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The Occupier – Occupied Territory

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Band: The Occupier
Album: Occupied Terrirtory
Genre: Metal / Heavy Rock
Release Date: 2011
Label: Self Released


First thing I must warn you about this album: the recording is terrible! I know there’s a world-wide financial crisis, but since this is their debut album (or I think it is – any bio I’ve found on the internet doesn’t mention any recorded work, not even this one), they could have made an effort to find a more suitable studio, one that wouldn’t make you feel like you’re listening to the radio in one of those devices from the sixties. I’ve heard demos with much better quality than this.

The songs themselves aren’t bad… until Simon Whitby starts singing. Assuming that all vocals are his, he sings clean, except for a growling part on “Crime Of Passion (Rape)” and a harsher tone in parts of “Sonny Chiba”. In my opinion, that’s a big mistake. The aforementioned growls are the best vocal piece in the whole album. Whitby’s clean voice is monotone, flat, with a total lack of feeling on it. It may work live, as the strings and drums have enough energy to keep the audience headbanging and entertained, but recorded, it will hardly convince the majority of the listeners.

The band claims to play “old skool thrash metal with attitude”, but once again the voice ruins the effect, as the typical aggression of these bands is missing. ReverbNation calls it “heavy rock” and I go with it. The songs “Lizard King” and “Master Plan”, however, could be classified as thrash metal.


Renata “Pieni” Lino

Metieval @ 41 East Coast [Live Review]

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Bands: Skyclad, Hecate Enthroned, Windrider, Cryptic Age, The Occupier, Pastel Jack, XIII and many more
Location: 41 East Coast, Hull
Date:  16th April 2011

Metieval is known for been one of the greatest music events in the Yorkshire region and it held true to that fact on 16th April in Hull. There was a buzz of excitement for this epic 12 hour event. The opening band for this epic 12 hour fray of rock and metal were Scunthrope rockers “The Occupier”. They performed a brilliant set which included songs such as “Sonny Chiba”, “Spoils of War” and “Addict in Wonderland”. Their set was one of the best of the night, they were good good to have been the opening band but certainly kept the crowd excited for the rest of the day!

The second band to perform were the mighty “Immolator” who proved to be heavy and brutal performers. Pastel Jack performed shortly after “Immolator”; making for an exciting festival so far especially with a cover of Dio’s “Holy Diver” and a brilliant performance of their own song “Condemned From The Start”. York based power-folk metallers “Cryptic Age” were the next to enter the fray bringing their immense mixture of pure folk metal-styled brutality and strong soprano vocals. They performed great songs like “Paragons of War” and “No Folkin’ Way”. Cryptic Age were certainly one of the best bands of the night and the crowd clearly enjoyed their amazing set.

Hull death metal quartet “Scatorgy” brought more brutality to Metieval with songs like “Traumatic Vaginal Escapades” and “Offspring Enslavement”. They certainly kept the crowd entertained with their heavy, in-your-face riffs. The critically acclaimed “Windrider” soon entered the fray performing songs their newest EP “A Warrior’s Tale”. The set was greatly performed, though some in the crowd were disappointed by the playback of the keyboard sections. “Violent Deception” performed just after “Windrider”.

More folk metal was performed at Meteival in the form of Sheffield-based “Northern Oak”. The best songs of their set were “Madness of the Feral Moon” and “Silvan Lullaby”. Hull-based “XIII” were the next to perform with their thrash-styled anthems such as “Eclipse” and “Longest Day”. “Old Corpse Road” soon performed after with brilliant songs such as “Devils Footprints” and “The Old Corpse Road”.

One of the highlights of the night was the performance by Bridlington classic rockers “Alice In Thunderland”. They performed four tracks from their album “Into The Darkest Night”, which were Into The Darkest Night, In The Beginning, Hush Now and  Always Forever. They also performed “Frozen” and “Take To The Limits” which are from their up and coming album. “Infernal Creation” played after them and Soulflame took to the stage after that with a very bluesy styled set which was brilliant for those in the crowd who needed a rest from the neck breaking brutality and ear-splitting heaviness of the other bands.

The highly anticipated “Hecate Enthroned” took the stage, bringing with them a grim and dark atmosphere. The best part of their set was the performance of “Beneath A December Twilight”. “Sworn Amongst” took the stage afterwards who were followed by folk metal outfit “Skyclad” who performed a song from each of their albums including “Spinning Jenny”, “Another Drinking Song” and “Parliment of Fools”.

Metieval has earned its reputation as Yorkshire’s best metal event and for good reason. Each band were amazing and the quality of their music is astounding. Those who missed it, missed out on something extremely epic.

Nico Davidson