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Equilibrium – Armageddon

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Folk Metal, Symphonic Black Metal
Released 12 August 2016
via Nuclear Blast

Equilibrium’s fifth album, Armageddon is everything that you want out of them. It’s big and bold. It hit’s really hard and gets you going. You will have to understand, going into this album, that I’m relatively new to their work and have only looked up them quite recently. Coming into this review I was completely blown away by the sheer scale of the album. Every part of the production is massive in delivery and even manages to have its fun jaunty moments. All of the songs are good and the writing really shines, even if I did have to look up some of the lyrics online.

The part of this album that I feel lets it down slightly is where is mushes the sounds together to get this muddied sound that’s a little too reliant on the guitars’ distortion. I feel this bogs the sound down somewhat and the guttural vocals aren’t helping. So what you get is this heavy mess of distorted noise. What saves it is the symphonic elements. The big orchestra sound really pulls the album together and gives the songs context. Along with the folk instrumentation, it highlights how fun and exciting Equilibrium are. In fact my favourite parts of the album are just the instrumental parts where there are no vocals.

For me personally Equilibrium’s Armageddon is a mixed goody bag. There are odd thing in it that’s just disappointing and I just don’t really like. Then you have the good moments that I find really impressive and interesting. I do feel the good outweighs the bad, as there is a lot of instrumental sections that have that epic quality to them. Overall I do enjoy this album and it definitely made me curious to check out their older material, so I can recommend it as a jumping on point for their music. It’s intricate enough and has a strong enough sound that you’ll want to listen to it a few times.


Mick Bichall

Darkend to participate in Nokturnal Mortum tribute

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Last year Ukraine’s finest Nokturnal Mortum completed their 22nd anniversary. Now, in order to celebrate it, a bunch of hand-picked bands will record a tribute album – among them, Italian extreme ritual metallers Darkend (or “extreme obscure symphonic horror”, as they like to call themselves). There’s yet no date for this release, but the song Darkend will record is the classic “The Forgotten Ages Of Victory”, featuring their past band member, composer and multi-instrumentalist Saturious on keyboards and orchestral arrangements.

Meanwhile, Darkend are working on original songs as well, the plan being the release of the follow-up to “Grand Guignol – Book I” this year.