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Chthonic – Bú Tik

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Bú Tik
Released: 31st May (Europe) 3rd June 2013 (UK)
Melodic Black Metal/ Oriental Metal
Released via Spinefarm Records

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‘Bú Tik’ is the new album from the Taiwanese melodic black metal band Chthonic. It is the follow up to ‘Takasago Army’ and it is inspired by the story of the “228 Massacre” in 1947, the Bú-Tik Palace and the Mirror Of Retribution.

First up is Arising Armament, an oriental style melodic instrumental which sets the scene for some epic battle. The first full song on here, Supreme Pain For a Tyrant is very much in the black metal vein with Freddy Lim’s screams piercing their way through whilst the melodic and melancholic erhu instrument provides a sharp contrast between the harsh vocals and aggressive guitars. A powerful mix which is enhanced even more by the memorable lyrics, a quote “let me stand up like a Taiwanese!”

Sail into The Sunset’s Fire starts off with the same aggressive stance with the guitars, a barrage of death metal style bass drums and harsh vocals. Yet by the time the chorus kicks in, the song becomes more keyboard-intensive and has a slight symphonic metal feel to it. That chorus has a way of sticking in your head too… Then there’s the multi-faceted Rage of My Sword which combines the speed and aggression of the guitars with some melodic tinges creating an ideal balance between the two styles.

All the aforementioned elements come to their own in Defenders of Bú Tik Palace, a track celebrating everything that makes Chthonic unique. This song really does offer the full package: the death metal pounding of the drums, the skilfully executed guitars, abrasive vocals and of course the oriental touches represented by the sound of the erhu and melodic, clean vocals performed by guest singer Meiyun Tang.

Overall this is a beautifully crafted and exceptionally well executed album. So far it’s been my favourite metal album of this year.


Iza Raittila

Taiwanese metal band and activists Chthonic release illustrated book based on their songs

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Those familiar with Chthonic will know that their songs incorporate all matters political and historical and promote them to people who otherwise may not have had a clue about the rich and diverse culture the band come from. By getting the events depicted in their songs made into fine works of art emphasises the unique outlook that Chthonic have on the world, but also provides a visual aid to what can sometimes be complex themes and fascinating pieces of history and folklore. They’ve incorporated the talents of the famous Taiwanese arts group Yamyoukan to bring the songs to life, and the result is the truly stunning book Unsealing the Bú-Tik.

Included in the 32 pages of illustrations is the headhunt from Seediq Bale(2005), the departure of the Takasago Army from the album Takasago Army (2011), the final battle at Sing Ling Temple from Takasago Army (2011) & Mirror Of Retribution (2009); all of which are brought to vivid and visceral life and will enchant any fan of their music, but also fine art enthusiasts. The book also features artwork from Chthonic’s new album Bú-Tik(2013) which is available now for purchase. Fans can purchase the book at this location.

Chthonic’s bassist Doris Yeh and singer Freddy Lim have made contributions to the book in the form of their own drawings, which will feature side by side with the other pieces.

Doris had this to say about the art book:

It has always been our dream to turn the stories behind our music into images; I feel so moved as I hold this illustrated book in my hand…

Chthonic’s drummer Dani also commented:

I’m really grateful that Yamyoukan invited us to take part in the drawing process, so that I could pick up the drawing pen again. It’s always been a passion of mine…

Chthonic appeared for the second time at Download festival this year and have played at Bloodstock in 2012 where Dan Mullins [My Dying Bride] came in as guest drummer and the whole crowd were informed by Freddy Lim of the lack of a Taiwanese team in the Olympics; who instead had to be called Chinese Taipei. The Bloodstock crowd responded in force to chanting ‘Taiwan’ to the band and showing their support for the political battle still on-going between China and Taiwan.

At Download 2013 Chthonic played with a six-piece Taiwanese orchestra which would have been an astounding spectacle to behold and would have brought energy to their material that has never been witnessed on these shores.

A full UK tour is currently being planned for autumn 2013.

Chthonic online: