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Shining release cover of Alice Cooper classic

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Sweden’s Shining – featuring Niklas Kvarforth, who is considered to be one of metal’s most controversial artists – have uploaded to their cover of the Alice Cooper classic, Prince Of Darkness.

You can listen to it here.

Shining’s eighth studio album, Redefining Darkness, released via Spinefarm Records, is out now.


1.       Du, Mitt Konstverk

2.       The Ghastly Silence

3.       Han Som Hatar Människan

4.       Hail Darkness Hail

5.       Det Stora Grå

6.       For The God Below

Watch the video for Tillsammans Är Vi Allt from the seventh full-length Shining album, VII / Född Förlorare below.

UK shows are being planned for 2013.

Shining–Redefining Darkness

Posted in Review with tags , , , on 2nd October 2012 by Nico Davidson

Redefining Darkness
Released 29th October 2012
Black Metal
Released via Spinefarm Records


Shining have become one of those infamous names in the black metal scene, fronted by the devilishly intelligent Niklas Kvarforth. With apparent controversy surrounding the band’s live shows and a number of line-up changes, Shining have, so far, stood the test of time, so it comes to no surprise that the release of Redefining Darkness is just around the corner…

Kicking off the album comes Du, Mitt Konstverk conjures up fierce, howling guitars and an ever-growing essence of darkness, combined with some interesting vocal sections. The drums gallop through the track, for the most part, violently like some sort of hell-spawned cavalry hellbent on make the song heavier and heavier with each passing second. Of course, there is a mellow part but it still radiates that subtle darkness that adds more feeling to the music. The Ghastly Silence has a softer approach to the album before the demonic screams that are the guitars come crashing down like thunder from the sky. The song also features some not-so-typical black metal instrumentation that really plays on the “ghastly” part of the song’s title.

Han Som Hatar Människan is the more hypnotic anthem on the album, mesmerising oneself with an enchanting riff – Well, maybe enchanting isn’t the right word but you hopefully get what I mean but don’t worry, the riffs are brutal as well as “enchanting”. The fourth track is none other than Hail Darkness Hail, which might sound like the title to some sort of cheesy fantasy RPG that flopped years ago but it’s far more being cheesy, kicking out with aggressive guitar stylings, harsh, almost hellish vocals and a creeping darkness. The acoustic section is unexpected but suits the song, emphasising the cold feeling of the music, especially with the use of clean vocals. Trudging on towards the end comes the piano soundings of Det Stora Grå, which create a tragic atmosphere and tense sound which gradually leads into the final part of the album; For The God Below, a song that utilises the acoustic elements from earlier in the album before introducing the satanic wailings of the guitars and the harsh, guttural screams. The clean vocals make themselves heard as well, blending with the acoustic elements rather well.

Redefining Darkness really does live up to its name. Each track is poignant but they each stay true to Shining’s sound, creating that perfect balance of tragedy and darkness. Redefining Darkness is another classic for the black metal fan’s collection.


Nico Davidson