Nidhoeggr – Heidenlaerm (demo)

Band: Nidhoeggr
Album: Heidenlaerm (demo)
Release date: February 2011
Genre: Folk Metal / Death Metal
Label: Self-released

‘Heidenlaerm’ is the first demo from the Swiss folk metal band Nidhoeggr.

The intro is slow, melodic and definitely folk metal thanks to the catchy, melo-death guitar riffs that follow. Ok, so it’s a bit disjointed at times and not the instruments don’t quite gel together properly but it’s very uplifting. ‘Einherjer’ puts emphasis onto the drums and the melodic death metal, old Amorphis-style vocals. The overall structure is similar to Equlibirium but this is much slower. ‘Endzeitschlacht’ has this tranquil, ballad feel to it due to the melodic keyboards. Once again comparisons to Tales From A Thousand Lakes’ -era Amorphis spring to mind. The last two tracks are somewhat different, with ‘Fimbulwinter’ featuring hints of thrash metal particularly in the guitar style and ‘Sauflied’ sounding like a homage to Finntroll.

Overall this is a somewhat rough sounding but very promising folk metal demo. I’d love to hear what Nidhoeggr come up with next!


Iza Raittila

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