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Green Death – Manufacturing Evil

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Green Death
Manufacturing Evil
Released 15th July 2016
Thrash Metal
Released via EMP Label Group


Manufacturing Evil’ is the second album from the American thrash metal band Green Death. It is a follow up to two EPs and their 2013 debut release ‘The Deathening’. This album features David Vicent (ex- Morbid Angel) as a guest vocalist on one of the tracks.

We’re off to a good start with the melodic intro, easing you in to the title track which is a full on barrage of thrashing guitars and vocals that remind me of Testament and Iced Earth. Gates of Hell is an interesting blend of thrash and death metal which gives the song an aggressive feel. Luckily for these guys I just happen to like both of those genres, so this combination works very well for me.

Soulless came as a bit of surprise being the only slow song on here with melodic guitar and radio-friendly clear vocals entering the frame. Not that it’s a bad thing, after all several of the legendary thrash metal bands have a few ballads. Devil’s Night marks a return to the same vocal style but the guitar work is much more refined and complex. There’s also elements of groove metal in the guitars akin to the likes of Pantera.

Overall, this album is predominantly in the thrash metal category but it also offers a good mix of other metal styles . Luckily the mix is just right so the songs don’t sound like a horrible cacophony of experimental noise. Fans of traditional thrash may have some issues with the death metal elements on some of the tracks. Personally I think that they have a very unique style and a bright future ahead of them.

Iza Raittila

Additional details revealed for Eyehategod’s upcoming album

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More details have been made available on Eyehategod’s upcoming self-titled release. The European version, which sees itself release through Century Media, will come in a CD digipack while the LP will be a single slab of vinyl in a gatefold jacket. The first pressing will be limited to 2,000 copies and made available in the following colours:

• Black (1,500 copies)

• Gold (500 copies, available exclusively at – Europe only!)

The album will contain 11 tracks, the official tracklisting is as follows:

1. Agitation! Propaganda!
2. Trying to Crack the Hard Dollar
3. Parish Motel Sickness
4. Quitter’s Offensive
5. Nobody Told Me
6. Worthless Rescue
7. Framed to the Wall
8. Robitussin and Rejection
9. Flags and Cities Bound
10. Medicine Noose
11. The Age of Bootcamp

The CMDistro preorder will start 28th April 2014 and also includes exclusive t-shirt bundles. The band has also announced a string of US shows next month, marking their return trip to Japan (with Venom and Morbid Angel) and 3 Floyd Beer’s annual Dark Lord Day festival as well as various US West Coast shows and the previously announced Baltimore, MD show with High on Fire and COC. A European tour is planned for Fall 2014.

Eyehategod’s first album in over a decade assembled and financed entirely by the band and will be released on 26th May by their partners Century Media Records in Europe and 27th May by Housecore Records in North America.

Eyehategod online:

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Tombs begin work on next album

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Brooklyn band Tombs announced that today is the day they enter the studio to begin the recording process of their new album, which will the follow up to their 2011 release Path To Totality. The three piece unit will be working with famed produced Erik Rutan (Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, Hate Eternal) over the next two weeks at his Mana Recording Studio in St Petersburg, Florida. Tombs vocalist and guitarist Mike Hill comments:

The new material is darker and more extreme than the last record. The addition of bassist Ben Brand and guitarist Garett Bussanick have really stepped up the playing and musicianship to a new level.

Tombs have released two full-lengths and one singles/rarities collection via Relapse Records, all of which are available for streaming via Bandcamp here.

Tombs online:


Rivers Of Nihil stream Rain Eater from new album

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Rivers Of Nihil have released their first single from their forthcoming album The Conscious Seed of Light, which is due foe release via Metal Blade on 14th October in the UK. Rain Eater is now now available for streaming at this location.

