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Interview with Sworn To Oath

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Sworn To Oath have been shaking the UK’s underground metal scene to its core with both of their highly rated EPs, their explosive live shows and strong work ethic. With a debut album currently in the making, the Scotch Egg collars the trio for a quick word.

Alasdair: What’s the meaning behind the band’s name, Sworn To Oath?

Sworn To Oath: When it all started we swore to an oath that we’d put everything we had to give in to the band, when thinking of names it kept re-occurring & eventually stuck.

A: How is the experience of working on your first full length album?

S2O: Amazing, we’re really exited about it, we feel  like its a huge progression from our previous releases. It’s awesome to let initial ideas evolve into a finished article that we can’t wait for everyone to hear.

A: Any big shows lined up for 2013?

S2O: We don’t have anything planned as of yet, our main focus is on the record, but we’ll definitely have a heavy schedule later this year.

A: You just released a new, FREE single, Stand Alone, what has been the response from critics/fans?

S2O: We’ve had a great response on the whole, we wanted to give people an idea of what to expect from the album, but it’s definitely just the tip of the iceberg.

A: What are the lyrical themes/ideas behind the new album?

S2O: A huge variety really, we have a lot that we want to say with this album. We touched on everything from soul searching to society and our current state of mind.

A: If you could replace the sound track to any film with your own music, which one would it be and why?

S2O: Talledega Nights, because it’s so funny and if you ain’t first, you’re last.

A: What is life on the road like for a three-piece, in comparison to a bigger band?

S2O: You’ll have to ask a bigger band. It’s cool, there’s much more room to do activities.

A: Is there anything you’d like to say to our readers?

S2O: Come to a show, bang your head, check us out online, stay tuned for the debut album and DON’TFUCKABOUT.

You can check out Sworn To Oath at their official Facebook page; which can be found at this location.


Sworn To Oath – Stand Alone [Single]

Posted in Review with tags , , , , , , on 7th April 2012 by Nico Solheim-Davidson, the North Sea Poet

Band: Sworn To Oath
Single: Stand Alone
Release date: April 2012
Genre: Metal
Label: Unsigned

Sworn To Oath have fast become one of the most talked about bands in the British metal scene. They’ve been compared to acts such as Audioslave and Pantera. Their new single Stand Alone is due to be released later this month.

The song begins with one of the members screaming, in an almost post-hardcore manner, “I Stand Alone” before a furious onslaught of riffs and tight drumming blasts through the speakers like a bomb hitting the ground. The mix of clean yet somewhat rough melodic vocals and screams really gives the song that keep on fighting spirit that accompanies the music well. The riffs still carry the strong sound that the trio have worked hard to establish whilst differing somewhat from the Leave You For Dead EP at the same time. There’s a slight Pantera sound in the solo while the riffs have a more in-your-face Machine Head feel. The drums are virtually flawless, keeping in check with the rest of the song and adding that much needed bit of violence to charge along side the furious, behemoth guitar and bass work.

For a song that’s only two and a half minutes long, Stand Alone kicks some major ass. Once again, Sworn To Oath have impressed me. I’m hoping that their next release tears up the place as much as this single does.

Nico Davidson

Sworn To Oath – Leave You For Dead [2011]

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Band: Sworn To Oath
Album: Leave You For Dead EP
Release year: 2011
Genre: Metal

Sworn To Oath are one of the UK’s most talked about live bands since their formation two years ago with their sound being compared to bands such as Pantera, Audioslave and 36 Crazy Fists. Their hard work ethic has seen them play over 300 shows and festivals including their current UK tour – one of which brought them to my town of Bridlington. They’ve supported acts such as Hatebreed, Meshuggah and Young Guns. After handing the band my contact details at the Brid show, I was quite surprised when their new EP arrived through the post, courtesy of their management Skratch The Surface.

The EP begins with the fierce snarling guitars of “Last Call”, a track that features some seriously thunderous drum sections. The vocals are like a mixture of hard rock and power metal. The song pretty much slams itself into the listener’s ears like a door to the face – Only it being much easier on the face and ears. “(Everything) Reminds Me Of You” might sound like the name of some whiney emo song about heartache but I assure you, it doesn’t even come within a mile of being emo. The drums pound their way through each section like Thor’s hammer cracking a jotun’s skull. The guitar riffs throw in a powerful, raw sound full of pure aggression while the bass creates a happy medium of the two. Vocally, the song is mighty, adding a “36 Crazy Fists”-like element to the music. “(Everything) Reminds Me Of You” finishes with a very destructive sounding verse with back-up from some very angry gang vocals.

”False Promise” focuses more on the bass, drums and vocals for a lot of the time. Fear not though, the guitars do still bring the metaphorical thunder in an Olympianesque style, adding the power of an earthquake to the music and vocals. The distorted bass stylings introduce the final track “Leave You For Dead”, taking the tempo down several notches but increasing the strength like steroids being injected into a muscle-bound weight lifter. The bass riffs feel somewhat very-Pantera styled along with some of the guitar riffs in the second half. The vocals border on a thrash-stylised snarl in a similar vein to Mustaine or Hetfield [Before the St. Anger release].

Not only do Sworn To Oath put on an exciting live performance, they also make their recorded material just as exciting. Listening to the “Leave You For Dead” EP felt like being back in the underground venue that is Shades in Bridlington. If you like riffs that would tear the face apart of the average Joe, drums that could easily topple the Walls of Jericho and vocals that can toe-to-toe with the of Dickinson [Iron Maiden] and Hetfield [Metallica], then this is an EP for you. I see big things for these guys in the near future. Sworn To Oath could be the next Iron Maiden minus the skeleton mascot.

The Ocean Between Us W/Support @ Shades Nightclub, Bridlington [Live Review]

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Bands: The Ocean Between Us, Sworn To Oath, Sea Of Giants
Location: Shades Nightclub, Bridlington
Date: 7th November 2011

The Ocean Between Us made their return to Bridlington’s music scene as the headlining for one of many shows put on by the East Coast Collective. The first act of the night were Bridlington’s own Sea Of Giants, who recently released their EP “To The Deepest Depths”. A large but lifeless crowd were gathered at the front of the venue for SOG’s performance. As their set went on the crowd became active and noisy, giving appreciative responses at the end of each song that the band played with energy, adding to their established yet violent sound that could be heard clearly both inside and outside of the venue. Sea Of Giants finished their set off with a brutalising rendition of their own song “Bloodshot Eyes”.

The main support of the night, as part of their UK tour were Midlands-based metal outfit Sworn To Oath. For their first time in Bridlington, they went down well with the crowd. The vocals sounded like a strong mix of classic metal and hard rock with a hint of 36 Crazy Fists. The band utilised heavy riffs, strong drum sections and great interaction with the crowd. Sworn To Oath are definitely a band worth checking out. The Ocean Between Us were the headlining act though they failed to impress the crowd that almost packed out Shades. While they possessed great stage presence mixed with powerful melodic riffs, powerful drums and destructive vocal sections, they did little to whip the crowd into a frenzy – Which might have been due to the technical difficulties they were having with the sound. It definitely wasn’t one of their best performances. The crowd enjoyed most of the night judging by their reactions to Sea Of Giants and Sworn To Oath.