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Hadal – December

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Released: 5th December 2020
Doom Metal / Death Metal
Released via Planet K Records

Hadal - December

My first review of 2021. I do not normally review doom metal for the simple reason it has never been my favorite metal genre. Not even close. In fact the only doom metal band I listen to occasionally is My Dying Bride. Despite this I decided to give Hadal’s new album a go based on the description of it being a mixture of doom, Gothic and death metal. The Trieste-based, Italian doom metal quintet have been active since 2009 and this is their second album.

So, what we have here is primarily a doom metal album. All the classic hallmarks of the genre are present: a slower, bass-heavy, low-tuned guitar work, melancholic vocals and depressive lyrics. No violins but the music and vocal style bears some similarity to My Dying Bride. If only their singer had the same vocal range as Aaron Stainthorpe… Not quite, but he is doing a pretty good job. There is a hint of death metal audible in the growling vocals at the start of Dark Water, one of the more varied songs on here. I like the contrast between the two vocal styles and the gradual shift between the harsh to the melodic. The low-tuned guitar riffs are still present but at least this is not as ponderous as some of the other tracks on here. Similar things can be said about Without A Word, another song with a hint of death metal in the vocals and some of the guitar riffs.

The rest of the album offers a more varied pace. It’s still slow but the occasional death metal parts are a welcome addition. Speaking of variety, the closing track Stormcrow has some of the most diverse guitar work on the record, happily merging doom, death, Gothic and even thrash metal elements.

Overall, Hadal are not re-inventing the wheel here. Their style does not offer anything dramatically new to the genre. Having said that I reckon that fans of My Dying Bride and early Paradise Lost might enjoy it.


Iza Raittila

Gloomlurker – Realm Of Swallowed Souls

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Realm of Swallowed Souls
Released – June 2012
Deathened Doom Metal
Self Released

Gloomlurker are a 5 piece Death/Doom Metal band from Grimsby, who formed in January 2012 and despite only having been formed less than 7 months ago they have impressively played with some great bands such as, Sarah Jezebel Deva, Severed Heaven and Infernal Creation.

Their E.P Realm of Swallowed Souls starts of with a track called, Bungalow of horrors, which initially kicks off with a death metal feel to it but as it progresses through the song it becomes more doom metal.

As the track continues it becomes quite repetitive and predictable and it doesn’t really blow you away with any kind of stunning guitar work, it is quite apparent that the band are far more doom metal orientated than the aforementioned death metal.

The second track, Scarlet Whispers, starts off with a standard open chorded jangle on the guitar which is pleasant enough to listen to and then the drums kick in, after that the song is in full doom metal drone with yet more unimpressive and repetitive guitar, bass, drum and vocal work.

Track three which is titled, Mask of Fortitude, is a drastic improvement on the first two tracks of the E.P!

It starts with a rather meaty, chunky guitar riff reminiscent of a lot of death metal bands and then it kicks into the song with yet again more doom metal styled riffage, it is a track that you could happily have on when working but I wouldn’t put it on if your expecting something heavy to mosh to.

Next up is the track, Crypt Crooks, which like track two on the E.P starts off with a pleasant open chorded guitar jangle and then as with the second track the drums kick in and the doom metal drone starts once again. The track itself I find very repetitive and I wouldn’t really want to listen to it on a regular basis.

The last track on the E.P is a cover of Nirvana’s song, Breed, wow!

What a drastic change and for me an improvement, this song you can actually get into and the band cover it pretty well. The vocals on this track are split into two, one clean and the other the familiar scream, the clean vocal is out of tune and doesn’t really work, however on the plus side the scream vocal on this track sounds great! If the track was all with the scream vocal I would much prefer it, this is by far the best track on the E.P in my opinion.

My overall thoughts on this E.P are, the mix itself isn’t quite right as I find the bass gets lost and the vocals are too deep in the mix, if the vocals were brought out more and had a clearer if not louder definition that would improve things drastically.

If you are a fan of death metal then this E.P is not for you, I don’t quite understand why the band have termed themselves as Death/Doom as they are far more doom than death, yes there are very fleeting instances of death metal but the overall speed and skill for that just isn’t there.

Considering the band have only been going 7 months this is a fair effort on their part and I applaud them on that, there is plenty more time to develop their sound and ideas for this band, personally I think they should drop the death metal label and just stick with being a doom metal band.

If you are into doom metal then you would be into Gloomlurker, I however am not a massive doom metal fan so this E.P isn’t really for me.

Overall the band have made a good effort and it does show but I do believe there is a lot of room for improvement and development.


– Scorpius –