The was recorded in March, earlier this year at Mana Recording Studio in Florida with famed metal producer and musician Erik Rutan. Guitarist Brody Uttley commented:

Working with Erik was a true privilege. Coming from the DIY circuit and immediately recording with one of greatest death metal producers of all time pushed us all more than we ever could have expected, both as musicians and as people. We have grown tremendously as a band in all aspects because of our experience with Erik.

As mentioned above, the debut single from the album, Rain Eater, is now streaming at this location. The artwork for the album was handled by Dan Seagrave, whose illustrious portifolio includes artwork for Morbid AngelEmtombedSuffocation and Decrepit BirthRivers Of Nihil ended up sendign a brief treatment of the album to a number of artists that they admire and though the artists seemed interested, it was Dan Seagrave who seemed to understand and appreciate it to a degree. Speaking of Seagrave, guitarist Brody said:

He really tore into it! What we see on the cover is a landscape of a world that doesn’t need mankind, we are relics here, and the sun is the only true master.

The Conscious Seed of Light tracklisting:

1. Terrestria I: Thaw
2. Rain Eater
3. Birth of the Omnisavior
4. Soil & Seed
5. Central Antheneum
6. Mechanical Trees
7. Place of Serpents
8. Human Adaptation
9. A Fertile Altar
10. Airless

Rivers Of Nihil online:


Diamond Plate’s Pulse out now; Streaming on Terrorizer

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Chicago metal unit Diamond Plate have recently released their new album Pulse and is out now on all formats in Europe. Pulse was recorded with producer Neil Kernon (Judas PriestNevermore3 Inches Of Blood) in the band’s home town at Studio Chicago. The artwork was created by Gustavo Sazes (Morbid AngelArch EnemySepultura).

An exclusive bonus track, which is a cover of Power Thrashing Death originally performed by New Jersey thrash band Whiplash, is available on the iTunes format of Pulse. The iTunes version of Pulse is available at this location.

In celebration of the release of Pulse, UK magazine Terrorizer are streaming the full album at this location.

Diamond Plate online:


Interview with Tommy Dahlström [Aeon]

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After releasing their debut album Bleeding the False back in 2005, Swedish death metal band Aeon have taken off in the metal scene and are favored by bands such as Cannibal Corpse. Being one of my personal favorite metal bands ever, I was ecstatic to have the privilege of interviewing front man Tommy Dahlström about the band’s new album Aeons Black, a possible U.S. and Canadian tour, and the perks of being on tour.

<br />Aeon


Lauren: Who do you consider to be big influences on your music?

Tommy: We grew up listening to Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel and a few more bands. They were a big influence back then and still are.

L: Is there any major differences music wise between your newest album, Aeon’s Black, in comparison to your previous albums?

T: No I don’t think so. We still deliver death metal the Aeon way; aggressive but with groove.

L: Aeon seems to always play in Europe. Any plans for a U.S. or Canada tour in the future?

T: We have been offered many U.S tours over the years but had to turn them down because of financial problems. But we are working on it and I hope we can do Canadian and a U.S tour with this album in our back.

L: How did you come up with the video concept for Forgiveness Denied and do you plan on doing another video for your new album?

T: We made the video from the lyrics of the song. As simple as that. Yes, we are talking about making a video but it’s way too early to say anything about that here.

L: Where did the band’s hate for Christianity come from?

T: From my heart and soul. It’s not only the Christians, it’s all gods followers.

L: What do you enjoy most about touring, and what do you dislike the most about them?

T: The girls, hahaha. I enjoy touring, that’s what I want to do. It’s awesome to meet people that like death metal as much as I do. To stand on stage and play the music that I love and have sacrificed most of my life to is a dream come true. If the tour goes as planned then I don’t have any dislikes.

L: Your house is on fire and you only have time to grab 3 things: what would you grab?

T: Only need my rifle so I can shoot the asshole that did set my house on fire.

L: What’s your favorite Swedish food dish?

T: Blodpudding.

L: Anything you would like to say to your fans?

T: I hope to see you at our shows. Stay metal.

