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Primordial w/ support – Porto, Portugal

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Primordial, Basalto, Aura
Hard Club, Porto (PT)
21st September 2018
Promoted by Notredame Productions

DSC_0424 copy

One month yesterday and the memories still send shivers down my spine. Primordial’s songs already have that effect on their fans, but something about that night’s performance made them more enthralling. I always thank the promoters for allowing me the chance of shooting these gigs but this time my heartfelt reverence towards Carlos Freitas and Notredame Productions goes deeper, for bringing such show to us.

DSC_0067 copyBut first things first. Post black metal Aura, promoting their debut EP “Hamartia”, which had been released in July. Aggressive, but bearing the somberness of a doom band, the mix works out extremely well, the four musicians really “into it” when on stage. For what I could gather, “Your Eyes Can Sweat My Desire For Catharsis” is their strongest track. An extra note on the bass player’s professionalism, as the piece on the bass that holds the strap broke but he didn’t stop playing; he just put his foot up on one monitor and held the instrument on his knee. I can only imagine the strain on his back and arms while doing it. In the end of the song he fixed it with duct tape, but since their songs are over 6 minutes long, consider my hat tipped.

Then came the 99%-instrumental Basalto. In fact, the first I’d seen them, a few months prior, I’d say they were an instrumental act. But this time, on the first and last track, guitarist António Baptista growled something indecipherable.
The final product is labelled as stoner/doom metal, but it’s achieved with a variety of other elements, such as jazz and blues, making it a lot spicier, more spirited. “Doença (“disease” in Portuguese) is their second album, released in February, and according to them, it represents everything black or dark in Humanity’s intellectuality. Interesting concept.

DSC_0186 copy

In +25 years of attending concerts, I can only remember three concerts that went on for two hours: Iced Earth (the “Horror Show” tour, which coincided with the release of the boxset “Dark Genesis” and so the band decided to play a little bit of their full discography so far, with three different stage sets); Queensrÿche (the “Operation: Mindcrime” 20th anniversary tour where they performed both the album and its sequel in full) and Moonspell (the 20th anniversary of “Irreligious”, where they also played the whole DSC_0272 copy“Wolfheart” and “Extinct” albuns). Primordial was now the fourth, but the first without any special reason for it, apart from “not being like one of these new bands who play for an hour and go home” (quoting Nemtheanga himself). You’ve probably done the math by now: more time to play, less key-songs left out of the set, even if they have to insert new ones out of the latest “Exile Amongst The Ruins”. Plus, if you know how charismatic Nemtheanga is, you know how intense every minute of a Primordial show can be; 120 of them is something just beyond words.
Nemtheanga recalled several times their first show in Portugal, 20 years ago, praising “his friend” José Costa for it, and also mentioned the last time they’ve played at Hard Club (although that gig happened in the original venue, on the other side of the river, but that he didn’t seem to remember). Such sweet nostalgia, brought on not just by the older songs…
From “Nail Their Tongues” to “Empire Falls”, going through “To Hell Or The Hangman” or – my all-time favorite – “The Coffin Ships”, this concert was a roller-coaster ride of emotions that will hardly be forgotten by any of the presents.

Text & photos by Renata “Pieni” Lino

Cairo Son – Storm Clouds

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Cairo Son
Storm Clouds
Rock, Grunge, Stoner, Blues
Released: 18th March 2016
Self released

The British rockers have been growing in popularity for some time and with their new album Storm Clouds on the horizon, pun totally intended, the trio look to expand.  Cairo Son, from London, mix together the hypnotic rhythm of blues and stoner rock and the heaviness and intensity of heavy metal and grunge to create a really fascinating listen. Their riffs are precise and sharp, with heavy bass that thunders in the background of the production. With their debut “Heart Against The Feather” backing them up, the band look to capitalise on that with this upcoming album in 2016.

The album opens with that riff styling I’ve mentioned already. It captivates you and makes you want to hear more. “Lost in the Shadow” is dark and twisted and uses the bluesy tone to its advantage.  Letting the music do its job of creating a dark and twisted sound, as the vocals are entrancing over the top. The harmonies on this album are simply lovely and really invoke that early 90’s grunge/stoner sound that they’re clearly aiming for.  The strong and powerful vocals really counter the music perfectly as it’s quite subdued. The two singles from this album “Lion in a Cage” and “Devil’s Tongue” are well performed, with anthemic choruses and hard-hitting riffs.  It brings to mind the early 2000’s nu-metal scene.  At the same time though it’s not as petty or whiny as that.  There genuinely seems to be a great sense of command and power to their performance here.

