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Truckfighters – Universe

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Stoner / desert rock
Released on 24th January 2014
by Fuzzorama Records

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Any musical genre that surfaces associated to a certain place quickly loses that geographical exclusivity and desert rock is no exception. This wider brand of stoner rock, born in Palm Desert, California, stretched out to Scandinavia and here’s Truckfighters. already releasing their fourth full-length.

Without a much diverse writing, each one of “Universe”‘s seven tracks leave its mark in our ears. Describing “Mindcontrol”. “The Chairman” and “Dream Sale” will be very alike – the mid-tempo rhythm section in combination with the guitar riffs create such a beaten pattern, almost like a mantra, repeating itself and sticking to the memory. But the set of notes and tones is different, with one or two progressive passages, so despite the familiar sound, each of the three mentioned tracks has its own identity.

These words would also fit “Prophet”, but this sounds more straight-forward, with somewhat chipper strands and a more subtle groove… it sounds “more different”, hence the reference in a distinct paragraph.

“Get Lifted” and “Mastodont”, on the other hand, flow at a slower pace, in the more doom-ish side of stoner rock. And so, they’re also the heaviest songs in the album, full of dark guitars – especially “Mastodont”, given its +14-minute length which lead the listener to an epic trance. The exact opposite of “Convention”, both in length and nature – alternative rock, less than two minutes long… in fact it even seems that it’s unfinished, ending so abruptly.

“Universe” won’t be the album of the year within the genre, but its melodic thickness labels it of “great”.

4 / 5

by Renata “Pieni” Lino

Cradle Of Filth to co-headline the Metal Stage of Alt-Fest 2014 on August 17th

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Alt-Fest, “the first fully crowd funded and crowd led outdoor festival” (read more here), has announced Cradle Of Filth as the first co-headliner of the Metal Stage on its last day, Sunday, 17th August 2014. After Metal Hammer claiming that the band’s latest album “The Manticore and Other Horrors” is their best in years, this headlining show will confirm CoF’s status as one of the best British extreme metal acts.

Also Malefice, Palm Reader and Onslaught have been added to this bill, the first two on Sunday as well, the latter on Friday.

Fearless Vampire Killers will headline the S.O.P.H.I.E. stage on Saturday, while Truckfighters and Steak will be playing the Main stage.

Super Early-Bird Tickets, meaning 3 day festival full festival access to all stages and attractions, are already on sale at the festival’s official webpage for £70. Check it out also for additional information on the line-up, camping and travel.