Aeon’s new album, Aeon’s Black, will be released on 20th November, 2012, make sure to get yourself a copy!


Acheron ink deal with Listenable Records

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Listenable Records are delighted to announce the signing of long revered genuinely evil death metal legendary act Acheron!

The infamous underground legends have been a cult band for over two decades and have released a number of recordings throughout their existence. Band founder and frontman Vincent Crowley commented on the band’s signing by saying : “Archeron has been a thriving entity for many years now. We never got a proper push from any of our past labels to get to the next level. The band has received a lot of interest within the last year. When Listenable Records talked with me about signing Archeron, I was indeed interested. The reason being is that he was a fan of Archeron a long time ago. He believes in our music and wants to finally give Archeron the push we deserve. We are not just a band, we’re a fucking diabolic War Machine!

The new album Kult Des Hasses is scheduled for a Spring 2013 release.


For over two decades Archeron has been unleashing their blend of blackened deathened thrash-doom metal to the metal community. When bands like Morbid Angel and Deicide were getting pushed by their big record labels, Archeron was in the shadows on smaller labels relying almost solely on the underground support of their fans. As time passed on this would take the band to a somewhat legendary cult status. In plain words, if you didn’t know who Archeron was or at least heard of them you were not truly underground! Band founder Vincent Crowley (Formerly: The Reverend) formed the band in 1988, after he left the Tampa, Florida-based group Nocturnus.

Crowley lived in a variety of places and worked with a number of different musicians to release 5 full-length albums, 2 mini-albums as well as a lot of other various material. The band became somewhat infamous with their link to real Satanic groups and their outrageous anti-religious antics. Unfortunately, many people let their blasphemous image over-shadow their music and many critics loved to bash the band just because of their beliefs. But Archeron prevailed and still moved on with the support of their loyal fans.

Archeron presently working to release their next planned album Kult Des Hasses. There is still a lot of wind left in the band’s sails and Hell will indeed be released again! The underground is much more than just another scene, it is a fierce group of warriors fighting to keep the metal flag held high!

“We are Legion, we are few, but we are many! Support Archeron, for they will never turn their backs on you!”


Abysme – Strange Rites

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Strange Rites
Released: September 2012
Death Metal
Released via Hellthrasher Productions

‘Strange Rites’ is the debut album from the American death metal band Abysme.

After the dark ambient style intro it’s straight into death metal with ‘Scribbled In Dust’ offering stereotypical old Morbid Angel style growls, steady drumming and guitar riffs. The tempo is mid-to-low pace depending on the song, which is fairly standard for this genre. There’s a few attempts at thrash metal style guitar solos such as the one at the start of ‘Formless’ though these do little to make the any particular song stand out.

More often than not you get these slow, almost doom metal-esque intros followed by some average sounding slowish death metal. ‘Annihilated Memory’ is a good example of this problem; it just lacks energy and has a tendency to drag on for a bit longer than necessary. Same thing applies to ‘Gift To The Gods’ in which the guitars riffs only add to the monotony of the vocals. Then there’s the random stop-starts on ‘We Shall Sleep’ and ‘Fallen Colossus’ which wreck what may be been two energetic and semi-decent death metal tracks. The only song that has potential is ‘Remarkable Conqueror’, mostly due to the increase in pace and the guitar riffs during the first part of the track.

This is more like another demo recording rather than a studio album as some of the tracks sound as though the band was still learning how to play together.


Iza Raittila

Ephel Duath releases new EP in North America

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Today, On Death and Cosmos – the new EP from progressive avant-garde metal band Ephel Duath – will be released for the North American territory.  As quoted by Decibel Magazine, the EP is “one of the most impenetrable chunk of music offered by any band this year (…) there’s metal being shaped here in a way no one has before.” Continuing to be one of the most unclassifiable acts in regard to metal genre, the band is deeply proud of seeing the EP being finally released in the US, after the initial European release date in June. Mastermind and guitarist Davide Tiso commented: “It was impressive to see the amount of European press we got with just three songs. Now that we are seeing the same thing happening in the US, it feels like we have the chance to celebrate this fortunate EP twice!

