To Unleash A Death-Thrash Assault In July, is pleased to announce the release of five crushing albums of brutal, blackened death thrash  in the month of July!!! Available at your local metal-selling music store, online and at Metalhit: http://metalmaniacs.bigcartel. com/artist/metalhit-com

GRAVE DESECRATOR’s “Deathspells Rising,” under license from Despise the Sun Records, this album showcases the band’s early history through rare demo and rehearsal recordings. The album also includes tracks from their vinyl releases as well as a new song.

HORDES OF THE MORNING STAR “Consummatum Est,” nearly four years after its inception, following several years and several labels, this album is now available for the first time in the flesh, re-recorded with an augmented line-up, and including an additional new track. The Hordes create dark, haunting   atmospheres utilizing elements of black metal, death metal, and doom. “Consummatum Est” is an album which revolves around the idea of   conclusions, of abrupt ends, of feverish chaos. Recorded at Winter Skies Productions (PHOBIA, NOISEAR, and more).

BESTIAL HOLOCAUST “Into the Goat Vuvla,” under license from Iron Bonehead Rec., is the third album of the band, promising an infernal assault of underground blackened death   thrash in the true South American spirit. Hailing from   Bolivia and fronted by the wicked female vocals of Sonia Sepulcral, this   album will rip you to shreds from beginning-to-end.

DEATHRONATION “Exorchrism,” is Germany’s answer to cult death metal in the old vein, inspired by the likes of GORGUTS, IMMOLATION, PESTILENCE, etc. No Swede worship here…just pure utter raw death metal! Includes the “A Soil Forsaken” demo as a bonus!

POISONOUS “Perdition’s Den,” originally published exclusively on vinyl from Sweden’s Blood Harvest Records, this new CD edition offers this brutal slab of death metal on CD format. Features new cover art by Mark Riddick, along with extra bonus tracks. For fans of real, classic death metal  that will crush you under the weight of its it’s analog hammer of poseur-slaughtering justice!

About is metal’s premiere underground digital music store, featuring more than 20,000 high-fidelity Mp3s and full albums for $4.99. represents the core of the underground black/death/doom metal movement, supporting the digital music catalogs of more than one hundred different extreme metal labels, delivering content to the top digital music vendors worldwide. In 2012, Metalhit expanded their medium by releasing CD albums under their own label. Metalhit also manages, a leader in extreme metal media coverage since 1989. titles are available on CD at:,, CM Distro, Omega Mailorder,, Best Buy, FYE, HMV, Barnes & Noble and all fine metal retailers titles are available digitally at:, iTunes, eMusic,, Rhapsody, Napster, Yahoo Music, AOL Music, Zune, Spotify,  and other digital music retailers

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