Paragon – Force of Destruction

Force of Destruction
Released: October 2012
Power Metal/Speed Metal
Released via Napalm Records

‘Force of Destruction’ is the new album from the German power metal band Paragon. It is the follow up to the 2008 album ‘Screenslaves’.

After the instrumental intro ‘The Last Day on Earth’ it’s straight into some power metal with fast guitar riffs and the occasional solo accompanied by some non-squeaky, Iron Maiden style vocals. The first full track ‘Iron Will’ features one of those choruses that will have you singing along and possibly waving your hands about as you head-bang to the guitars. Then, just in case that wasn’t catchy enough, they decided to add some backing vocals to the chorus of the next song ‘Tornado’ and even more guitar solos.

As far as power metal goes, this is bordering on being cheesy though it still doesn’t quite reach the level of Manowar. The subsequent songs follow the same tried and tested formula of catchy, guitar focused power metal which is clearly designed to bring a smile to your face. ‘Bulletstorm’ picks up the pace a little mostly due to fast guitar riffs and drumming. There’s even the odd decent guitar solo added to the mix. Here the vocal style and delivery is very similar to that on ‘Tornado’, as the combination of the lead and the backing vocals in the chorus act as a means of facilitating the listener’s urge to sing along with them. Then there’s the ballad ‘Blood & Iron’ which features some slower, melodic guitar parts and more epic power metal choruses.

Other noteworthy tracks include: ‘Blades of Hell’ which features some of the best guitar solos on the album; the head-banger-friendly, fast-paced, speed metal style ‘Rising From The Black’ and the melodic, story-telling ballad ‘Demon’s Lair’.

Overall, listening to this album really did put me in a good mood. Paragon’s style of power metal may not be anything ground-breaking but it sure is fun to listen to.


Iza Raittila


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