Ephel Duath had the pleasure of working with producer and studio owner Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal/ex-Morbid Angel) behind the mixing board of On Death and Cosmos. As a result of this cooperation, Erik Rutan has prepared a video in which he discusses his own view on the new EP and talks about working with the band.

The EP will be released on the US market by Agonia Records via Sony RED distribution as: digital download, digipack CD and (for the first time in Ephel Duath‘s career) vinyl, strictly limited to 300 copies along with a digital download card.

Ectovoid – Fractured In The Timeless Abyss

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Fractured In The Timless Abyss
Released: May 2012
Death Metal/ Black Metal
Released via Hellthrasher Productions

‘Fractured In The Timeless Abyss’ is the debut album from Resurgency’s “label-mates”, the American death metal band Ectovoid.

Straight from the opening riff of ‘Transcend Into the Moonless Night’ it’s clear that this is brutal death metal. The vocals are the stereotypical, Morbid Angel -style guttural growls whilst the guitars have a certain dry, droning quality about it which is similar to Autopsy. This pretty much sets tone and the overall pace for the rest of the album where each track offers more of the same, skilfully executed but ultimately average sounding death metal.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing particularly bad about it. There’s some good tracks on here such as: ‘Dark Clouds of Conciousness’ which draws the attention towards the drums and the somewhat bizarrely named ‘Chewing Through the Membranes of Time and Space’ which features some thrash metal guitar solos making it stand out. Another noteworthy track is the Autopsy-esque, death metal-meets-doom with hits of thrash metal ‘Locked In Dismal Gaze’. Then there’s some surprises such as the short, piano ending to ‘Splintered Phantasm’.

Overall, the main issue here is that there’s really not much variation between the songs.


Iza Raittila

Resurgency – False Enlightenment

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False Enlightenment
Due for release: June 2012
Death Metal
Released via: Hellthrasher Productions

‘False Enlightenment’ is the debut album from the Greek death metal band Resurgency.

The storms are brewing… at least that’s what you can hear from the intro to the opening track ‘Craniums of Slain Disciples. It’s just over a minute from that until you actually hear some death metal. By death metal I’m referring to the thrash metal -infused variety akin to the likes of Vader, the growly vocals are definitely similar. There’s also elements of the slower, Morbid Angel-esque death metal evident in the guitar and drum parts of ‘Ending The Beginning’ and ‘Hideous Premonition’.

Other noteworthy tracks include: the Vader-esque ‘Where Despair Dominates’ which features some thrash metal style guitar riffage; ‘Mouth of Hades’ which succeeds in maintaining the ferocity of the music despite the occasional change in pace thanks to the efficiency of the drums and growls. The only disappointment here is ‘Psychosis’ which features some badly executed, high-pitched, Machine Head -style guitar riffs spoiling the overall effect.

4/5 – Pretty good for a debut album. I recommend this to fans of Vader and old Morbid Angel.

Iza Raittila

NOWEN – Essence of Fear

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Album: Essence of Fear
Release date: January 2012
Genre: Death/ Thrash Metal
Label: Violent Journey Records

‘Essence of Fear’ is the second full length album from the Finnish death metal band, NOWEN.

The opening track ‘Intro II’ is pretty much what you would expect to hear from a thrashy death metal band. The overall speed of the music and the guitar riffs bear a strong resemblance to Arch Enemy and this influence is present throughout the album. The next track ‘The Egotist’ continues where previous one left off and thanks to its fast, catchy guitar riffs, drums and growling vocals this is definitely one for those who enjoy the mosh-pit.