Although there aren’t many tracks, it still reaches a substantial length thanks to the near 11 minute epic that is the album’s title track “Storm Clouds” which drudges along at that bluesy pace. However, the song never feels like it’s dragging you by the nose to get through it.  The run time is justified as a lot of emotion comes out in this song and it feels very grandiose, like the band were aiming for something big. It hits all of the points you’d want a song like this to hit. I love Magdy’s voice on this song, he just matches the tone to the words and to the music so well.  It really does feel epic.

As you can probably tell I’m loving this album.  I can’t really name any drawbacks, it just works for me.  Is it for everyone?  Honestly, no but I feel that there is an audience for it.  A big audience. People who like well crafted riffs and emotional melodies will love this. However if you’re not into music that takes its time with bluesy sounds and heavy riffs then you’re probably not going to have a good time with this. Overall, I loved it and I would recommend giving it a listen.


Mick Birchall

Truckfighters – Universe

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Stoner / desert rock
Released on 24th January 2014
by Fuzzorama Records

 photo truck_zpsa8448520.jpg

Any musical genre that surfaces associated to a certain place quickly loses that geographical exclusivity and desert rock is no exception. This wider brand of stoner rock, born in Palm Desert, California, stretched out to Scandinavia and here’s Truckfighters. already releasing their fourth full-length.

Without a much diverse writing, each one of “Universe”‘s seven tracks leave its mark in our ears. Describing “Mindcontrol”. “The Chairman” and “Dream Sale” will be very alike – the mid-tempo rhythm section in combination with the guitar riffs create such a beaten pattern, almost like a mantra, repeating itself and sticking to the memory. But the set of notes and tones is different, with one or two progressive passages, so despite the familiar sound, each of the three mentioned tracks has its own identity.

These words would also fit “Prophet”, but this sounds more straight-forward, with somewhat chipper strands and a more subtle groove… it sounds “more different”, hence the reference in a distinct paragraph.

“Get Lifted” and “Mastodont”, on the other hand, flow at a slower pace, in the more doom-ish side of stoner rock. And so, they’re also the heaviest songs in the album, full of dark guitars – especially “Mastodont”, given its +14-minute length which lead the listener to an epic trance. The exact opposite of “Convention”, both in length and nature – alternative rock, less than two minutes long… in fact it even seems that it’s unfinished, ending so abruptly.

“Universe” won’t be the album of the year within the genre, but its melodic thickness labels it of “great”.

4 / 5

by Renata “Pieni” Lino

Tombstoned track “Daze of Disintegration” available for streaming

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 photo tombstoned-bandsmall_zpsaccfbc60.jpg

Having signed with Svart Records, Finnish psychedelic stoner/doom metal band Tombstoned are about to release their debut full-length album. Simply self-titled, “Tombstoned” will see the light of day on November 14th. However, one can have a glimpse of it through the track “Daze Of Disintegration“, now available for streaming at the label’s Soundcloud:

 photo tombstoned-coversmall_zpsfe0eb4b8.jpg

Track listing:
1. Through Days
2. Daze of Disintegration
3. Rat Race
4. The End
5. Faded
6. Last Waltz

Seremonia’s new album: track-list, cover art and release date

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 photo seremonia-band2013small_zps7a8e15e7.jpg

Finnish psychedelic doom band Seremonia is ready to show the world its second full length, after last year’s self-titled debut (review here). Their label Svart Records has announced this will happen on October 18th and that will be called “Ihminen” (“human”). Track-list as follows, cover art right below:

1. Noitamestari
2. Itsemurhaaja
3. Ovi
4. Suuri Valkeus
5. Painajaisten Maa
6. Luonto Kostaa
7. Ihminen
8. Itsemurhaaja II
9. Vastaus Rukouksiisi
10. Tähtien Takaa
11. Hallava Hevonen

 photo seremonia-ihminencoversmall_zps53a62adf.jpg

Last April, “Ovi” (“door”) was released as a single and gives you an idea of what to expect from this “Ihminen”. If you missed it, you can listen to it at

Seremonia online:

Hang The Bastard ‘Sweet Mother’ 7″ now available for pre-order

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 photo HANG_THE_BASTARD_SweetMother_Complete_zps2a24646a.jpg

On September 16th, London-based doom band Hang The Bastard will release their two latest tracks, “Sweet Mother” and “Dyad”, in both 7″ and digital download format, via Siege Of Amida / Century Media Records. You can pre-order the 7″ at this location.

