Azylya–Sweet Cerebral Destruction

Sweet Cerebral Destruction
Released January 2013
Gothic Metal
Released via Wormholedeath Records

Azylya’s story begins in 2007 when vocalist Jamie-Lee (then aged 14) wrote the story of a young girl who was abused by her father and was abandoned in an asylum. It wasn’t until 2009 when the story took form in music as Jamie-Lee formed the band that is now Azylya. Sweet Cerebral Destruction is the band’s second album.

The album is an ocean of differing sounds and pieces of music, with the vocals of Jamie-Lee navigated ever so careful along the waves of tragic keyboards and lycanthropic guitars. There’s a certain darkness that creeps out from each track like fog inching its way up from the ocean. The keyboards are what impress me most, resonating their siren-like song out above the rest of the instruments on each track and creating a powerful and captivating gothic sensation. There’s a few tracks that have a prominent sound such as Incest and Azylya.

The story that’s told throughout the lyrics is beautiful narrated during each track, portraying a nocturnal shade of poetic stylings that only Poe could achieve – Something that is emphasised by the carefully crafted musicianship of the band. The beauty and beast vocals contrast dramatically compared to other bands but still achieve the same effect: an unyielding union of two powerful vocalists.]

I’m surprised that Azylya haven’t got more exposure. Sweet Cerebral Destruction embodies all the strong points of Europe’s symphonic and gothic metal scenes – dramatic and tragic orchestration and keys, dark and brooding guitars and melodic vocal work. Sweet Cerebral Destruction is a sign of things to come from Azylya and I’m definitely looking forward to them.


Nico Davidson

Azylya will be playing The Dames Of Darkness Festival later this year with bands like Delain and Visions Of Atlantis. For more details, click here.


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