Lago – Marianas

Band: Lago
Album: Marianas EP
Release date: November 2010
Genre: Death Metal
Label: Pale Horse Recordings

‘Marianas’ is the debut EP from the American death metal band Lago.

The title track ‘Marianas’ starts off with what seems like your standard death metal complete with the stereotypical (read old Morbid Angel style) growls and drums. Then the guitars kick in giving it a slight thrash metal vibe akin to that of Decapitated or Vader. There’s even some solos added into the mix.

‘Youma’ is similar in nature, though I’m not sure what to make of the weird screeching backing vocals in the early part of the track. The same backing vocals make a brief re-emergence in ‘Arbitrary Conflict’ but luckily they don’t stick around for too long. The following track ‘Center of a Wounded Nation’ features somewhat faster guitar riffs and some well structured solos. I just wish that the backing vocals weren’t present. The final track ‘Headless/Heartless’ is somewhat slower but the drum intro at the beginning ensures that it is not without merit.


Iza Raittila

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