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Celtachor sign with Trollzorn Records

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Irish black metallers, Celtachor, who recently shared the stage with Heidevolk in York, have penned a deal with Trollzorn Records. Formed in 2007, with a finalised line-up in 2010, the Celtic metal band have gone onto share the stage with top folk metal names like Alestorm, Skyforger, Heidevolk and Waylander, amongst others. Blending together influences from black, death and doom metal, as well as traditional Celtic medleys, Celtachor firmly established themselves as one of the top bands in Ireland’s underground metal scene.

Celtachor’s debut album, Nine Waves From The Shore, was released in November 2012 but is now available from Trollzorn’s online shop, at this location. The band’s next release will be out towards the end of 2013 and will be released through Trollzorn Records.


Waylander announce plans for new album to commemorate 20 year anniversary

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ArdChieftain O’Hagan, vocalist of the influential Northern Irish pagan metal band Waylander has announced that the band are planning on a new release late 2013 to commemorate their 20 year anniversary.

As many of you may be aware of, 2013 sees Waylander celebrate two decades of existence, an impressive milestone in anyone’s book. We plan to have a new release out towards the very end of 2013, which, we hope will please fans both old and new.

We will write and record a concept mini album which will deal with the Four Fire Festivals of the Irish Pagan calendar, expanding on the subject matter dealt with in Twin Fires of Beltíne. As well as reworking Twin Fires of Beltíne, slightly, the other 3 songs will deal with Imbolg, Lughnasadh and Samhain. As a bonus we will include an interview DVD, explaining the history of the band and revealing the truth behind the trials and tribulations of the turbulent lifespan of the beast that has become known as Waylander. We hope also to include some live footage and some behind the scenes Hallionry which will reveal the personalities of the various band members.

The band’s latest album Kindred Spirits was released on July 16th in Europe and August 14th in North America 2012 through Listenable Records and has gained worldwide acclaim.


Waylander reveal lyrical meanings behind select songs on new album

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Waylander-cover-1400x1400-72dpiFreshly mastered at the Finnox Studio in Finland, where acts such as Children of Bodom and Nightwish have recorded, Irish folk metal band Waylander are releasing their brand new and fourth full length album Kindred Spirits on July 16th (EU) and August 14th (North America)

The band have described lyrics for the two first songs: Echoes of the Sidhe and Lamh Dearg, which we feel are very interesting topics.

Echoes Of The Sidhe deals with the enduring fascination in Celtic countries with the the Fairy folk which has survived the coming of Christianity as well as the modern age of enlightenment. The belief in the old Gods and the existence of higher planes of existence has endured and will continue to do so.

LÁMH DEARG,  meaning Red Hand, the symbol of the northern province of Ulster of which Northern Ireland makes up two thirds. For the first time since our debut demo, the conflict in Northern Ireland is used as a subject for one of our songs. This song is about love for the land which transcends politics, where the land itself is sacred while mankind are merely the custodians for the generations to come. Concentrate on what unites us as it’s a lot more than people have knowledge of due to a blinkered mindset. In effect, this song is a modern pagan perspective on the conflict we have endured.

Kindred Spirits track listing:

1. Echoes of the Sidhe
2. Lámh Dearg
3. Twin Fires of Beltíne
4. Of Fear and Fury
5. Grave of Giants
6. A Path Well Trodden
7. Quest for Immortality
8. Erdath
9. Kindred Spirits

WAYLANDER Announce New Album Title

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Legendary folk‘n’celtic metal outfit Waylander have revealed the title of their next album, which is to be called Kindred Spirits and will be released via Listenable Records in spring, later this year. Kindred Spirits was recorded at Stone Circle Studio, Lurgan, Co. Armagh.

Tracklisting for Kindred Spirits is as follows:

1. Lamh Dearg
2. Echoes of the Sidhe
3. Twin Fires of Beltíne
4. Quest for Immortality
5. Of Fear and Fury
6. Kindred Spirits
7. A Path well trodden
8. Erdath
9. Giant’s Grave