Earache launches first Kickstarter campaign, fans have chance at a new printing of classic Nocturnus album

Earache Records has launched its first ever Kickstarter campaign, offering fans a new 2013 printing of the classic Nocturnus album Thresholds, fully endorsed by the band’s founding member and drummer Mike Browning.

Recorded at the legendary Morrisound Studios in Tampa, Florida and originally released in 1992, Thresholds became a new benchmark for technical death metal and has become a regular request from fans since going out of print.  The fan-funded repressing will see the album taken from the original DAT tape, mastered in FDR (Full Dynamic Range), and cut by Noel Summerville, who was responsible for the original vinyl cut. Head to the Kickstarter campaign page now at this location.

The new Nocturnus vinyl pressing will be available in the following quantities and colours:
100 – Clear
200 – Green
300 – Purple
400 – Black

Fans are able to pledge now for the following options:
* Pledge £15 or more – choice of black or purple vinyl LP
* Pledge £18 or more – green vinyl LP
* Pledge £50 or more – clear vinyl signed by Nocturnus founding member and drummer Mike Browning, plus a CDR copy of the album, a woven Nocturnus patch (9cm x 8cm), and a Nocturnus logo t-shirt in your choice of size
* Pledge £100 or more – black vinyl LP plus your name in the thanks/credits of the entire print run

The campaign is running from now until Monday, July 1st, with orders expecting to be shipped in August if the target amount is reached.

For more information and to put your pledge in, head to the Nocturnus Kickstarter page now at this location.

Earache Records online:


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