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Tampere Black Mass III

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Ragnarok, Barathrum, Thyrane

Kuivaamo, Tampere, Finland
2nd December 2016

Kuivaamo is a brand new event venue located outside Tampere city centre in one of the nearby suburbs. It opened a couple of months ago and it has hosted only a handful of events so far. Last night it acted as the venue for Tampere Black Mass III – part of a series of black and extreme metal events happening in Finland known collectively as Black Mass Finland. The line-up featured some of the biggest bands from the local black metal scene including: Barathrum, Thyrane and Horna along with the Norwegian black metallers Ragnarok.

The night was supposed to begin with a show by the death metal band Vorum. Sadly they had to cancel their performance for personal reasons. Their replacement was a black metal band called Charnel Winds. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of their show. They started out playing some decent-sounding black metal before shifting towards a slower, more progressive style later on. Their set was a bit of a mixed bag – some good, some rather dismal-sounding music. 2/5

I’ve seen Barathrum live a few times before. Their shows tend to be “hit’n’miss”, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculously bad. It all depends on their frontman Demonos Sova’s state and his ability to perform. I’ve seen the extremes; one show during which he was too drunk to even stand let alone remember his own lyrics and one great show (at Tampere Metal Meeting Festival) where he was in top form. This one can be counted as one of their good shows. Whilst clearly no longer sober, Mr. Sova still managed to agitate the crowds and deliver a decent performance. Highlights included: ‘Black Goat’, ‘Witchmaster’, ‘Saatana’, ‘Legions of Perkele’ and ‘Angelraper’. 3/5

Next up was the symphonic black metal band Thyrane. This was easily the best performance of the night. It was a very energetic and entertaining show even if they only played old songs. They have recently reformed after a long hiatus so hopefully there will be some new material coming soon. 5/5

I’ve seen Baptism live before. They generally sound slightly better live than on the albums. This show was a little different because they had a member of Horna as a guest vocalist on some of the songs. It was a decent performance but a lot of their songs sounded similar without much variety. 3/5

Ragnarok had a late start, almost half an hour past the scheduled start time. They experienced some serious problems with the sound that was never fully fixed. There were times when you could barely hear the guitars or bass. Things improved a little towards the end but it wasn’t as good as it could have been. At least I got to hear some of the hits such as ‘Blackdoor Miracle’, ‘In Nomine Satanas’ along with several tracks from their latest album. 3/5

Sadly I did not get to see Horna because of the confusion with the timetable and the problems with the sound system.

In summary, this was my first time at Tampere Black Mass. The new venue has its quirks and it did not yet look like the finished article. It’s outside of the city centre making it somewhat more tricky to get to. As for the bands, I really enjoyed watching Thyrane, Barathrum was decent and Ragnarok turned out to be a disappointment due to the sound problems. It’s a shame because I’ve heard their albums and I know that they have the potential to put on a great show.

Iza Raittila

Barshasketh – Ophidian Henosis

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Ophidian Henosis
Released 30th July 2015
Black Metal
Released via Blut & Eisen Productions 

Ophidian Henosis’ is the third album from the black metal band Barshasketh. The band was formed back in 2009 and originates from New Zealand but they are currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland after relocating there a few years ago.

After a quick glance at the tracklist, it soon becomes apparent that this album is essentially one song in seven parts, aptly labeled “Ophidian Henosis I”, “Ophidian Henosis II” and so on. After an atmospheric intro, these guys cut to the chase with part one blasting its way through the speakers with some fast and furious guitars akin to the likes of Marduk. Yet it’s not all about the ferocious pummeling of the drums and guitars, for underneath this mean looking facade lies is a melodic element which softens the blow to the eardrums. As far as the black metal genre styles go, it’s like Marduk meets Ragnarok with a hint of Taake thrown in for good measure.

As the album progresses, the Taake-esque melodic elements remain a key feature of Barshasketh’s chosen style. For example, midway through part II and into the second minute of part V, the guitars are almost tranquil-sounding forming a sharp contrast to Krigeist’s harsh screams. At the same time the harsh and more brutal side is never too far away and each song contains a mixture of the two styles. It’s as though the melodic parts were there to provide a short interlude for the listener to relax for a while before the pummeling resumes. This adds to the variety and makes the album easier to listen to.

Overall this has been an enjoyable experience. Barshasketh’s style is by no means unique but they combine some good influences from more established acts from the black metal scene. I would recommend this to fans of Marduk and Ragnarok.


