Sarah Jezebel Deva w/Support @ Yardbirds, Grimsby

Bands: Sarah Jezebel Deva, Winter In Eden, Soulsphere, Gloomlurker
Location: Yardbirds, Grimsby
Date: 20th May 2012

Even though it was only a few months ago that Sarah Jezebel Deva had already toured the UK, it felt like it had been longer than that. This was the fourth show of the tour, though sadly missing Apparition due to reasons that I can’t remember. By the time I finished my interview with Sarah, the show had already begun.

As I entered the venue, I was greeted by a brutal wall of riffs and dominating drum work as the opening band, Gloomlurker, performed a staunch cover of Guardians Of Asgaard, in similar fashion to Amon Amarth. Apparently this was Gloomlurker’s first show though it was hard to tell if they were being honest or just joking as their death metal orientated set was well performed, making a good use of snarling guitars and monstrous vocals. The band’s sound was clear and defined, with a certain roaring distorted sound thrown into the mix. The one thing that let down this band’s set was the lack of stage presence, though, musically, they are a pretty solid outfit.

The Grimsby based blackened death metal sounding quintet Soulsphere, who looked a bit like a cross between Dragonforce and Slayer, proved to be just as brutal as the opening band, using in synch drums, tight riffs and demonic vocals. There were some tasty melodic riffs thrown into their set as well for good measure but it was their performance The Killing Call that stuck out the most in my opinion, with it’s thrash-meets-black metal sound and mosh-a-long energy. The band’s frontman proved to be a force to reckon with, both vocally and energetically, making for an interesting performance from Soulsphere.

Winter In Eden were the replacement for Apparition. I couldn’t help but think, when they began with their domineering symphonic sound, that their sound rings in a similar vein to Nightwish though the vocals weren’t very Nightwish sounding but they did add a certain melodic sound to the flawlessly played keyboards and differing riffs which ranged from symphonic metalesque to more classic rock based, especially in the last song of the set: Lies. The band had a certain atmosphere around them as they performed, which is an odd little way, helped to enhance their diverse sound. Winter In Eden‘s set is certainly one of the more memorable performances I’ve seen the past few years and they deserve a bit more recognition for their work and music.

A tense, somewhat dramatic mystique had took hold of the audience at Yardbirds as Sarah and her band made their way to the stage. One of the stand-out songs of Sarah’s set was This Is My Curse, taken from the Malediction EP. The song itself had a slight extreme metal sound to it, which matched Sarah’s vocals perfectly. The riffs sounded to be executed perfectly. The performance of A Matter Of Convenience felt more like a raging beast of riffs and drums, yet was justly performed like a well rehearsed dance recital. Even though Sarah stayed in the same spot for a lot of her set, she still managed to keep the attention of the crowd. Of course, the rest of the band put on a great performance as well, especially during The Corruption of Mercy, which despite being slower paced, still rung out with an epic sound that really did display the band’s talents, although it was I’m Calling that sounded and felt to be the perfectly performed part of the night. Either way, Sarah proved one thing, on Sunday night and that is that’s she’s a goddess on the microphone and her band, which consists of Ablaz, Dan, Azz and Damjan, are all just as talented as she is.

It was good to see Sarah perform in a more healthy state (the last time I saw SJD and her band, she was ill) and the support acts fit perfectly on the bill, despite the first two being more on the brutal and destructive side of music.

Nico Davidson

***Photography by David Ferret Taylor***

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