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Victory records to host stage at 2014 edition of Rockstar Mayhem Festival

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Victory Records have proudly announced that they will be hosting a stage at this year’s Rockstar energy Drink Mayhem Festival. All summer long, Victory will present the Victory Records Stage featuring the likes of Emmure, Ill Nino, Islander, Wretched and Erimha. The stage will be headlined at 4:25PM each day by Emmure, who will be touring in support of their new album, Eternal Enemies, out 15th April. This also makes Emmure the first band to ever play Mayhem Festival two years in a row.

This year, for the first time, the festival will feature FOUR stages of metal and hardcore with the Rockstar Energy Drink Main Stage, Coldcock American Herbal Whiskey Stage, The Headbang For The Highway/Sumerian Stage and the Victory Records Stage.

Tickets go on sale this Friday (4th April) at 10AM local time with the “72 Hour Get Off Your Ass” special offer on reserved and lawn tickets. Check your local ticketing date page for details on this great deal/ This year also look for Freestyle Motocross and a Motorsports exhibition area and many other surprises and attractions. Further details can be found at this location.

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Emmure present video for Nemesis via Alternative Press

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Hardcore band emmure have proudly unveiled their new video for Nemesis, taken from their upcoming sixth studio album Eternal Enemies, via Alternative Press. The new album, Eternal Enemies, will be released via Victory Records on 15th April worldwide. The video for Nemesis can be viewed at this location or down below.

Emmure online:


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Continents w/Support – Bridlington, UK

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Continents, Aveira Skies, Sea Of Giants and more
Shades Nightclub, Bridlington
16th November 2013

Down To A Deathmatch - Photo by Nico Davidson

Following their UK tour earlier this year, Welsh hardcore titans Continents hit the road once again this month to tour in support in their new album Idle Hands. The UK tour took to them to the sunny seaside resort town of Bridlington. Opening up the show were Hull band Down To A Deathmatch. Bringing about a sharp, fierce guitar assault accompanied by an overwhelming use of screams and thundering bass and drums which led to a devastating attack on the eardrums. Proving to be active on-stage (and in the case of the vocalist, off-stage as well), DTAD performed a truly exciting set that combined a heavy use of lights and a blistering mixture of hardcore and metal elements.


An Act Of treason - Photo by Nico DavidsonUp next were Hull post-hardcore monsters An Act Of Treason. Their set featured an interesting use of clean vocals and screams, as well as a few bland riffs here and there but these were pushed out of the way by the heavier, more violent riffs which led to some intense pitting from the crowd. Unfortunately there were some technical issues throughout the band’s set but this didn’t stop them from unleashing proverbial hell with their anxiety-provoking drums and volcanic guitar passages. The light accompanied An Act Of Treason with pure precision (though this was the last time the lights came into play throughout the whole show) as they ploughed rather viciously throughout their set.


Sea Of Giants - Photo by Nico Davidson

Local deathcore boys Sea Of Giants were the next band to pave a path of destruction and broken bodies at the show. While they started sounding on the weak side, they soon gained the strength needed to deliver a punch to the face with a wall of sound made up from the hellish vocals, gritty bass and snarling guitar passages as well as the crushing use of percussion. The whole set, despite one or two technical issues, sounded like a bus colliding head-on with a train at high speed.



Aveira Skies - Photo by Nico DavidsonThe main support came in the form of Aveira Skies, who were the touring support for Continents. While they’re talented musicians and were active on stage, their set proved to be uninteresting, making use of uninspiring riffs and mediocre vocals. The music itself sounded like one long song split into several parts, becoming repetitive and inane. Aveira Skies do have the talent and potential but it felt like the songs they wrote were intended to play it safe, so to speak.


And finally, the main event of the night made their way on stage: Welsh hardcore titans Continents. From beginning to end, they unsheathed brutal riffs sharper than valyrian steel and a use of manic and crazed screams. Proving to be as active as the other bands on the bill, Continents really did unleash hell. The use of bass and drums were particularly catalysmic, laying the groundwork for the titanic amount of guitar segments and baneful vocals. Continents certainly represented the Welsh scene with venomous effect and if you’ve not seen them yet, you better prepare yourself for a rollercoaster ride of a show when you do.


