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Released 16th October 2012
Alt. Rock
Released via Universal Republic

Formed ten years ago, in Winter Haven, Flordia, Anberlin have risen through the ranks of the alt. rock scene and established themselves as a band to be reckoned with. Since 2007, the band have been signed to Universal Republic which saw the release of their last two albums [New Surrender and Dark Is A Way, Light Is A Place] and will see the release of their sixth album later this year.

The album is kick-started by Self-Starter, which despite its weak intro, has a hard-hitting rock sound and features some interesting vocals while the following track Little Tyrants sways more towards the alt. rock side of the spectrum. Other Side is an interesting one to heard, displaying a use of raw guitars with a slow pace and some cool synth effects. The album features more aggressive tracks as well, such as Someone Anyone, that utilises catchy vocal melodies whilst blending in callous and punchier riffs, and Desires which blasts out a heavier, hard rock sound in a similar vein to Shinedown, though the song does have some softer riffs as well.

Innocent turns out to be a laid back and slow-paced track with a heavy synth-orientated sound, much like the song that precedes it, Intentions, which displays an intelligent use of melodic vocal stylings. Modern Age is a stand out track on the album, ringing out with strong riffs, soulful vocals and a synth-based sound while Orpheum, another stand out song, makes use of alternative sounding riffs and fresh piano medleys. Speaking of piano medleys, Type Three makes good use of enthralling piano meldeys and solemn synth-sounds as well as some fascinating vocal effects. The album ends with God, Drugs & Sex, which is a weak ending for the album.

Vital is certainly an album that does pique one’s interest and it has all the elements for a good album that capture the listener’s ears like a fishing hook.


Nico Davidson