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Clémentine Delauney replaces Maxi Nil as vocalist for Visions of Atlantis

Posted in News with tags , , , , , , on 7th December 2013 by Nico Solheim-Davidson, the North Sea Poet

Clémentine Delauney, who is best known as one of the vocalists for Serenity as well as the work she did with Whyzdom, has been announced as the new vocalist for Austrian symphonic metallers Visions of Atlantis. The announcement came about via former frontwoman Maxi Nil’s personal Facebook page. The full announcement is as follows:

I remember the first time I got on a plane to Austria almost 5 years ago, and as the plane was taking off, I was filled with happiness and excitement!…This flight was a beautiful journey, full of great times, and I got to meet beautiful people,make good friends and play around the world.

Now Visions of Atlantis Official and in particular Thomas Caser the only remaining founding member,wish to go back to the roots- reunite with some of the old members and play the music they used to play when they first started, something that fills them up with energy and makes them really happy. This is a decision I really respect and support. However, my motto in life is to be true to yourself and the ones around you, so I’ve decided to follow my heart and play the music that I have always loved, because to do otherwise would be unfair to VoA and to you, our friends and supporters.

This means that I’m no longer the singer of VOA, and my place will be given to my dear friend Ms Clémentine Delauney and I’m sure she will do a great job as the new front lady of the band.

I wish them all another great new beginning to their journey, and I thank them from the bottom of heart for everything. As for me…I’m embarking on the project I’ve always had in my soul, a band called Jaded Star Official, which will be a true reflection of ME as an artist. It is something different from what you’ve heard from me in the past, and I think you will enjoy it very much! Our debut album will be ready in early 2014.

My love goes to my partner in crime Mario Plank all my best to him and his band Austrian Hillbilly Hoedown and good luck to Cris Tían and Martin Harb with their future plans!

So this is not an end, only a different beginning, for me! We are all thankful for your support, and look forward to bringing you wonderful new music!

Here at Valkyrian Music, we wish Maxi, Clementine and Visions Of Atlantis the very best in their future endeavours.

Visions of Atlantis online:

Interview: Martin Harb [2011]

Posted in Interview with tags , , , , , , on 2nd November 2011 by Nico Solheim-Davidson, the North Sea Poet

Following the release of “Delta” and “Maria Magdalena”, Visions of Atlantis are set to soar to new heights. Nico sits down with keyboardist Martin Harb for a chat about the band and other things.


Nico: Do you feel that with the introduction of Maxi in to the band that the style of the music has changed?

Martin: Well, for sure I would say as her voice is completely different from the other female vocalists we had in the past. Now there’s much more emotion and soul in our music, but this fact doesn’t actually change the style. So we’re still typical VoA Symphonic Metal, but with this Greek goddess singing just better than everything we had before.

N: Do you feel that “Delta” is different, in terms of its style, than previous releases?

M: No, actually I just think that Delta is more a mix-up of the previous releases with influences especially from the first Album Eternal Endless Infinity without its cheesy touch and Delta also offers completely new horizons of song-writing for Visions of Atlantis. But we just released our brand-new EP “Maria Magdalena” which also features completely new VoA material and these tracks show the direction how Visions of Atlantis maybe will sound in 2012 with the next full-length album. So you see, there`s evolution all the time, but I think we’ll always be faithful with our own sound and style and won’t change this a lot!

N: What’s the craziest thing that’s happened to you on tour?

M: This was back in 2003 in Mexico City when I was sitting in a small park next to our hotel and just had a cigarette – I quit smoking already for years now by the way – and the same moment many policemen with cars and dogs and whatever circled the complete park and I was stuck in the middle. And there was a guy sitting or standing (don`t remember) some benches next to me and I guess he was a very bad guy and all the police men where shouting at him, holding their weapons and then they crushed him down and I was still sitting there completely frozen. I will never forget that, I was only 17 this time, of course I was afraid.

N: What’s the best concert you’ve played so far?

M: Hard question, there where many very good ones, but I think Masters of Rock Festival this year, Barcelona this February on tour with Rhapsody of Fire and this year’s Wacken Open Air and a festival in China last year were my personal highlights so far I would say!

N: Hard questions are what we specialise in at Valkyrian Music. Has Mario’s departure from the band affected the song writing process?

M: No, not at all as he was not part of any song writing, and the bass guitar is something we always build after the drums. And I can tell you: The song writing for the next Visions of Atlantis Album is already finished by about ninety five percent. We’re already working on the details and we’ll enter the studio early next year, so expect another full-length in the middle of 2012!

N: Which song do you feel represents the band?
M: Puh, again a not that easy to answer-question. But I would say it’s Memento from Delta and Passing Dead End from Trinity. These are the tracks which cover our “Vision of Visions” very good!

N: Do you have any plans for any UK shows in the future?

: After the cancellation of our UK-shows some weeks ago we hope to have the chance to get there next year of course, would be great! Personally I would also love to play the Bloodstock Open Air, but we’ll see, no fixed plans or dates at the moment, but we`re working on it!

N: If you could replace the sound track of any movie with your music, which one would it be? And why?

: There are many I think and many with really really great soundtracks. But if I had to score one with Visions, it would be of my favourites of course, so Forrest Gump, Braveheart or Apocalypto maybe. I think Apocalypto would be great with Visions of Atlantis music during some scenes of the movie, what do you think?

N: Sounds like a brilliant idea to me. What would you say is your all-time favourite album?

: Well, as I’m an impassionate CD-collector this question is not that easy, but I will tell you five to make it easier for me, ok? And these are the CDs I would say are most important for my life as a musician – or the reason why I became musician at all – and for my private life as they just touch me most:
1: Lacrimosa- Elodia. Great lyrics, great classic arrangments, masterpiece.
2: Manowar- The Triumph Of Steel. My first metal album, the reason for becoming a metalhead.
3: Labyrinth- Return To Heaven Denied. Still my favourite Italian Power Metal album of all time
4: Tiamat- Skeleton Skeletron. Their best, one of my all time-favourites
5: Axel Rudi Pell- The Ballads II. One of the best singers in the world singing some of the best rock-ballads ever written in my opinion, great!

N: Are there any bands from your home country that you’d suggest our readers to check out?

: At the moment I would suggest Illuminata [Symphonic Metal] who will release their debut on November 25th via Twilight; Hellsaw I also suggest [Black Metal] as they`re very good friends of us and a great horde, they’ll release new material on February 25th 2012 I think via Napalm Records; And FORCE, they’re from Austria (Styria) as well and play Melodic Power Rock and are great musicians and cool guys as well! Thanks for the interview and keep on rocking! And people out there: Keep on buying original music, check our Official Pages at Facebook, Myspace or Youtube and see you soon on tour hopefully!