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Nico’s Highlights of 2013

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So, it’s that time of year when everyone picks out their highlights of the year. I figured that this year, I’ll jump on the bandwagon. So here are my highlights of 2013… Including a few non-metal releases!

Best Albums Of 2013:

1. Leaves’ Eyes – Symphonies Of The Night

2. Azylya – Sweet Cerebral Destruction

3. Wretched Soul – Veronica

4. Seduce The Heaven – Field Of Dreams

5. Hecate Enthroned – Virulent Rapture

Best Live Acts of 2013:

1. Re-Armed

2. Azylya

3. Delain

4. The CockRockets

5. Bharghest

Best Yorkshire Bands of 2013:

1. Severed Heaven

2. Bharghest

3. Narcotic Death


5. Skull Branded Pirates


Best Non-Metal Albums of 2013:

1. Janet Devlin – Hide & Seek

2. Kelly Clarkson – Wrapped In Red

3. Ben Parcell – Expectations

Seduce The Heaven–Field of Dreams

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Seduce The Heaven
Field Of Dreams
Released: 15th January 2012

Hailing from the virtually unsung metal scene of Greece, come Seduce The Heaven, who were formed in mid 2009 by guitarist Alex Flouros. The band, however, didn’t make their debut on the stage until earlier this year when they supported Dutch metallers Epica in Athens, Greece. Seduce The Heaven then went onto play the Female Metal Voices Festival X in Belgium as well. With big things already happening for the band, it looks like 2013 will be their year.

Field Of Dreams isn’t your typical metal album, nor is straight forward. If anything, the album strays from the “norm” of most bands on the metal scene by incorporating new elements. Of course, the driving use of guitars and heavy emphasis on the “beauty and the beast” vocals are very present throughout but it’s the use of deathcore elements, amongst others, that really adds flavour to the album. The drums, provided by John Thomas, thunder back and forth almost hypnotically, laying the ground work for the more intricate guitar stylings and breath-taking vocals. Leave Me Alone is a perfect example of how well the soprano vocals of Elina Laivera and the harsh, demonic growling of Marios Mizo blend together in perfect harmony whilst its the title track of the album, Fields Of Dreams, where I think the guitar stylings of Alex Flouros and Sinnik Al are the strongest.

Each track has a number of good points that I could list all day long but I’m sure you’d all get bored halfway through the lists. Anyway, back to the points at hand. For me, the strongest tracks on the album are Falling, because of its striking bass work as well as the power of the vocals, and Ignorance due to the callous but melodic sound of the guitars and the gritty sound of the growls. The final track of the album, In Close Distance, is one of the most graceful and emotive endings to an album I’ve ever heard and it is simply divine.

Being a part of a scene where the bands are fronted by women, it can be very hard to stand out above the rest but Seduce The Heaven have done just that. Creating a truly unique blend of sounds and emotions, Field Of Dreams could easily be album of the year in 2013. Already with one festival show beneath their belts and supporting Epica earlier this year, Seduce The Heaven will no doubt conquer every mountain they climb in their career.


Nico Davidson