Serenity – War of Ages

War of Ages
Released 22nd March 2013
Symphonic/Power Metal
Released via Napalm Records

Over the past few years, Serenity have become a rising star in the symphonic and power metal scenes, with their previous album featuring a string of guest vocalists, including Delain’s Charlotte Wessels. Now, with the addition of Clémentine Delauney (ex-Whyzdom), the band are set to reach greater heights.

Wings of Madness proves itself to be the perfect opener, firing out an intense sound that augments frontman Georg’s vocals as well as those of new vocalist Clémentine. The heavy use of symphonic elements and orchestration add to the strong, intense musical shaping of the song, adding to the strength of the guitars and bass. Fortunately the bombastic assault of symphonic passages and heavy orchestration, as well as the choirs, continue their hypnotic flow throughout the album, keeping the trademark Serenity sound as a prominent feature on the album. Georg’s vocals are as powerful as ever and are complimented subtly by the addition of Clémentine, whose voice adds a new spin on Serenity’s music.

The band’s song writing appears to have matured vastly since the previous album with the guitar work sounding a lot more solid and fierce, whilst melodic at the same time. A lot of the songs on the album carry the heavier elements of the bands music, mixed with the tragic orchestration but there a couple of songs that are softer and more laid back, focusing a lot  more on atmosphere and emotion. For Freedom’s Sake is one of those track, displaying the strength and emotion in both Georg’s voice, as well as Clémentine’s. Age of Glory soars above the whole album, leaving a truly grand feeling of majesty in the wake of its epic stylings while The Matricide produces a semi-dark symphony that can only be described as extravagant.

It’s no wonder why Serenity have become a rising star on the symphonic metal scene and with this album, War of Ages, they’re bound to become a force to be reckoned with. Taking the best parts of symphonic metal and fusing them with talented and individual musicians, Serenity have managed to write another masterpiece that will cause a frenzy on the scene.


Nico Davidson


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