Continents - Photo by Nico Davidson

Nico Davidson

Interview with Phil Cross [Continents]

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Phil Cross - Continents

Nico catches up with Continents frontman Phil in Bridlington, on the band’s UK tour, to discuss the new album, Idle Hands, touring, the music scene in Wales and Phil’s porn star name.

Continents online:


Valk-Fest line-up changes; Old Corpse Road replace Gone Til Winter as headliner

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Both Gone Til Winter and Shades of Avalon have withdrawn from this year’s Valkyrian Festival. Gone Til Winter withdrew from the festival and postponed their entire UK tour, which was to take place next month, due to ill-health whereas Shades of Avalon withdrew form the line-up due to their recent parting with their drummer. Glaswegian black metal suits Maelstrom have also withdrawn from the line-up due to work commitments.

Old Corpse Road will now replace Gone Til Winter as the headlining band on Saturday 30th November and Leeds metallers Bludger have replaced Maelstrom. This will also be Bludger‘s last UK show before they tour Europe’s holy land of metal: Finland. Tour dates can be found here. Newly formed metal band Bharghest will also be opening up the first night of Valkyrian Festival on Friday 29th November, making it their second show – their debut show will be at Shades Nightclub on Friday 22nd November, supporting Finnish death metal lords Re-Armed. And last but not least, Twilight’s Embrace have been confirmed as main support on the final night of Valkyrian Festival 2013, supporting the co-headliners Severed Heaven and Andraste.

There are still two slots spare on the second day of Valk-Fest. The bands to be booked for these two slots will be picked by public vote. The poll can be found at this location.

The bar will also be open throughout the festival but valid ID will be required for the purchase of alcohol. There will also be a raffle hosted on the second day to help raise funds. Prizes will include a limited edition Valk-Fest 2013 mug, items donated by Victory Records, Napalm Records and Meta

Valkyrian Festival will take place at Shades Nightclub in Bridlington from Friday 29th November through to Sunday 1st December. The festival is in aid of Rape Crisis and weekend tickets are available for £5 from this location.


New video for Ill Niño

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 photo illnino_zpsa17dc30a.jpg

Currently on tour through the USA, honoring the American Military Forces by offering free entrance or 2 for 1 admission to their shows to those who have Military ID, Ill Niño presented the rest of the world with a new video. The track is “Forgive Me Father”, the latest single taken from “Epidemia”.

Seeker premier video for Unloved and announce pre-order package options

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Seeker recently unveiled their music video for Unloved, which is the title track for their new album which is set to be released 29th October. The video captures the band’s monolithic wall of sound and can be viewed below.

There are currently four pre-order packages available for Unloved, which include a copy of the album, a choice of t-shirt, zip-up hoodie and an advance MP3 copy of the title track, Unloved. Packages can be pre-ordered at this location.

Seeker online:

Jungle Rot – Terror Regime

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Jungle Rot
Terror Regime
Released 19th March 2013
Death Metal
Released via: Victory Records

 photo terrorregime_zpsf72ed07c.jpg

Terror Regime is the new album from the American death metal band Jungle Rot. It is the follow up to the 2011 album ‘Kill on Command’.

Straight from the offset you’re in for some old school death metal. The first track Voice Your Disgust offers the stereotypical growls, fast guitar riffs with the odd thrash metal tinge added for good measure. Think Vader with hints of Cannibal Corpse and you will have a pretty good idea of the type of death metal I’m referring to. The title track sees more thrash metal guitar melodies enter the fold as well as a decrease in pace making the song better suited for head-banging.

This pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the album. As the subsequent tracks stick to the same tried and tested formula of orthodox death metal mixed with the occasional thrash metal guitar riff. The guitar patterns shift from fast to mid-paced depending on the track, the drumming is steady and the vocals are consistent with what you would expect from this genre. Noteworthy tracks include: the slow-paced, Vader-esque Rage Through The Wasteland, Ruthless Omnipotence which features a healthy balance of fast riffage and skillfully executed guitar solos, and the fast and furious I Don’t Need Society.

Overall this is a solid, well produced death metal album. Whilst Jungle Rot may not offer anything new to the genre, one is for sure – they are good at what they do.


Iza Raittila


Victory Records welcome Erimha

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Victory Records have proudly announced the signing of symphonic black metal unit, Erimha from Montreal, Quebec, Canada to its roster. Erimha, which means “Army” or “Legion”, coming from Sumerian culture, base their haunting, melodic, merciless and operatic sound on ancient mythology and spirituality. Their mantra and mission is one of inner strength and how the individual can be as powerful as an entire army.