There’s a new album in the making and HTB will play some of its new songs in two upcoming shows in London. The first one, as headliners, will take place on September 28th at Kingston, Fighting Cocks. On the second they will be supporting Xilbalba on October 4th at 229 Great Portland Street (tickets here).

Demonic Death Judge – Skygods

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Band: Demonic Death Judge
Album: Skygods
Release date: 5th October 2012
Genre: Stoner/Doom Metal


Down & dirty.  If that’s how you like your doom, you’re in the right place!  Demonic Death Judge’s fifth release is a metal stoner’s dream. Looping progressions of down tuned, dirty riffage, extended swirling freakouts and a varied vocal performance from despairing screams to wizened clean singing.

Both stoner & doom are definitely ‘headspace’ genres – in so much as you won’t be playing this album in the sunshine, getting psyched up for a night out; but when it’s time to come down, kick back and dim the lights, Skygods brings the tunes you need.  Demonic Death Judge have just supported Entombed, and while they are traditionally received by a more death metal based crowd, fans of Entombed could easily get into these eight tracks – especially live, where the wall of noise & powerful grooves are strongest.

If you aren’t feeling sludgy, this album is very much a take it or leave it, but with patience & repeated listens, the subtle beauty & message woven into Skygods is revealed.  Fans of Eyehategod, Raging Speedhorn and the like will feel comfortable enough to accept the chant like clean vocals when they manifest, and the jazzy drum breaks interspersed throughout the album offer enough of a ‘different’ flavour to catch the attention of those not listening to this through a haze of smoke.

Finally, the 70’s psychedelia tinged cover is gorgeous, props to the designer, for raising expectations of the music before a note is even played!


Tobias Gray



Tombstones – Year Of The Burial

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Band: Tombstones

Album: Year Of The Burial

Release Date: 20/04/2012

Genre: Stoner Doom Metal

Label: Soul Seller Records

I never feel more within my element than when I have a stoner doom metal band to listen too. Having listened to the first couple of minutes of ‘Year Of The Burial’ by Norwegian stoner doom filth lords Tombstones I am now feeling right at home, my headphones on and the volume turned up high, surrounded by the fuzz and the static, the tuned low bass and the filth ridden riff-age. Everything feels right with the world in a down trodden kind of way and I realise that I should probably take a deep look within myself because music this mired in gloom, depression and murk should not make me feel good, but it really does! Opening track ‘Unveiling’ is exactly that, an unveiling of Tombstones inner most world, their music laid out and brought forth to wash over you in wave after wave of splendid grime and degradation. It warms the cockles of my heart it really does.

That is enough of my strange perversions though. For an idea of the Tombstone sound think a groovier version of the late great Reverend Bizarre but with their own stamp on things and that should see you into the right ball-park. ‘Year Of The Burial’ is a stone cold solid slab of crushing doom goodness. It pummels, pulverizes and pounds on your ears for what seems like an eternity but in actual fact is simply not long enough. I crave more than six tracks but I know you should not spoil a good thing, and this is a good thing. Oh yes. Steps you need to take to prepare yourself for the Tombstone experience. number one, a warm dark room, preferably with some lit candles to add atmosphere. Step two, relax and get comfortable. Step three, partake in a substance that seems forbidden. Once you have obeyed these three simple rules then press play and enjoy the crushing waves of doom that flow over you, relish in its traditional sound and the deep bass play that makes your hair stand on end and your body tingle. Play it loud, experience its fuzz and it’s thoroughly demonic vibe. Enjoy the darkness and let ‘Year Of The Burial’ fill the void around you.


Luke Hayhurst