Resurgency – False Enlightenment

False Enlightenment
Due for release: June 2012
Death Metal
Released via: Hellthrasher Productions

‘False Enlightenment’ is the debut album from the Greek death metal band Resurgency.

The storms are brewing… at least that’s what you can hear from the intro to the opening track ‘Craniums of Slain Disciples. It’s just over a minute from that until you actually hear some death metal. By death metal I’m referring to the thrash metal -infused variety akin to the likes of Vader, the growly vocals are definitely similar. There’s also elements of the slower, Morbid Angel-esque death metal evident in the guitar and drum parts of ‘Ending The Beginning’ and ‘Hideous Premonition’.

Other noteworthy tracks include: the Vader-esque ‘Where Despair Dominates’ which features some thrash metal style guitar riffage; ‘Mouth of Hades’ which succeeds in maintaining the ferocity of the music despite the occasional change in pace thanks to the efficiency of the drums and growls. The only disappointment here is ‘Psychosis’ which features some badly executed, high-pitched, Machine Head -style guitar riffs spoiling the overall effect.

4/5 – Pretty good for a debut album. I recommend this to fans of Vader and old Morbid Angel.

Iza Raittila

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