Formed in 2010, Erimha’s punishingly fresh and savage take on symphonic black metal is spawning a loyal legion of followers in the Canadian metal scene. They released their first full length album, Irkalla in September 2010 which featured guest vocals from The Agonist’s frontwoman, Alissa White. The band, Gore (vocals), Kthien (rhythm guitar), Ksaos (drums) and Diusternas (bass) are going to be an extreme force to be reckoned with on the international metal battlefield.

Erimha will embark on their first U.S. tour in June with their debut album for Victory Records to be released this summer.

For more information on Erimha:

As They Burn – Will, Love, Life

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As They Burn
Will, Love, Life
Released February 19th 2013
Deathcore/Death Metal
Released via Victory Records

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Deathcore has undergone a noticeable evolution in recent years. Gone are the “BREE BREE” pig squeals, needlessly misogynistic imagery inherited from gore metal and the pseudo thug attitude from hardcore, at least for the most part – as is evidenced in this latest effort from French band As They Burn. In its place has come more of an emphasis on groove riffs and quirky song structures that are more inspired by Meshuggah and Between the Buried and Me than the original Death Metal meets Hardcore and Screamo style, moving more towards the progressive metalcore and djent sounds.

Will, Love Life is an example of this more mature breed of death core, with the harsh vocals and groovy riffs leading the way and a strange amount of atmosphere incorporated in this style. The fate of this album may be that it is too much of a transition between styles, being neither fast or aggressive enough to be in the purely hardcore camp (and too well polished in production values perhaps); not musically complex or “Lovecraftian” enough to be considered straight up Death Metal and the guitar work here is also not start-stop-meshuggah-style-palm-muted enough to be in the Djent genre. As a result, this album occupies a grey area between genres that makes it sound more like the logical conclusion of the so-called “New Wave of American Heavy Metal” genre that dominated the early 2000s. I imagine this would appeal to those who want something that treads the line between Death Metal influenced Lamb of God style Groove Metal and the Progressive Metalcore bands that have come to prominence in recent years such as the previously mentioned Between the Buried and Me.

The band is clearly aiming at something new and progressive but get a little stuck trying to incorporate all that makes the modern Death/Metalcore scene interesting and end up sounding generic. The album manages to be more avant-garde in a way than the average Deathcore release most have come to expect in elements such as its interesting song titles but does not seem to have to have a unifying theme or message that more developed genres easily incorporate. This album is interesting because it is a bridge between the current state of Metal along the “core” spectrum and wherever it may be evolving and maturing to in the future. It very nearly manages to get itself written off as being a product of its time, but I think there is enough here for this to be popular among fans of this particular style.


Paul Gibbins


Sister Sin release video for new single; Fight Song

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Swedish hard rockers, Sister Sin, have released the video for their latest single Fight Song, which can be viewed down below. The track is taken from the band’s latest release, Now And Forever, which is available for purchase from the Victory Records store at this location.


Sister Sin vocalist talks about touring with Doro

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The year and a half wait is finally over for American fans as Swedish heavy metal band Sister Sin have made their way back to North America to unleash a dose of heavy metal fury upon the masses. Beginning tomorrow, (Friday  1st February) in Tampa, Florida they will tour alongside Doro as they blaze through nineteen cities before beginning a series of headlining dates on February 24th in Las Vegas. Full tour dates can be found at this location. Ready to electrify audiences with their energetic and powerful stage performance, vocalist Liv Jagrell talks about touring with her idol exclusively on the Victory Records YouTube channel. The video can be found at this location.


Their recent album Now and Forever is available at Victory Records’ webstore and through iTunes and Amazon.


Victory announce top ten videos of 2012

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Victory Records have announced your favourite Top 10 Victory music videos of 2012.You can watch the video announcement below and prepare for an amazing New Year!


Classic Hardcore Victory Records’ releases now available on iTunes with limited time pricing

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Getting tired of classic Christmas carols? Finding it hard to mosh along to “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire”? Victory Records has decided enough is enough. No more corny Christmas music. So slap on your Santa hat and grab your ugliest Christmas sweater, the time has come to mosh your way through the holidays. As an early surprise, Victory Records has rounded up some of their most iconic releases with limited pricing for the Hardcore for the Holidays promotion on iTunes. The promotion runs until December 17th 2012 so be sure to make a list and check it twice, these prices won’t last forever. Never before has there been such an impressive hardcore collection in one place, making perfect gifts for the music lover in your life.

