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Seremonia – Seremonia

Posted in Review with tags , , , , on 20th November 2012 by Pieni

Released: 14th September 2012
Psychedelic doom / vest metal
Released via Svart Records


Seems like there’s a new term for the psychedelic doom that sounds as if it was made between the 60s and the 70s and that deals with the occult and general apocalyptic themes: vest metal. And despite Seremonia is also a new band, the sound isn’t exactly a novelty – except for the fact that they sing in their native language Finnish, through the voice of Noora Federley.

This self-titled debut kicks off with a self-titled electronic intro, very fuzzy, with Noora declaring some words in a somewhat prophetic way. “Seremonia” is linked to the next track/first song “Uhrijuhla”, which translates to “sacrificial feast”. And as “Seremonia” is predictably “ceremony”, you can guess the obscure vibe that’s going on here. The rhythm in this song is totally stoner, while the guitars are quite rocky in that hippie-seventies-kind-of-way. In fact, that’s the feeling you get from the general album: the band claims that “modern production standards” are “boring” and so you listen to a really old-fashioned, raw sound, as if the recordings had taken place “back in the day”, not just the influences the band’s drawn and applied to their own songwriting.

A video was made for this song – something very “ceremonial”, as in “witchcraft practice” – but it’s “Rock ‘N Rollin Maailma” (“rock ’n roll world” or something like that) which was the first single. And yes, there’s a bit of rock’n’roll guitars, once again the kind of psychedelic guitars your mind associates with Woodstock, but they’re smothered by an almost hypnotic bass line.

In “Aamuruskon Kaupunki” (“city’s dawn”) it’s the synths that carry the hypnosis and trance connotation, while “Kosminen Ruumisvaunu” (“cosmic hearse”) has an unexpected punk speed.

“Lusiferin Käärmeet” (“snakes of Lucifer”) starts up in sludge pace, and then reaches an almost noise-rock level. As for “Antikristus 666” (guess you don’t need translation for that), it has doom all over it. And I must also mention the flutes in the end of “Hautakiven Varjossa” (“tombstone shade”), adding a magical fairy-like touch to it.

I don’t think all this weirdness is enough to put them under a spotlight, but if you’re into this so-called vest metal, or simply into stoner/psychedelic doom, maybe you should check them out.


by Renata “Pieni” Lino


Uhrijuhla announce release date for Svart Records debut

Posted in News with tags , , , , on 12th November 2012 by Nico Solheim-Davidson, the North Sea Poet

Today, Finnish supergroup Uhrijuhla announced December 7th as the release date for the band’s debut album, Uhrijuhla, set for international release through Svart Records. Featuring members of Xysma and Callisto, Uhrijuhla‘s self-titled debut follows a 7″ single release and two videos. Tracklisting and cover (also attached) follow below.

Even though the band themselves would shun the description, there are enough reasons to call Uhrijuhla a “supergroup.” Male vocalist Janitor Muurinen is best known from Xysma, the world’s most criminally underrated death metal group, and guitarist Markus Myllykangas is the leading member of post-metal band Callisto. Female vocalist Olga is a successful solo artist in her own right. Most of the music and all of the lyrics are written by Kauko Röyhkä, one of the most respected Finnish singer-songwriters, with a 30-year career and a few dozen albums under his belt.

Uhrijuhla (“Sacrificial Feast” in English – although the name is inspired by the cult classic movie The Wicker Man, which is called Uhrijuhla in Finland) came together three years ago with the purpose of playing a new kind of progressive rock – partially homage to the grand masters from the ’70s but also influenced by modern progressive pop such as Portishead and Massive Attack. After a few fruitless attempts to get the band going, Callisto guitarist Myllykangas joined the fold in 2012 and suddenly everything just clicked. The eponymous album was recorded in the springtime and finished in September. The result is a multi-faceted, lush, and adventurous progressive vintage pop album with moods ranging from Hawkwind-style guitar psychedelia to Linda Perhacs-like introspection.

Svart Records, having already worked with both Xysma and Callisto, snapped the new band up quickly. The debut 7″ single and music video Liian kaukana appeared in October and the second video Avaruuden lapsi in November. The band are gearing up to play live dates with bands such as Hexvessel and Sammal and are already writing new material.

Tracklisting for Uhrijuhla‘s Uhrijuhla

1. Avaruuden lapsi
2. Se minkä maa voi antaa
3. Kotona
4. Liian kaukana
5. Kevään airut
6. Maaliskuun yössä
7. Yökello
8. Pikimusta tähtikirkas yö
9. Tunturit


Cult icons Arktau Eos premier new video

Posted in News with tags , on 18th October 2012 by Nico Solheim-Davidson, the North Sea Poet

Today, underground cult icons Arktau Eos premiere the new video Sunken Luminaries, off their forthcoming Ioh-Maera album on Svart Records. The video can be viewed in its entirety below:

Additionally, both the release date of Arktau Eos’ CD-only Ioh-Maeraand their vinyl-only Unworeldeshave been altered to November 16th worldwide. Respective covers and tracklistings are as follows:

