Seneron – Order Restored EP

“Order Restored” EP
Self-released on 19th March 2013

 photo Seneron-OrderRestored_zps7f6ec558.jpg

It seems that this “Order Restored”, the second EP in Irish Seneron’s discography, was somewhat internationally acclaimed… and I’m still trying to figure out why.

Their so-called “unique sound” is anything but, and even if I strongly support that one doesn’t need to sound original to stand out, that’s the problem with Seneron – they just don’t stand out. Their songs are average rock songs, the kind you can shake your head to while drinking a few beers at some bar, but that will hardly linger in your ears once you head home.

Josh Shields’ voice is a notch too aggressive for the mild level of harshness of their music, “Stand Your Ground” being the clearest example of such, as its rhythm is pretty bland.

“Dead Stare” was recently made single, and it’s in fact their best song. The melody of its riffs is more vivid and the whole structure is sharper, but I still doubt it will be a hit.

“Please Me” is similar, but rougher around the edges, and “Just A Kid” runs a little faster, slowing down in the chorus and pre-chorus, probably trying to sound catchy, but not managing it quite well.

I don’t know Seneron’s previous work, nor have I ever seen them live, but this “Order Restored” is a much basic, standard album,

2,5 / 5

by Renata “Pieni” Lino

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