Inserein – Fall from Perfection Review


Artist: Inserein
Album: Fall From Perfection EP
Release: June 2014, Self-Released
Genre: Hard Rock, Metal

I’m always happy to check out new music.  So when this dropped in to my playlist, it was nice.  Inserein are a metal band from Reading who have a lot of potential, but still need a lot of work.  From what I’ve heard here they have a lot of room to develop and grown.  The music is tight with interesting lyrics and pretty good vocal work.  This 5 track EP from them shows off their style very well and I felt like I got a good taste of what they can do.  However it’s not the most engaging EP, I really had no desire to play it more than a few times, before I was able to pick the one or two track I really enjoyed.

The riffs a tight on a few songs, I particularly enjoyed the tracks “Original S(k)in” and “Silhouette” for that reason, they’re just attention grabbing tracks with a fun tone and simple but effective lyrics. To be honest the EP has a reminiscent tone of old school, hard rock that clearly influenced the sound, and that’s rather pleasing to the ear.  The EP also has some off-kilter songs like “Lithium Skies” that throws a complete curve ball because you don’t expect them to sound like this, with a creepy and eery tone in the verses.  This also sounds pretty good.

I said it before, but this isn’t very engaging.  I can definitely tell this band will have it’s audience but I’m not sure if I would feel comfortable recommending this some people.  It just doesn’t feel complete, yet it doesn’t leave me wanting more. There’s room for improvement but I’m not sure if this EP is evidence enough to continue listening and hear that improvement.  The EP also feels very flat, the production could be better, and more rounded.

Overall, this is OK.  there’s really nothing that’s shouting out to me listen to this band.  The riffs are decent  and if they stuck more to a traditional rock style, or even gone balls out weird I’d be more inclined to recommend them, but as is, there’s potential and I’d be interested to hear more if they were a little more consistent.

Mick Birchall

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