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Duindwaler – Landloper

Posted in Review with tags on 2nd November 2021 by izaforestspirit

10th March 2021
Raw Black Metal

Duindwaler - Landloper

‘Landloper’ is the debut EP from the Dutch black metal artist Daan Bleumink (Hellevaerder, Throne of Time, Whore of the Underworld). The project was launched earlier this year.

So, what we have here are four tracks of raw and extremely bleak-sounding black metal. The vocals resemble monstrous howling and guitars are very rough and harsh. Each song has the same violent and nihilistic feel to it. It reminded me a little of Ildjarn but this is even more crude-sounding. The track that caught my attention was Ontwaakte vlam. It’s easily the most memorable song on the EP with a varied pace and long instrumental guitar parts.

In summary, I like black metal but raw black metal isn’t really my thing. As far as the genre goes ‘Landloper’ is a decent EP which I would recommend to fans of the genre.


Sakrileg – Sakrileg

Posted in Review with tags on 17th March 2013 by izaforestspirit

Released 2nd October 2013
Raw Black Metal
Released via Cursed Records

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Sakrileg is the debut album from the Austrian black metal band of the same name. Sakrileg was formed back in 2009 and after the release of their demo ‘Demonen’ they became the first band to sign with Cursed Records in 2011.

First up is Propaganda which features what appears to be an air-raid alarm instead of an intro. What follows is some Burzum/Xasthur -style raw black metal. There’s no mistaking the howl-like vocals and the unrefined guitar riffs, Sakrileg offers the same eerie feel as the forefathers of the genre. Ein Feldpostbrief is the ultimate grim anthem of despair, the vocals mimic cries of anguish and possibly pain whilst the guitars offer no chance of salvation.

This pretty much sets the tone for this rest of the album. If it’s melody and ambiance you’re after then I’d advise you to stay clear of Sakrileg, it will give you a headache. Luckily I don’t mind being subjected to the occasional dose of raw black metal though it’s not something I listen to on a regular basis. Anyway back to the music… In Abschiedsbrief (meiner toten russischen Freundin) the guitars have a drony tinge to their sound and the howling is as prominent as ever. Oddly enough, there’s one part of the song when the howling is dropped, albeit temporarily, in favor of something resembling a semi-growl. Other noteworthy tracks include Verloren, which sees the emphasis shift towards the monotonous guitar riffs giving the song a certain haunting feel, and the eerie instrumental Outroduktion.

Overall this is a decent raw black metal album. I’m sure that fans of bands such as Burzum and Xasthur will enjoy it.


Iza Raittila