Other tracks sound like the band’s homage to old school death metal bands such as Morbid Angel. For example the intro to ‘Crown of Fallacy’ features the signature death metal drum sound. The next track, ‘Path of Destruction’ however is leaning towards a thrashier/melodic death metal sound with its standout guitar solos. ‘Sacrifice for Nothing’ is the album’s epic ballad with its melodic guitar riffs mixed in with the Arch Enemy -style growls.

The guitar in the intro to ‘Deadly Force’ reminds me of ‘Pro Patria Finlandia’ –era Impaled Nazarene. That is of course until the vocals kick in marking a return to the Arch Enemy style melodic death metal. ‘The Honor’ in turn features some progressive elements which are one of the album’s weaknesses as the guitar squeals wreck an otherwise solid piece.

Overall this release shows a lot of promise but I think NOWEN still have some way to go before they establish their place in the metal scene.


Iza Raittila


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Band: Various Artists
Release year: 2012
Genre: Extreme Metal/ Black Metal/Death Metal

‘Disciples of Extremity Vol.1’ is the first release from the independent British record label United Kingdom Extreme Metal (UKEM) Records. This is a compilation CD featuring nineteen extreme metal bands which is due to be released on the first anniversary of the creation of the label and is the first of three compilations planned.

The first five tracks are definitely in the death metal category with each band adding its own unique take on the genre. The songs range from the more old-school, Morbid Angel-style growls, drums and guitar riffs demonstrated by Scordatura’s ‘Visceral Disembowelment’ to the deathcore infused Nexilva’s ‘Defile in The Flesh of Innocence’ and the thrashy death metal of Unfathomable Ruination. Foul Body Autopsy’s ‘Left to Rot’ caught my attention due to the skilfully executed thrash metal guitar solos combined with the standard death metal growls.

Dr. Aids marks a change in the style towards more punk influenced metal with a track that makes fun of Katie Price (a.k.a Jordan). Whilst the music itself is not too bad, the lyrics and persistent cries of “bitch”, “slut” along with other insults ruin the song for me. Luckily the next track by Revokation is predominantly death metal despite the occasional switch in vocals from growls to more At the Gates -style shrieks. I have my doubts on how successful this combination is. Gore Sanctum’s brutal death metal is not for the faint hearted, and based on just one track all I can say is that it’s very good but best enjoyed in small doses.

Northern Oak’s melodic intro is a surprise and probably the last thing I expected after several tracks of death metal. Oddly enough, this is also one of the highlights on here with its catchy folk tunes combined with an atmospheric feel and vocals that summon you to listen to their tale. This tranquil atmosphere is then shattered by the ferocity of Eastern Front’s fast paced black metal infused with death metal guitar riffs which makes it one of the best tracks on the compilation.

One of the biggest disappointments on here is Engorgement’s ‘Full Body Prolapse’ where the grindcore (or more accurately gorecore) vocals ruin what could have been a promising death metal track.

Winds of Genocide’s ‘The Arrival of Apokalyptic Armageddon’ features some good guitar riffs – I just wish that the lyrics didn’t sound so cheesy. Humanity Depraved’s ‘Defilement of Purity’ starts off well only to be ruined by the metalcore or should I say deathcore style vocals. Sanhedrin sounds far more promising with its symphonic black metal keyboards and great guitar solos which definitely make their song stand out for all the right reasons.

Bloodshot Dawn’s progressive take on death metal reminds me of current works by Decapitated which makes it an instant hit with the fans of this newly re-formed Polish death metal band. Oblivionized’s grindcore infused technical death metal offers an interesting change to the overall tone of the album, though it’s a bit too bizarre a mix for me to handle. After the previous cacophony, Maelstrom’s melodic take on black metal is a welcoming sound for sore ears and the memorable guitar solos cement its position as one of undisputed the highlights of the album. The final track by Laceration returns to the old school style of death metal which while being good offers little in terms of originality.

Overall this is a very good compilation by a promising independent record label. I would like to wish UKEM Records the very best of luck for the future!

Iza Raittila