PureGrainAudio.com Launches Exclusive Premier of “If We’re Livin'” From Aussie Rockers MY DYNAMITE

The good folks over at PureGrainAudio.com have hooked up with France’s Listenable Records to give North American audiences their first taste of Australia-born rock n’ rollers MY DYNAMITE. With the exclusive premier of the tune “If We’re Livin’,” MY DYNAMITE offers fans a glimpse of what to expect when their self-titled, full-length debut drops in the US on June 19th. R n’ B meets classic and contemporary rock for a party you won’t soon forget.

Visit this location to check out “If We’re Livin’.”

Take It Or Leave It

Inside Out

If We’re Livin’

Dirty Game

Watch Yourself Grow

Raise Your Glasses

Singing Stormy Weather

Big Attraction

All That She Brings

Fork In Your Tongue

EXPLOSIVE BY NAME; EXPLOSIVE BY NATURE.  My Dynamite is:Pat Carmody (vocals, harp), Jorge Balas (guitar), Benny Wolf (guitar), Travis Fraser (bass), Simon Aarons (drums) bring a range of influences including blues, Soul and Classic 100% Rock n’ Roll to the band, making for a unique and potent brew that is all their own. “We’ve all grown up listening to various forms of music and what we are doing complements our interests and styles,” says singer Carmody. “We’re all really into what we are doing at the moment.”


Taking cues from the sounds of the Humble Pie, The Faces, Black Crowes, with a healthy dose of Led Zepplin-esque rock riffs and Stones attitude thrown in for good measure, My Dynamite draws a healthy respect for the greats and turns it into a contemporary and irresistible sound with a firm focus on getting the party started. Be assured, My Dynamite is more rock stomp that boot scoot, having already built a solid following by conquering some of Australia’s toughest and most loved local venues including the Espy, and one of the busiest nights the Tote has had all year.


The lads packed out the front bar of the legendary St Kilda venue The Esplanade Hotel to launch their EP recently, thrilling the walk-in crowd who had never seen them before as much as their ever-growing legion of devoted fans. Also selling out the Tote a few weeks later.”The songs that we play are just fun,” says Carmody. “Anyone who likes that ‘feel-good rock n’ roll’ should get right into what our music is about”. From the high-energy strut of “If We’re Livin’,” to the party anthem “Raise Your Glasses” – both of which are on the debut album release My Dynamite clearly knows how to have a good time.  But while the band has been noted as a killer live act with a swagger and mystique that you just can’t buy, there is plentiful heart and soul at the core of their music.


“The last couple of songs we have written have had a whole lot more heart and soul going into them,” Carmody admits. “You can’t have a 45-minute set that says ‘let’s get drunk and act like animals’ from start to finish’. People will get over it by about half-way through the show. Or pass out. Or we will!” “Lyrically and musically, songs we have written express what is going on in our personal lives directly, and the whole situation around us, the need for more positive vibrations and to keep it real takes first place around our music. We are spreading our wings musically and definitely won’t be pigeonholing ourselves anytime soon.” And the album is a clear indicator of that.
HUMBLE BEGINNINGS The My Dynamite story started when Carmody joined a rock band that Fraser and Aarons were already in. A friend introduced them to Balas, and he returned the favor by steering his new band mates to a direction which has now become the band’s staple sound. Recent addition Wolf took over Carmody’s guitar duties, allowing the front man to devote all of his attention to giving theaudience an electrifying show. While recently playing alongside Australian rock royalty The Screaming Jets and Rose Tattoo, My Dynamite is ready to carve their own chapter in this country’s rich music history. Just light the fuse.



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