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Sabbath Assembly premier new track from Ye Are Gods and change release date

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Today, Sabbath Assembly premiere a new track from their forthcoming second album, Ye Are Gods. Entitled We Give Our Lives, this eerie, next glimpse into the magick and majesty of Ye Are Gods can streamed in its entirety here. Tastemaking website Invisible Oranges fittingly states that they “just can’t decide if they are kvlt or just creepy.”

Due to the elaborate packaging, the release date for Sabbath Assembly‘s Ye Are Gods has been adjusted to September 28th for Europe and the UK (through Svart Records) and October 5th for North America (through The Ajna Offensive).

As on the critically acclaimed Restored to One debut, released in 2010 by The Ajna Offensive, Ye Are Gods presents the hymns of the Process Church of the Final Judgment, a religious movement that emerged in the late 1960s as an apocalyptic shadow-side to the flower power and New Age movements.

Reaching beyond the scope of Restored to One, Ye Are Gods incorporates the ritual text and structure of the Process Church’s highest and holiest mass, the “Sabbath Assembly” liturgy from which the band is named.

Ye Are Gods is led by vocalist Jamie Myers, a veteran of Hammers of Misfortune (The Locust Years) and Wolves in the Throne Room (Diadem of 12 Stars, Malevolent Grain). Dave “Christian” Nuss remains drummer and co-producer.

The album features Genesis P-Orridge serving the role of High Priest(ess), aka “Sacrifist,” Eyvind Kang plays viola for the liturgical “Declaration of the Gods,” and guitarist/vocalist Imaad Wasif offers a chilling rendition of the hymn We Give Our Lives. In addition, Timothy Wyllie, an original Process Church member, provides a homily from Process Church founder Robert DeGrimston’s Gods on War. Mr. Wyllie is the author of Feral House’s LOVE SEX FEAR DEATH, which offers an insider’s perspective of the Church and its true leadership.

The album offers a first-ever glimpse into the Process’s most sacred liturgical text, taking the astute listener through the mysterious Gnostic journey of the unification of Christ and Satan; the bliss of total submission to the gods Jehovah, Lucifer, Satan, and Christ; the wilds of the Apocalypse and a face-to-face encounter with the Angel of Death; and finally the moment of spiritual renewal in which the Process’s “Law of the Universe” is revealed.

The influential Process Church opened chapters in London, Europe, and across the USA, dressing in black cloaks and walking the streets with German Shepherds. To promote their controversial theology, they sold intricately-designed magazines, three of which are documented in full-color reproductions in the recently issued Propaganda and Holy Writ of the Process Church of the Final Judgment (Feral House/Ajna).

Sabbath Assembly – Ye Are Gods

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Sabbath Assembly
Ye Are Gods

Released: Fall 2012
Devotional Rock

Released Via Anja Records / Svart Records


“We are the servants of GOD, no less.” With this phrase starts Sabbath Assembly’s latest creation.

As soon as I started listening, a flashback to the years that my mum, as a good catholic, made me go to church; a chant, a priest talking and then a lady with a guitar playing some song. Logic says that because of this connection I’d absolutely hate it, but the music is incredibly pleasant.
After the first whole listen what came to me was “a mix of hippie rock with Gregorian chants”, especially has this hippie bong fire round feeling.

In terms of lyrics, the songs are based on hymns of The Process Church of the Final Judgment, so if you are no familiarised with this cult, it might be a little confusing. Overlooking that fact, the music is incredibly engaging and exciting. I am most definitively not the flower power/praise out Lord Jesus type, but there is something fascinating about them.

Throughout the album, a story about the four main characters (Christ, Jehovah, Lucifer and Satan) is narrated. Form their love/hate relationship to the effects of them in our lives. The story of the apocalypse and the new beginning is told and a terrible character is introduced to us (for the second time, I believe): Abbadon, both villain and sort of unsung hero. The mix of church organs with heavier instruments added up to the constant listening of the names Christ and Satan make his one of the most interesting things your ear will ever have the pleasure to listen to.
With interesting messages and beautiful melodies, Sabbath Assembly created a gift to our senses. Hopefully y will give this album a try so you and discover its full beauty.


María Mata