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Battle Born – Battle Born

Posted in Review with tags , , , on 20th July 2020 by Nico Solheim-Davidson, the North Sea Poet

Battle Born
Battle Born
Released 26th June 2020
Power Metal/Skyrim Metal

Hailing from Windhelm (Apparently), Battle Born are a new power metal act on the scene. Described as “true Skyrim Metal” by some, I have to admit my curiosity was piqued. The self-titled EP is said to take the listener on an adventure through the rolling mountains of the frozen land of Skyrim.

The EP charges straight in with the gallant title track, Battle Born. It’s a strong enough opening for the EP, featuring the standard trademarks of European power metal. Bring The Metal Back is a catchy track with memorable riffs and an overall grandiose chorus, though some of the lyrics do sound quite cheesey. Man Of War takes on a more classic metal sound, with a styling that would be closer to early Manowar, or Judas Priest, than modern power metal. The chorus is poignant enough to have you singing it for days. For Our Home is a far gentler song, making use of more emotional keyboard passages and moving vocal lines. The guitars add to the uplifting sound of the track. The EP ends on Sovngarde Awaits, which despite the name, isn’t as mournful as one would assume. Instead, it thunders in with encouraging guitar riffs, exhilarating keyboards, and boisterous vocals. Such an enlivening song makes you want the EP to carry on.

For a Skyrim Metal band, the lack of Thu’um usage and sweetrolls which is disappointing, however the EP shows promise these sons of Skyrim. With an arsenal of fun choruses, and uplifting songs, Battle Born is a mighty release and just the soundtrack you need when taking the fight to the Imperials!


Nico Solheim-Davidson

Battle Born online:

Equilibrium – Waldschrein EP

Posted in Review with tags , , on 3rd August 2013 by izaforestspirit

Waldschrein EP
Released 16th August 2013
Epic Folk Metal/ Viking Metal
Released via Nuclear Blast Records

 photo Equilibrium-Waldschrein-Artwork-scaled_zps8bd9c112.jpg

‘Waldschrein’ is the new EP from the German pagan metal band Equilibrium. It is the follow-up to their 2010 album ‘Rekreatur’ and features a cover of the video game Skyrim‘s opening theme entitled ‘Himmelsrand’ as well as a re-vamped version of Der Sturm from the ‘Turis Fratyr’ album.

First up is the title track which comes complete with bird noises and the cheerful, epic folk metal that the band are renowned for. The melo-death metal style vocals are the only harsh elements present here as both the guitars and keyboards maintain the melodic tone of music. In many ways, this is a very uplifting song that puts the listener in a good mood.

Zwergenhammer features some catchy guitar riffage and the same “happy feel” as that of the title track despite the quicker pace. The Skyrim cover is pretty much what you’d expect to hear; catchy, “epic”-sounding guitar melodies infused with a choir-like chorus. Definitely fun to listen to even if you’re not familiar with the game.

3.5/5 – A very pleasant sounding EP. Now I’m really looking forward to the full album.

Iza Raittila