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Turbogeist stream new EP via SoundCloud

Posted in Featured, News with tags , , , , , on 11th March 2013 by Nico Solheim-Davidson

London’s up-and-coming rockers, Turbogeist, release their brand new 5-track EP, Ancient Secrets, today via Spinefarm Records.

In celebration of the release, Ancient Secrets will be available to stream via SoundCloud for a limited time. To stream the EP, go to this location.

Vocalist and guitarist Jimmy  comments: Ancient Secrets pertains to our obsession with all things fantastical and cryptic. It’s an abstract title, but these are abstract times. We didn’t wanna make an oi oi punk angst record, although that’s how we started out. We wanted to make something more tongue-in-cheek, more weird. We were always turned on by a splatter-gun of influences. We didn’t want to make a punk or hardcore or glam or thrash record; we didn’t wanna make anything that felt sonically linear. If the EP were a drug it would probably be acid, as it could go in a few directions. It could be scary, but it could also make you laugh or cry, or make you realise that nothing is real and we are all just a collection of atoms moving very fast to no discernible end.”


Other guitarist and vocalist Luis adds: “Being a youth in the ’90s, with Brit Pop, Grunge, Hip Hop and great rock bands emerging on the radio and music television, we were spoilt for choice. Nowadays, everything seems too polished. However, if you look beyond the void of Mercury Awards and Coldplay B-sides, there are great underground scenes/bands emerging…”

The debut Turbogeist album is already in the can, and will follow later in 2013, once again through Spinefarm.


Slagmaur in process of completing new album; Pre-production track revealed

Posted in News with tags , , , , on 16th January 2013 by Nico Solheim-Davidson

After three years of silence and much speculation, Norwegian black metallers Slagmaur are back in the studio and are currently putting the finishing touches to the follow up to 2009’s Von Rov Shelter.  The new six-track full-length album, which the band has been working on for three years,  will have the title of Thill Smitts Terror and is expected to be completed in the spring for release later this year. A label is currently being sought.  A pre-production version of the “Drummer of Tedworth”, a track from the album can be heard on the band’s SoundCloud page at this location.

Much to the pleasure of fans, Thill Smitts Terror will continue where Von Rov Shelter left off, delving more and more deeply into the disturbing world that Slagmaur conjures up by combining modern and classical instruments with children’s nursery rhymes and fairy tales – Really, it’s enough to give even the bravest of souls a bit of a fright.  It is a world where classically constructed melodies blend seamlessly with aggressive black metal to create a nightmare scenario straight from the pit of hell.

All artwork for the album is by the band’s founder General Gribbsphiiser (guitars, bass, cello, keys) and, according to the band’s manager, art, as well as music, is an integral part of the whole that is Slagmaur.  Each individual part of the artwork that will be used on the album will also be available separately as limited editions stand-alone pieces of art, samples of which can be seen on the band’s Facebook page.

Mysterious and secretive, Slagmaur was formed in the remote reaches of North Western Norway, in 2006.  The band have never revealed their true identities, always appearing heavily costumed and disguised.  Nor have they ever revealed how they create the sinister music that invades the listeners mind with layer upon layer of sound, revealing a different facet each time depending on the listener’s current mood.  Thill Smitts Terror sees Gribbsphiiser himself take on vocal vocal duties following the death of Steingrim and the departure of Åtselgribb.  Wardr (drums, keys) has also left the band to pursue other projects, but remains an honorary member, and is replaced by Dominaus Kracker who hails from the band’s home island of Fosen, and had previously contributed to Von Rov Shelter and worked on the production side of Mare.  Guest appearances by musicians from Fosen and Nidaros will also be featured.

The pre-production version of Drummer of Tedworth from Thill Smitts Terror can be heard on the band’s SoundCloud page at this location.

Fen debut track from upcoming album, Dustwalker

Posted in News with tags , , , , on 1st January 2013 by Nico Solheim-Davidson

Progressive Black Metallers Fen have debuted a track from their upcoming album Dustwalker.  Set for release on Code666 on the 21st of January, Dustwalker will be the third full-length album from the three-piece whose line up comprises The Watcher (guitars and vocals), Grungyn (bass and vocals) and Derwydd (drums).  Consequence, the opening track from the album, can be heard on the band’s SoundCloud page at this location.

Fen’s music fits into the Black Metal genre, but the exact categorisation is hard to define, having been variously described as “progressive”, “atmospheric”, “post-rock” and “shoegaze”.  Drawing their name and inspiration from the desolate, windswept, other-worldly  Fen region of the UK from whence founder members The Watcher and Grungyn hail, there is no doubt that the band’s music fits into all the afore-mentioned categories, and more besides, to form a unique sound that is hauntingly and unmistakeably Fen.   As the Watcher recently commented about the new album: “If Epoch embodies a lonely walk into the deepening twilight of the fens in Autumn, then Dustwalker represents the cold, sharp greys of a bleak winter’s dawn.  An expression of isolation, abandonment and a gradual detachment from the material realm, this album is a starker, more direct representation of the Fen sound.

Fen have previously released two albums on Code666 – their debut full length album The Malediction Fields in 2009 and the follow up Epoch in 2011, and the band recently announced that they had re-signed with the label for the release of a further three albums following the release of DustwalkerDustwalker will be available in both CD format, and as a limited edition Clambox which will feature a bonus track and include a pendant with the band’s distinctive logo, which is currently available to pre-order.  Artwork for the album is by Grungyn.  Track listing for Dustwalker as follows:

I. Consequence
II. Hands of Dust
III. Spectre
IV. Reflections
V. Wolf Sun
VI. The Black Sound
VII. Walking the Crowpath
VIII. Epilogue (special edition bonus track)

More information about FEN can be found on the band’s Facebook page at this location.