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Giants–These Are The Days

Posted in Review with tags , , , , on 14th November 2012 by samaxup

These Are The Days
Released: 17th September
Post-Hardcore/Skater Punk

In the past 3 years since the roots of Essex quintet Giants formed, they’ve amassed a huge following amongst the UK hardcore scene. With huge anthemic tunes such as Another Day, Another Year and Home To Home under their belt, it’s also no wonder why their live set is exploding with energy and crowd song-alongs. They have quickly become one of the hardest working bands in the UK and ‘These Are The Days’ is a well-fitting showcase of what the band have to offer to new fans, and what they have to reward their loyal fans with.

The 7 track mini-album wastes no time in starting. Did It Mean So Much To You gives mere seconds for the listener to prepare themselves for the ride ahead before a genre defining punk-rock riff initiates the album. The bass and guitar tones blend perfectly into a wall of sound that is driven by typical (but fitting) punk drums. Ed Parker and Jack Longman perform their vocals in their standard ‘you shout, I scream’ way but extend into different territory with a swap of tempos between slow choruses and upbeat verses.  A stand out moment in this song is the breakdown. In typical Giants fashion, they reflect the heavy and chuggy guitars with a small lighter fills of guitar which may take away the brutal-ness of the breakdown but instead adds beauty.

One thing Giants can do expertly are catchy ‘two step’ beats and When It Comes Down To It contains perfect examples of this. The structure of the song is made up of 2 choruses which are followed by well driven drum beats, aggressive punk guitars and bouncing basslines.  The vocals also closely compliment this song with catchy choruses and memorable lyrics. I have a feeling that this song will add to the foundations of their live set due to the application of this songs features.

Snakes is a rampage of pure skater aggression. The short anthem explodes with pure angst that is rumoured to be based on scooters in skate parks. For fellow skaters who have experienced the same, this song with be a vent for all the anger and the lyrics speak the minds of all who agree; ‘You’re always getting in the way’.

The lyrics that Giants painted in previous releases always had a way of reaching the hearts of their teenage fans. Won’t Be Told follows suit by expressing that things that teenagers have always wanted: Freedom. Jack Longman’s vocals are heart felt and are greatly accompanied by a flowing lead guitar riff and beefy rhythm and bass guitars. They also leave room for those fans who just want to headbang or run around in circles by keeping the punk influence running throughout the song.

Current fans of Giants are guaranteed to know track 5. Another Day, Another Year was originally released on 2011’s split EP with Evita and is now one of their signature songs that stapled their name onto the UK hardcore scene.  Unlike a lot of Giants’ songs, Another Day, Another Year has a feel good vibe. The pulsating vocals that sing about getting older but still remembering the good times, the sore throat inducing group chants and lead guitar that your ears worship all add up to an anthem that is a clear stand out amongst the rest of the album.

Bottled up is a nice and refreshing instrumental that is a break from all the carnage. The guitar tone is surprisingly beautiful and would fit in amongst bands like Basement. However, the break doesn’t last long as the final track Boneless brings the mini-album to close with a heroic mix group vocals, big choruses and intricate guitar work.

These Are The Days is not just another notch on the bed for Giants like most albums are for bands of their genre, it is the defining moment of their career so far and reflects their best work to date.  The display of Punk influenced hardcore and heart felt lyrics shown by the quintet sets the bar higher for all other aspiring artists that hope to make it big in the modern day music industry. All their hard work and touring has definitely paid off for them.


Sam Axup