Teras – Infection: Terror Metal

Infection: Terror Metal
Released: July 2013
Death Metal/Thrash Metal/Yorkshire Metal

Teras are a relatively new band to the scene but have already being tearing the scene a new one. Following a few line-up changes and a change of name, Teras have began making a name for themselves on the Yorkshire. With support slots confirmed for acts such as Gone Til Winter and Finnish death metal band Re-Armed, the band recently released their debut EP.

The crushing, forceful riffs that make up Sovernguarde open up the EP. The sound of bass cuts its way through the track like a knife through butter, supporting the cumbersome weight of the guitars and dancing alongside the drums. The vocals though bestial and tinged with aggression they don’t sail in the right direction over the waves of domineering guitars. The introduction to Outlaw is memorable enough but it doesn’t sound like a lot until the full driving force of the track comes into full effect. The drums and bass hammer down throughout the song laying a solid foundation for the guitars and wolfish vocals to tear the listener’s ears a new one.

Scythe Of War continues down a similar vein to the previous track. Though not quite as domineering, it still is a song that will get the blood boiling and fists pumping. The vocals shine the most throughout this track, keeping that vicious bite in the mouth of the music. Triggerman finishes the EP with precision and a sound that means business. The beast-like vocals are flanked by a weighty assault of guitars, which in turn are reinforced by the acute use of bass and drums, allowing for destructive finish to Infection: Terror Metal.

For a debut release, Infection: Terror Metal displays the potential and talent that Teras have. Whilst they may have only been on the live circuit for a few months, the EP makes it sound as if they’ve been on the scene for a decade. The EP paints a bloody and grisly image of the band’s sound with the colours of heavy, brutal and violently metal elements.


Nico Davidson

Teras online:



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    Teras – Infection: Terror Metal | Valkyrian Music

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    Teras – Infection: Terror Metal | Valkyrian Music

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