Iza Raittila


BlackShore – Terror

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Released 15th November 2013
Black Metal
Released via BlackSkull Records

 photo BlackShore-Terror-Artwork_zps48310085.jpg

‘Terror’ is the third album from the German black metal band Blackshore. It is the follow-up to their 2011 album ‘Legion’. The band has gained recognition within the scene thanks to successful tours with Taake and Horna.

After the dictatorial voice in a movie sample intro, the title track reveals its true colours as a fine example of fast and reasonably raw-sounding black metal akin to the likes of Ragnarok. The vocals are the of standard harsh variety that you can expect from the genre, the only major difference being that these guys also do the occassional song in German, like Panzervergnügen for example.

Then, just when you think that you’ve got it all figured out, they unleash a surprise that you never saw coming – Troublemakers Black Metal; a catchy, blackened thrash metal track with some punk undertones present in both the “rocking” Mötörhead guitar style and the tongue’n’cheek lyrical themes. There’s also some Marduk-esque guitar pummeling and fast drumming on tracks such as Prayer To The Bombs and in parts of Benthams Panoptikon. Dimension Ärger positions itself firmly in the blackened thrash metal/black-thrash genre creating a steady balance between the catchy, rocking guitar riffage and the somewhat abrasive vocals. The punk influences resurface towards the latter half of the track mimicking a style similar to that of Driller Killer.

Yet the band saved the biggest surprise for the big finale with a ballad called U–Bootomagie featuring weird mixture of dark ambient, complete with u-boat sonar noises, and the somewhat cheesy sounding yet ultra catchy blackthrash assault of “U-Boat Terror” in the second half of the song. So, the lyrics are a little bit ridiculous but it’s all in the bame of good fun.

Overall this has been an interesting journey into the wonderfully diverse world of German black metal. I expected a German equivalent of Marduk, what I got was a bizarre hybrid of them plus Ragnarok along with Driller Killer and Mötorhead added to the mix.


Iza Raittila

New video by Periphery

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 photo periphery_zpsa1bcf2fd.jpg

During the Summer Slaughter tour, Periphery had their cameraman on duty and now several of their best live moments have been gathered in a video for the song “Ragnarok”:

The song is featured in the band’s current album, “Periphery II: This Time It’s Personal”, released July last year.

Periphery online:

Century Media Records online:

Ragnarok set to release new album in October

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The anticipated new album from Norwegian black metallers Ragnarok will be released on October 30th in Europe and UK and November 6th in North America through Agonia Records. Cover artwork, tracklist, and album overview are available below.

Malediction is the title of Ragnarok‘sbrand-new album (Anyone who mistakes it for Sarah Jezebel Deva’s EP will lose major kvltness). When it comes to Norwegian black metal, Ragnarok is one of the outstanding examples of what integrity and perseverance can bring to the genre. Since their inception at the beginning of 1994, the band has outlasted a multitude of variations and trends within the metal community that sought to influence the black metal genre. Eschewing avant-garde, nu-metal, and even hardcore influences, the band remained true to themselves and to the traditions of black metal, whilst at the same time growing as writers and performers and refusing to become stale. Today, after 18 years in the business, Ragnarok still play black metal in the classic style and continue to significantly increase their fanbase, having become internationally recognised exponents of the genre, with six albums and high-profile festivals and tours under their belts. With this seventh full-length album, the groupdeliver the best there is in terms of dark and aggressive music. Ragnarok does not need to re-invent the wheel – they just improve it.

was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Devo of Marduk‘s fame at Endarker Studios.
The new album will be available as jewelcase CD, digital download, and limited vinyl with exclusive bonus track. First 100 copies will be available on handnumbered brown vinyl. It can be pre-ordered here.

Full-scale European, US, and South American tours are planned for late 2012 and early 2013, including festival appearances. The band has already confirmed to play at Metal Legacy Festival (Saturday 27 October – Stromstad, Sweden) and to headline Messe des Morts Festival(Saturday 24 November – Montreal, Canada; first North American appearance of the band). More news to be announced shortly.

Malediction tracklist:

1. Blood of Saints

2. Demon in my View

3. Necromantic Summoning Ritual

4. Divide et Impera

5. (Dolce et Decorum est) Pro Patria Mori

6. Dystocratic

7. Iron Cross – Posthumous

8. The Elevenfold Seal

9. Fade Into Obscurity

10. Sword of Damocles

11. Retribution**

**exclusive vinyl bonus track