Cryptic Age – Eternity Beckons

Band: Cryptic Age
Single: Eternity Beckons (Sounds of Infinity II)
Release date: 18th May 2012
Genre: Power-Folk Metal
Label: Unsigned/Self-Released

Cryptic Age have been a rising star in the UK’s metal scene over this year and they’ve done a lot more in their first year than most bands do, including sharing the stage with big names such as Skyclad and the release of their debut EP Homeland. Recently Cryptic Age were confirmed to play Metalcamp this year. So, it’s come to no surprise that their album Sounds Of Infinity will soon be available and just to tease us a little, they released Eternity Beckons (Part two of the Sounds of Infinity series).

Eternity Beckons starts up with a dark, tense symphonic introduction, in a similar vein to Epica, though much more darker. The guitar riffs are heavier than what I’m used to hearing performed by Cryptic Age, but I’m not complaining since they match up well with the atmosphere of the song. The vocals are beautifully performed, though somewhat haunting, almost siren-like. The narrative part, roughly halfway through, creates a certain enchanting mystique. The drums and bass bounce off each other magnificently through the song, working well with the guitars and the occasional keyboard section.

There’s very few songs that send chills up my spines upon hearing them and Eternity Beckons is now amongst them – Of course, I mean that in the good sense since it’s very rare to find a song of such epic proportions. The song has that unique Cimmerian shade about it that helps add the emotion and beauty to the song. Though the song does stray away from what I’m used to hearing from Cryptic Age, it still is a fine composition and has made me somewhat more impatient to hear the album.

Nico Davidson

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