serenity is a sci-fi movie, based on the fanta-western TV series called Firefly. It’s an awesome movie, and the also the TV series is incredible.  When the band was put together, the influence of “Firefly” on our artistic work was huge, so the the logical result was taking the name of the spacecraft as the band’s name.

Nico: What are the main themes and concepts of War of Ages?

Fabio: On War of Ages we developed once again our historical themes, as we did on Death and Legacy, our previous record, but this time we focused on different points of view, and different stages. We talked about characters such as Elizabeth Bathory, Henry VIII, Napoleon, Nero, Beethoven, and so on. The lyrics are telling the stories of these people, that for good and bad influenced our past, the past of the whole humanity.

Nico: How do you feel War of Ages differs from the previous album, Death & Legacy?

Fabio: Musically the two albums are different, especially concerning their structures: Death and Legacy was a long album, with many long songs, and lots of interludes, kind of like opera you have to concentrate on each single detail. War of Ages is a direct album, shorter and effective songs, no interludes and passages in here, somehow catchier and yet fluent.

Nico: Clémentine Delauney joined Serenity earlier this year. In the past, the band have used guest female vocalists, is there a specific reason for recruiting Clémentine Delauney as a permanent member of the band?

Fabio: Clémentine started touring with us during the Out of the Dark tour 2011. We’ve been touring with previous female singers in the past, and all of them have been great and we’re still thankful for the jobs they offered Serenity. Clémentine just fit perfectly when we played a trial show earlier in September, before starting that upcoming tour, and we were all really satisfied. We all improved together and she continued performing for us for
all other shows we had, and we found natural to start discussing about her joining the band permanently. It came naturally, from both sides.

Nico: How do you feel the band’s overall sound will change now with the addition of Clémentine?

Fabio: I wouldn’t talk about changement, I’d better talk about improvement. As stated before, our sound and our shows together got better and better, and we definitely found the right formula with her in the band, where the new songs find incredible improvement and the old ones got a new life and a stronger sound.

Nico: What song do you feel defines the new album, War of Ages?

Fabio: That’s a difficult question… But perhaps I’d say the brand new single Wings of Madness. It has everything of the band’s skills : heavy riffs, great vocal melodies, bombastic sound and groovy parts.

Nico: Are there plans for a UK tour later this year?

Fabio: First we’ll have a show in London in some weeks, and we are really looking forward to this, since the UK has always been great for us. Just think about last year’s headlining tour, where we were able to play in London and Cardiff. We’ll for sure have some other shows in the UK later this year.

Nico: If you could replace the soundtrack to any film with your own music, which one would it be and why?

Fabio: Mmm… That’s again difficult…I think each member of the band would have a different opinion and answer! Come and ask us directly after our show!

Nico: Serenity have been on the scene for a decade, how do you feel the metal scene has changed since Serenity formed?

Fabio: There’s definitely a saturation of offer in the market, and it’s still increasing. I think there’s too much and less quality lately… That’s also a reason of the whole industry’s decay and I am not completely sure this will ever get better again.

Nico: All the members of Serenity live in different parts of Europe, does this make it more of a challenge when it comes to song writing and studio work?

Fabio: It’s definitely challenging! Organising rehearsals and scheduling song writing and studio sessions have been more difficult lately. For three years, we now have to organise our activity, basing also on transportation issues, and gathering everyone’s plans. But it’s working fine, although it’s still difficult to handle, from time to time.

Nico: On the note of the members coming from varying parts of Europe, have the language and cultural barriers ever been an issue for the band?

Fabio: Austria, Italy and France are of course countries with many differences. In the beginning it may be difficult, but you have to give it time to get used to each other, and I can now say it’s not a problem at all. Sometimes you learn from each difference and you can enrich our own background, so I think it’s an added value.

Nico: Which musician, living or dead, do you hold the most respect for and why?

Fabio: Freddy Mercury – he’s still the artist and frontman that changed the life of many other musicians… His voice, his artistic soul, his performances have been lessons to learn for everyone of us!