The following releases are featured in the “Hardcore for the Holidays” promotion:

Hatebreed – Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire
Comeback Kid –
Wake The Dead
Snapcase –
Progression Through Unlearning
Earth Crisis –
1991-2001 Forever True
Blood For Blood –
Revenge On Society
Warzone –
The Victory Years
Strife –
In This Defiance
Integrity –
Systems Overload
All Out War –
For Those Who Were Crucified
Cause For Alarm –
Cause For Alarm
Reach The Sky –
So Far From Home
Buried Alive –
Death Of Your Perfect World
Skarhead –
Kings At Crime
Grey Area –
Fanbelt Algebra
Strife –
One Truth
Path Of Resistance –
Who Dares Wins
Shutdown –
Against All Odds
No Innocent Victim –
Flesh and Blood
Ringworm – Birth Is Pain

Join Victory Records as they celebrate more than 20 years of headbanging with a selection of albums that shaped the foundation of the hardcore genre. With no outlet for serious hardcore artists, owner and CEO Tony Brummel founded Victory Records in 1989, giving a voice and legitimacy to bands that truly deserved to be heard.  Commended for playing an integral role in breaking hardcore bands, Victory has compiled a collection of releases that have single-handedly defined “hardcore”.  The Hardcore for the Holidays list boasts some of the most prolific hardcore albums of our time, including Hatebreed’s Satisfaction is the Death of Desire(1997), described as “sincere” and “unrelenting”, with guitar chugs that paved the way for bands to come. Also on the list is an undisputed favourite, Snapcase’s Progression Through Unlearning (1997); demonstrating intricate musicianship with a clear, positive message of staying true to who you are. No Holiday list would be complete without the Earth Crisis compilation Forever True 1991-2001, a selection of the band’s best releases spanning a 10-year career. Without a doubt this list is the end all be all for high-quality hardcore music – if you are looking for classic hardcore, there is simply no other place to find it. Whether you are a seasoned player or brand new to the world of hardcore, listen to a Hardcore for the Holidays release and you’ll be transported to a time when music was heavy and the message was clear. In an era of bubblegum pop punk, self-pitying alt rockers, it’s time to go back to the classics.

As America’s leading independent rock label, Victory Records is proud to present the most comprehensive classic hardcore collection to date, guaranteed to liven up any Christmas party. Visit the Victory Records webstore for more information on their “Hardcore for the Holidays” promotion and be sure to check out all of their exclusive Holiday items.

Fall City Fall invite fans to participate live video shoot

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Calgary, Alberta’s supreme hardcore outfit Fall City Fall invites fans to come out and take part in their upcoming LIVE music video shoot for Lovebirds and Dissentipede from their forthcoming album Victus, out January 22nd, 2013. The event will take place on November 23rdat Albert Park Radisson Heights in Calgary and will begin at 6:30 pm.


Head over to the Victory Records’ webstore and check out Fall City Fall’s merchandise. Stay tuned for updates and the announcement of their pre-order packages.


Continents reveal artwork for Idle Hands

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Continents have revealed the artwork for their first Victory Records’ release Idle Hands, out January 22nd, 2013. Pre- order packages are available through the Victory Records’ webstore for $19.98 and include a CD, poster and t-shirt; for an additional $2.00 fans can swap out the CD for a slick purple putty or clear with black smoke vinyl. Order now and add additional Continents merchandise at a discounted price.


See them on tour beginning November 26th through December 14th in the UK and Europe. See a full listing of tour dates here.

For more information on CONTINENTS:

CONTINENTS limited edition holiday sweatshirt available here.

Victory Records Fall/ Winter Catalog Download

Tour Promo Video

Summer 2012 Video


Sister Sin release video for hit single End Of The Line

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Swedish metallers Sister Sin have released the brand new music video for their hit single End Of The Line, which is taken from their forthcoming album Now and Forever, due for release October 22nd! The video can be viewed below and you can download the track on iTunes and Amazon.

