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Metal Allegiance – Metal Allegiance

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Metal Allegiance
“Metal Allegiance”
Released 18th September 2015
Released via Nuclear Blast Records

Metal Allegiance - Metal Allegiance

Ok, I hit play expecting this to be utterly terrible; a seismic collision of super-egos in a tumultuous ocean of abyssal phalli. I’m not saying that every successful metal musician ever is a complete tool, but I do think there’s only so much room for the necessary swagger which comes hand-in-hand with that line of work. This shouldn’t work! Yet, it kind of does…

This revolving door conglomerate of many of the biggest names in modern metal, is hardly ground-breaking, but there doesn’t appear to be any battle of wills in the forming up of the songs. I mean, there are some seriously big names involved here; Phil Anselmo, Randy Blythe, Troy Sanders, Mike Portnoy. It would only be natural to expect friction, but if there was any along the way, it has been lost on its path to the listener.

True, the recording in total doesn’t sound like one band. That would be incredibly hard to achieve with even just the different vocalists throughout. However, there is certainly a consistent energy, and whether the music itself rocks your boat or not, there’s no denying that the quality is right up there with any release offered up by the participating musicians in recent years.

In examining the music, it seems like each vocalist has brought a certain expectation to the band behind them in regards to the direction the music should take. For example, with Anselmo fronting, there is a definite echo of Down’s Over The Under, but when Chuck Billy takes the reigns, you’d be forgiven for mistaking Can’t Kill The Devil for a bonus Testament track, left out of Low at the last minute.

All in all, I’m actually pleasantly surprised by this release. For a fan of many of the artists involved, it’s fantastic to see and hear such a coherent piece of work. It’s not just more of the same from each musician so much as a little something extra you missed along the way. If you don’t like them, though, this definitely isn’t for you. You’re not going to suddenly find that one new thing that turns you on to any of the contributors. Familiar faces, characters easily identified from behind, whether you loved or hated them to begin with.


Paul Macmillan

Super group Motor Sister to release debut album in March

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It all started when Anthrax-Scott Ian turned 50 and invited some friends over for a jam. “I wanted to cherry-pick a set list of my favorite Mother Superior songs and get these guys together and have the concert at my house”, says Ian. And since his wife Pearl Aday has been working on her solo career with Mother Superior front man Jim Wilson for years now, it didn’t take long for Motor Sister to take shape –  a dream-team comprised of Wilson on vocals & guitar, Ian on guitar, Aday on backing vocals), Joey Vera on bass and John Tempesta on drums).

Ian called producer Jay Ruston (Anthrax, Steel Panther) and in two days – yes, you’ve read it well: TWO DAYS – the album was done! “Ride” is its title and Metal Blade Records will have the honor of release it on 9th March. Track list is as follows:

1. A Hole
2. This Song Reminds Me of You
3. Beg Borrow Steal
4. Fool Around
5. Get That Girl
6. Head Hanging Low
7. Fork in the Road
8. Little Motor Sister
9. Pretty in the Morning
10. Whore
11. Doghouse
12. Devil Wind

A special show will take place on 12th February in Brooklyn, NY, at Saint Vitus.