Gehennah – Metal Police

“Metal Police”
street metal
Release: 06th February 2015
Via Metal Blade Records

Gehennah - Metal Police

Straight out of the gate, this fast dirty rock ‘n’ roll with a hefty chunk of thrash metal vomited against the wall for good measure. Fans of High On Fire should be ready and willing to welcome Gehennah with sweaty, beer-soaked open arms, although you may want to leave the expectations of Lemmy-esque vocals right there, by the door, before you step inside.

I got a little tired of tongue-in-cheek, humourous thrash a while back, but there’s a bit more to this lot to appeal to the urge to snap one’s neck in the pit. For starters, there’s a filthy, punk element, pulling Gehennah out of sharing the same predictable pool as the majority of ‘laughs only’ fast-and-heavy acts. It also embraces the more rock side of affairs, as do the likes of Airborne, albeit with a hammer rather than a plectrum in the case of Gehennah.

For a certain audience, the track titles alone will be a selling point – Carve Off Your Face (And Shove It Up Your Ass) and Piss Off, I’m Drinking are great examples of how to pre-set the audience for high spirits and shenanigans. Not relying on this as the only card in their hand, Gehennah have stacked the deck with hooks and licks aplenty, and masses of heavy-but-catchy choruses.

I could be mistaken, but I’d have these guys pinned as a bunch who spent as much time listening to Venom and Raven as they did Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. There are a multitude of influences openly on display, but although Metal Police is rife with reference to many of the past greats of old school metal, it does have its own identifiable character. Scruffy and undeniably European in sound, listeners with a more refined ear may even be able to narrow the geographical origins of this band down to Scandinavia, despite their blatant love of British heavy classics.

Memorable, energetic and genuine, I doubt Metal Police is going to win a Grammy, but it’s a cracking album! Add it to your party playlist.


Paul Macmillan

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