Tracklisting for Arktau EosIoh-Maera CD


1. Unbinding Kaamos
2. Noxfaros
3. Sunken Luminaries
4. Ioh-Maera
5. Otherstone Refraction

Tracklisting for Arktau EosUnworeldes LP (vinyl-only)

1. The Cypress Watcher
2. Cove of the Seven-winged
3. Black Leaf Gaze
4. Geometry of Emptiness


Arktau Eos set to release two special albums through cult-label Svart Records

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Underground cult music – literally. After three albums – Mirrorion (2006), Scorpion Milk (2006), and Ai Ma Ra (double-CD, 2009) – on the acclaimed Finnish underground label Aural Hypnox, Arktau Eos return with not one but two albums simultaneously on Svart Records: Ioh-Maera, a CD-only release out October 26th, and Unworeldes, a vinyl-only release out November 3rd. Respective covers and tracklistings are as follows:

Tracklisting for Arktau Eos’ Ioh-Maera (CD)


1. Unbinding Kaamos
2. Noxfaros
3. Sunken Luminaries
4. Ioh-Maera
5. Otherstone Refraction

Tracklisting for Arktau Eos’ Unworeldes LP (vinyl-only)

1. The Cypress Watcher
2. Cove of the Seven-winged
3. Black Leaf Gaze
4. Geometry of Emptiness

Arktau Eos came into being in 2005 in Oulu, Finland, the work of two men known by the initials A.I.H. and A.I.L. Longtime live percussionist Iwowi officially enters the fold with the Ioh-Maera album. Arktau Eos, always outlaws, present a curious blend of archaic elemental music, performance, and artwork which has been received exceptionally well among listeners of many genres, such as experimental/minimalistic, dark ambient, or the old-school ritual music typified by early Ain Soph or the Nekrophile Records roster from the mid-’80s.

ForIoh-Maera, a special record release evening including a live performance and an art exhibition will be held in Bucharest, Romania on October 20th. It is a joint effort with the artist Costin Chioreanu, who has worked closely with Arktau Eos on the exquisite artwork ofIoh-Maera. Unworeldes features front-cover artwork from another distinguished artist of the underworld, known by many names, here simply Ktl. Arktau Eos always choose their collaborators with great care: on Ioh-Maera, guest vocals in the Enochian language have been provided by Barry William Hale, one of the great contemporary artists working within various fields of esoteric study.

Arktau Eos have never considered themselves a “band” in the usual sense of the word, although their experience in many bands has certainly lent them an edge in working with sound as a transmitting medium. Arktau Eos did not begin as a “band” and certainly not as a “project”; behind the scenes, it is more akin to an esoteric exploration unit, a vessel of initiation. Since the beginning, the group has enjoyed a great rapport from outside the music scene, with many independent researchers confirming or augmenting their observations. Like a past bio put it: “The fact that Arktau Eos is not concerned only with the musical dimension can not be stressed enough – taken to the extreme, one could even be justified in claiming that creating music is just an extension of hand from us towards a common context, in which ‘those in the know’ may recognize each other – in silent understanding. Arktau Eos is – should be, will be – pure being, a stream flowing through us, even if by default coloured by our own predilections.

Having said that, Arktau Eos firmly believe in the power of music as much more than entertainment, given it is nurtured in a proper environment and treated as sacred, with a focused, serious spiritual intent. To this end, Arktau Eos work meticulously in the confines of their special temple-laboratory, an analog studio built by A.I.H., and employ field recordings and snapshots of unheralded apparitions in the mix. Most of the time, they record on real, old-time reel tape, using a host of unusual, ethnic, and self-built instruments of wood and bone, gongs, large-frame drums, as well as synths from the ‘70s.

A right “vibe” always takes precedence over technical proficiency. Importance is also place on other mediums of art, such as statuary, draperies, paintings, etc., either created by the group or acquired by fortuitous chance from various strange places on Earth, which equally channel the desired presence into the music. There is always a touch of traditional handicrafts to Arktau Eos‘ works, which has also extended to unusual and handmade record covers, and non-musical “special releases.”

Never prophets on their own homeland and not interested in being such, either, Arktau Eos have held the majority of their performances overseas: in the U.K. (including London’s Equinox Festival) and Russia, in places ranging from clubs to museums. Privately, Arktau Eos have also performed at a chapel and a haunted house in their native Finland. This Autumn, Arktau Eos will perform for the first time in the United States at the Esoteric Book Conference in Seattle, and the Stella Natura Festival in Sierra Nevada, with appearances in Bucharest, Romania and Västerös, Sweden following. Scheduled for February 2013 are dates in Sankt-Petersburg, Moscow and Volgograd. The music of Arktau Eos has also been used at Muzeum Alchymie in Kutná Hora, Czech Republic. Recently, they were invited to contribute a track to Tesserae 1.0, a musical supplement to Abraxas: International Journal for Esoteric Studiesno 2. (Fulgur Limited 2011).