Code For Silence – Eyes World Shut

Code For Silence
Eyes World Shut
Released: October 2012
Melodic Death Metal/Experimental
Released via Inverse Records

‘Eyes World Shut’ is the second album from the Finnish melodic death metal band Code For Silence. It is the follow up to their 2009 debut ‘D.Ecaying M.Atter – O.Rganic N.Emesis’ and it is available in digital format only.

After a promising start with the guitar riffs, the opening track ‘Rose Blooms in Bloodred’ shows its true colors as a keyboard infused groove/melodic death metal song and some Devil Driver -style grunting vocals. Oh… one thing I forgot to mention about this band is that they have two singers, and on the next track ‘Flashbacking One Night Stand’ you get to hear the other one. Oddly enough he makes the music sound like a mixture of modern Entombed and Poisonblack. It’s not until the first vocalist makes a brief reappearance that you realize that this is still the same band and the same album.

Next up we have some techno-sounding, synth tunes…Oh wait, no..sorry! My mistake… This is still Code For Silence with ‘Death Bringer’ – a cacophony of bizarre construction featuring clean, radio rock -style vocals, melodic guitars, keyboards and melodeath metal grunting from other singer. Sadly from here onwards it’s steady spiral down towards the abyss as the subsequent tracks prove that there’s a fundamental difference between experimental and downright garbage. ‘Eye For an Eye’ is like two songs in one, with the symphonic keyboard part plus clean vocalist at one end and melodic-death metal riffs and grunts at the other. Either one of these on their own would be tolerable but as a combination they just don’t work at all.

There’s only on track on here which manages to stick to the same style throughout and that’s ‘Neon Syncronized Capone Dance’, which offers some symphonic, keyboard-driven metal with the two singers finally finding some common ground.

1.5/5 – there’s really no need to overcomplicate things this much. If you want to change your style, just start a new band!

Iza Raittila

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