Scarlet Anger – Dark Reign

Scarlet Anger
Dark Reign
Due for release/Released: May 2012
Thrash Metal
Released via Label: Dust on The Tracks Records

‘Dark Reign’ is the debut album from the Luxembourg-based thrash metal band Scarlet Anger. The album was mastered by Jeff Waters of Annihilator. The first part of the album named ‘Chapter II: Kill The King’ features tracks from last year’s self-released EP ‘Kill The King’.

The opening track ‘New God Rising’ has old school trash metal written all over it with powerful thrash metal guitar riffs and solos along with the standard thrash metal vocals. Comparisons to Kreator and Sodom spring to mind. ‘From Fool to King’ has a hint of old Slayer in it mostly due to the shouting style vocals. ‘Game Over’ may not have the most imaginative lyrics but the skillfully executed guitar riffs and drumming easily makes up for it. With ‘Face of Evil’ we get some guitar solos, and what’s possibly the catchiest chorus on the album.

And so we come to the second chapter aptly labeled ‘Chapter II…The King Is Dead, Long Live The King’; starting with the title track ‘Dark Reign’ which features more powerful riffs mixed in with some melodic parts and semi-growly vocals. Then it’s time to hit the mosh-pit with the guitar-centered, head-banger’s favorite ‘Follow The Order’. Other noteworthy parts include the guitar solo in ‘Tenfold’ which reminds me of Destruction and melodic ballad elements on ‘My Empire Coming Down’.


Iza Raittila

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