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Space Elevator – Space Elevator

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Space Elevator
Space Elevator
Released 13th May 2016
Hard Rock/Classic Rock
Released via SE Productions/Cargo Records

‘Space Elevator’ is the debut album from the British classic rock band of the same name. Several of the members were involved in the famous West End musical We Will Rock You. Their music has been compared to the likes of Queen, Genesis and Fleetwood Mac.

It’s hard to know what to expect from a band whose name is Space Elevator… At a quick glance it’s clear that other than the flamboyant cover art there’s not much reference to space travel or anything science-fiction in the song titles or the lyrical themes. Instead, what we have here is some melodic and highly entertaining hard rock with the same theatrical vocal style that was present in Queen.

Right from the start my attention was drawn to their singer, The Duchess’s voice and her impressive vocal range. She seems just as comfortable with singing the slower ballad-like song such as We are the Losers as she is with the more catchy hard rock tunes like Little White Lies and Really Don’t Care. Little White Lies happens to be one of my favourite tracks on here thanks to the additional keyboards along with the cheerful and super catchy chorus.

Yet it’s not just the vocals that sound great on here. The guitar and keyboard work is really good too. Take The Loneliness of Love for instance, the guitars give the track a playful and uplifting feel. Similar things can be said about the ultra vibrant hard rock tune We Can Fly.

Overall, listening to Space Elevator has been a pleasant experience. There’s not a single song that I dislike on here. The songs are so infectiously catchy and fun that you almost want to jump into that elevator and rise up into outer space, off on your own little space adventure.


Iza Raittila