Filmed at an old nuclear reactor testing facility in Stockholm, Sweden, Sister Sinblazes through a raw, gritty and powerful performance that has heads banging and bodies moving worldwide to End Of The Line. Front women Liv Jagrell shows off her fierceness and delivers an incredible vocal performance throughout the song. Lead guitarist Jimmy Hitula electrifies audiences with highly intense and robust riffs alongside the fast hands of heavy-hitting drummer Dave Sundberg and the lively, energetic bassist Strandh.

Don’t miss your chance to see Sister Sin LIVE on tour throughout North America beginning February 2nd. They will be rocking out alongside their idol Doro and taking over the world one city at a time. See the full listing of tour dates here and pre-order their forthcoming album Now and Forever at the Victory Records’ webstore.

Wretched release new video for Karma Accomplished

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Step inside the world of technical death metal band, Wretched and watch their new music video for Karma Accomplished from their third studio album, Son Of Perdition.  You’ll get an inside look at life on the road with the fun-loving shredders while they impress crowds around the nation with their intense live show.

Their recent album ‘Son Of Perdition’ is out now via Victory Records.

Dr. Acula announce European Vacation Tour

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Long Island, New Yorkers Dr. Acula have announced that they will be headlining the European Vacation Tour starting November 21st with Mexican deathcore band, Here Comes The Kraken.

Dr. Acula is more ready than ever to get back out on the road and show everyone what they are made of.  With new additions vocalist Chris Brea and bassist Oli Miclette on board they are ready to continue taking their performance to the next level. The band will be performing songs from their recent release NationLIVE for the first time in Europe on the upcoming trip overseas. The band is looking forward to the opportunity to spread their message worldwide, meet new fans and turn the world into a DA Nation.

Nationis availablethrough the Victory Records webstore along with additional merchandise.

Headlining Tour Dates w/ Here Comes The Kraken:

11/21- St. Petersburg, RU @ Arktica **

11/22- Moscow, RU @ Plan B **

11/23- Frankfurt, DE @ Elfer

11/24- Esch Alzette, LUX @ Bang Your Head Festival

11/25- Buizingen, BEL @ Jh Eenders

11/26- London, UK @ Underworld

11/27- Liverpool, UK @ O2 Academy

11/28- Exeter, UK @ Cavern

11/29- Glasgow, UK @ Ivory Blacks

11/30- Milton Keyes, UK @ Crauford Arms

12/01- Munster, DE @ Sputnikcafe

12/02- Bremen, DE @ Tower

12/03- Dessau, DE @ Beatclub

12/04- Prague, CZ @ TBD

12/05- Wien, AT @ Aera

12/06- Gleisdorf, AT @ Kulturkeller

12/07- Millstatt, AT @ Bergwerk

12/08- Castelfidardo, IT @ On Stage Club

12/09- Fusignano, IT @ Brainstorm

12/10- Lustenau, AT @ Culture Factory

12/13- Koln, DE @ MTC

12/14- Haldensleben, DE @ Der Club

12/15- Lichtenstein, DE @ JZ Riot


Pathology – The Time of Great Purification

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The Time of Great Purification
Released: September 2012
Brutal Death Metal/Death-core
Released via Victory Records

‘The Time Of Great Purification’ is the sixth album from the American death metal band Pathology. The band features the founding members of Cattle Decapitation, I Declare War and The Locust.

Only a few seconds into the opening track ‘Imprisoned By Fear’ and you immediately know what you’re in for. Fast paced, brutal death metal with the occasional guitar solo. The only thing that separates this from your stereotypical death metal band are the vocals which, I Declare War fans will be pleased to know, are performed in same deathcore style as used in the band’s previous album ‘Awaken To The Suffering’.

Sadly it’s precisely the death-core elements which let this album down. The squealing vocals and the frequent breakdowns or slamming (as some people call it) tends to pierce its way through each track, wrecking some of the good parts such as technical guitar riffs on ‘Asphyxiation Through Consumption’. The songs are short, clocking in at an average of just over two minutes, and to a large extent they all tend to follow the same pattern making it difficult to tell them apart. ‘Distorted Conscious’ is a noteworthy exception, being an instrumental complete with some decent guitar riffs and steady drumming but minus the headache inducing death-core squeals.

Then the aptly named ‘A Bleak Future’ marks a return to the aforementioned death-core vocals thus paving the path to more suffering for my ears. Even the odd, good guitar riff like the one towards the second half of ‘Cultivating Humanity’ does not make up for the appalling vocals.


Iza Raittila