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Eviscerate Carnage – The Art of Pathology

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Eviscerate Carnage

The Art of Pathology

Death Metal

Release Date – TBC

Abyssus Records

Eviscerate Carnage is a 4 man death metal project that was created by Merciless Terror Front man, Dale Lindsell, they formed in October of 2012 and feature Dale Lindsell on Vocals and he is joined by his fellow band member Dan Oldcorn from Merciless Terror on Bass, also Tom Clark and Richard Grindon join the melee to complete the line up.

The Art of Pathology is Eviscerate Carnage’s first E.P recorded at Stuck On A Name Studios in Nottingham and is promised to be a showcase of what’s to come from this gore filled project, the songs are based on what the world would be like through a psychotic killers eyes and the lyrics explicitly describe acts of brutal murder, anatomical dissection, re animating the dead and of course a bit of cannibalism!

I have reliably been informed that a full length album has already been written and will be released sometime in 2013.

The E.P itself starts with a track called Deathwork, which comes in with a bit of ambient atmospheric noise to paint a picture in your mind, when listening to it you almost feel as if you were tied up in some psycho killers basement ready to be brutally tortured and murdered, as soon as the atmospheric sounds started it finishes and gives way to some extremely brutal music, the vocals scream their way in with a startlingly long scream.

The track is reasonably brutal and is very easy to have a head bang to and absolutely perfect to get some anger out whilst listening to it, there are some very nice tempo changes and some interesting guitar riffs, the drums are nice and tight and the bass fills in nicely whilst all the while front man Dale Lindsell is laying down some intense vocals.

Medical Murder is the second track on the E.P and it starts with a nice guitar riff and drums, which soon gives way to a marching like rhythm, this track is possibly even more brutal than the first track when it really kicks in, this is definitely a track that you would get in the mosh pit for, very aggressive and it has a brutality that essentially grabs you by the throat and screams in your face!

Track three is the title track of this E.P, The Art Of Pathology and it starts with some clean guitar and bass and then a vocal sample which talks about, “making an incision at the base of the skull and cutting away the flesh to expose the skull and using the bone saw to cut into the skull”, the sound of a drill whirls in and then the track comes blasting in with a very nice guitar riff, blast beats on the drums, thundering bass and once again incredibly brutal vocals.

Anaerobic Decomposition of Organic Matter, which is a bit of a mouthful when trying to say it is the fourth track on this E.P and undoubtedly the heaviest and best track in my opinion, it starts with some really nice double bass pedal work on the drums and a great piece of guitar and bass work. I can imagine that this is the track that everyone has a mosh to most when Eviscerate Carnage play live, this track really shows off the technical skill of the band in my opinion. Half way through the track a really nice death metal guitar solo rips in and it really compliments the track as it goes on, lending some nice higher up harmony to the rhythm guitar.

The final track of the album is entitled Pneumatically Battered, which certainly lends to a lot of mental imagery through the title alone and the mental imagery doesn’t stop at the title either as the track begins another vocal piece which sounds like it was taken from a 1950’s documentary or public information film about serial killers.

it dryly comes in saying, “There are no typical murderers, some plan their crimes meticulously while others kill on impulse”

That then gives way to a piece of static like you’d get on an old TV when the signals gone, the guitar, bass and drums then come in followed by the vocals, the track itself is very brutal and once again another one to mosh and/or head bang to, whatever takes your fancy!

It is wall to wall extremity with this track, it doesn’t let up and it keeps pounding you into submission, pneumatically battering you in fact as the title says, it’s a very nice track to end the E.P and leaves the listener on a high.

My final thoughts on Eviscerate Carnage’s E.P, The Art Of Pathology is that it is a very well thought out and put together piece, each track lends something to the other and the production sounds to be of a reasonably high level, it is clear that all the musicians involved are skilled and competent in their respective instruments. The Vocal sample adds a little something extra to the E.P and it is quite atmospheric and it easily paints a picture in your mind.

There are clearly influences from bands such as Carcass, Exhumed and there’s even a flavour of Aborted in there too.

All in all this is an interesting and enjoyable E.P to listen to and I am certain the band put on exciting live performances that really get the crowd going, having seen two of the members previously play with their band Merciless Terror I know they have the energy, enthusiasm, drive and passion to make this project something special. I would recommend that you go and see this band play live if possible, buy their upcoming album which is due to be released in 2013