Nico: What song do you feel defines Serentiy as a band?

Fabio: I don’t think there’s only one song that can tell what Serenity is. I’d say each album we released is very different and there’s something that makes our sound.

Nico: Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers?

Fabio: I’d like to thank everyone is reading now this interview and I’d like to invite you all to our upcoming tour: we’ll bring along the best show possible and you’ll get to know this new and fresh album War of
. You’ll love it!

Serenity’s new album, War of Ages, is due for release on 22nd March via Napalm Records.

Serenity – War of Ages

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War of Ages
Released 22nd March 2013
Symphonic/Power Metal
Released via Napalm Records

Over the past few years, Serenity have become a rising star in the symphonic and power metal scenes, with their previous album featuring a string of guest vocalists, including Delain’s Charlotte Wessels. Now, with the addition of Clémentine Delauney (ex-Whyzdom), the band are set to reach greater heights.

Wings of Madness proves itself to be the perfect opener, firing out an intense sound that augments frontman Georg’s vocals as well as those of new vocalist Clémentine. The heavy use of symphonic elements and orchestration add to the strong, intense musical shaping of the song, adding to the strength of the guitars and bass. Fortunately the bombastic assault of symphonic passages and heavy orchestration, as well as the choirs, continue their hypnotic flow throughout the album, keeping the trademark Serenity sound as a prominent feature on the album. Georg’s vocals are as powerful as ever and are complimented subtly by the addition of Clémentine, whose voice adds a new spin on Serenity’s music.

The band’s song writing appears to have matured vastly since the previous album with the guitar work sounding a lot more solid and fierce, whilst melodic at the same time. A lot of the songs on the album carry the heavier elements of the bands music, mixed with the tragic orchestration but there a couple of songs that are softer and more laid back, focusing a lot  more on atmosphere and emotion. For Freedom’s Sake is one of those track, displaying the strength and emotion in both Georg’s voice, as well as Clémentine’s. Age of Glory soars above the whole album, leaving a truly grand feeling of majesty in the wake of its epic stylings while The Matricide produces a semi-dark symphony that can only be described as extravagant.

It’s no wonder why Serenity have become a rising star on the symphonic metal scene and with this album, War of Ages, they’re bound to become a force to be reckoned with. Taking the best parts of symphonic metal and fusing them with talented and individual musicians, Serenity have managed to write another masterpiece that will cause a frenzy on the scene.


Nico Davidson


Serenity – Death & Legacy [2011]

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Band: Serenity
Album: Death & Legacy
Release Year: 2011
Genre: Symphonic Metal/Power Metal


“Death & Legacy” is the third album by Austrian Power Metal quintet Serenity. The album features female vocals from Ailyn (Sirenia), Charlotte Wessels (Delain) and Amanda Somerville (Noted for collaborations with bands such as Epica, Kamelot, After Forever and Luca Turilli).

The album begins with the introductory track “To Set Sail…” which is composed entirely of sounds of waves, oars, boats and monks sinking. It creates a certain mystique that slowly lures the listener into the next track: “New Horizons”, which begins with a dramatic sounding orchestral introduction before the guitar and drums come pounding in. A guitar solo soon follows before male vocals enter the track. The vocals seem to have a soothing element to their, which is unusual for most forms of metal and in some parts of the track, the vocals sound some what like the vocals found on an “Hammerfall” album. The symphonic elements of the track bring add a very sophisticated feel to the aggressive guitar riffs and drums. The guitar solo about three quarters in just completes the track.

The next track “The Chevalier” begins with a soothing orchestral introduction with a haunting voice in the distant. The track soon turns heavy. The male vocals are again, soothing, which mixes well with the orchestration, guitar and Ailyn’s vocals. The use of piano on the track is simply brilliant as it adds a kind of harmony to the guitar riffs. The drums are well played as well. The piano section, just over half way through the track, sounds beautiful, especially when the soft orchestration comes in. More duets between Serenity and Ailyn? Oh god, yes please! Anyway, back to the review, the guitar towards the end is just mind blowingly good, even with the vocals.

“Far from Home” comes shredding in next, with an extremely melodic and fast-paced intro. The slight use of orchestration in the intro works surprisingly well, as it lets the listener enjoy the guitar’s intro more than they would if there was more orchestration. More melodic riffs make appearances through the track. The guitar solo halfway through is surprisingly fast paced and the use of a choir and orchestration straight after it is just genius. Straight after is “Heavenly Missionary”, which begins a vocal intro which leads straight to orchestration and ruthless guitar, drums and bass. The use of piano and orchestration through the track is astounding and the guitar solo that follows is just amazing.

The sixth track, “Prayer” is next, which is one of three interlude tracks on this album. Like “The Chevalier” it features guest vocals from Sirenia’s Ailyn.  The track is composed of church bells ringing faintly, choir-like vocals and what one could believe to be a prayer said in Latin. “State of Siege” is next and it begins with a military sounding drum roll on the snare mixed with folk-styled orchestration, giving the track a Braveheart-meets-300 kind of feel. Almost 2 minutes in the track turns with a shredding guitar riff into a solo, before the male vocals come in bringing the track to a sudden calm, mixed with piano and light drums. The guitars reappear after, bringing some heaviness back to the track. The guitar solo can on this track can only be described as “divine”.

Next is “Changing Fate” which features guest vocals from Amanda Somerville. The track begins with what would sound to be either a medieval acoustic guitar. The male vocals soon come in, which keep the track calm and slow paced.  The violin works well with both the vocals and the medieval guitar. Amanda’s vocals come in along side the drums. Her voice makes the track sound like a very soft and not-so-dramatic Nightwish track, especially when combined with the male vocals. Halfway through, the track turns heavy with orchestration and piano. A somewhat epic guitar solo soon follows. Towards the end of the track, only Amanda’s vocals and a beautiful piano medley can be heard before been accompanied by violin, the male vocals and the acoustic guitar.

“When Canvas Starts To Burn” comes after and it is perhaps the most aggressive track on the album. Straight away, the intro riff has the potential to burst the ear drums of any power/symphonic metal fan. The vocals have turned more aggressive and raw, though that could be due to the effect added to them. The track does soon turn softer straight after, with more use of orchestration and softer vocals. The track turns aggressive again later on, before switching back to soft. The guitar solo sounds as if it has some influence from a “Rhapsody of Fire” track.

“Serenade of Flames” is next and it features guest vocals from Charlotte Wessels of “Delain”. The track begins with a slow, solo-sounding guitar intro before the orchestration and drums kick in. The guitar soon turns raw and aggressive, before turning slow and clean for the vocals. The male vocals sound raw, to an extent. Charlotte’s vocals sound angelic. The chorus of the track sounds brilliant, as it combined both vocals and the previously stated aggressiveness of the guitar. The use of choir-like vocals helps add the symphonic elements to this track. The track finishes with a soft vocal and musical section before turning heavy for the track’s finale.

The second interlude “Under Eastern Skies” comes next. It’s mainly composed of middle eastern styled medleys and Arabic male and female vocals. “Beyond Desert Sands” comes bursting in next and it is surprisingly heavy and fast-paced to begin with, mixed with a slight use of piano. The vocals that follow after are no longer soothing like they have been in most of the album. The track is a mix of fast-paced riffs and heaviness and calm and slow-paced. The guitar solo is just brilliant and there is a slight use of female vocals on parts of the track.

Next is the third and final interlude “Lament”. It is performed by Fabio D’Amore. The language used on this track sounds to be Italian or an Arabic language. The final track “My Legacy” comes next and it begins with a piano medley and soothing male vocals before a melodic guitar riff comes shredding in. The track turns calm again and then heavy. The orchestrated elements are mind blowing, making this track the best track on the album. The guitar solo is also the best one on the album.

“Serenity” is a true masterpiece in terms of symphonic power metal. It is well produced and well-composed. It is definitely worth the buy!


Nico Davidson