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Tortured Tone picked by fans to be Primal Rock Rebellion’s next video

Posted in News with tags , , , on 12th October 2012 by Nico Solheim-Davidson, the North Sea Poet

It’s never easy choosing singles from an album, especially an album where the songs are both well-crafted and packed with lyrics that instantly throw up all kinds of visual ideas, some more bizarre than others. So, following on from No Place Like Home and No Friendly Neighbour, singles one & two from the debut Primal Rock Rebellion album, Awoken Broken, it was decided that followers of the project – new to the public, but several years in the making – should be given the chance to register their vote, and the band’s online sites duly glowed red hot with suggestion and counter-suggestion as to just what single three should be…

An interesting exercise for sure, and by and large, what the Primal Rock People wanted was Tortured Tone… not one of the album’s more deeply rockin’ moments, but certainly one of its most emotive, with a chorus that takes hold then refuses to budge.

For singer, lyric & melody writer Mikee Goodman, ‘Tortured Tone’ has always been a pivotal piece, proving he can shine just as brightly on material on the more measured side of that played by his previous outfit, SikTh, and also giving him the chance to takefull control of the accompanying visuals. Conceived, cast & directed by Mikee, this lovingly constructed clip provides a clear insight into what was going through his mind when he penned the lyrics, and the final edit – again, overseen by Mikee – is sure to become a talking point amongst fans of the project.

“I really wanted to bring the vibe of the song out in this video and I believe this has been achieved, which is something I am really pleased about! This song means so much to me. It is such an emotional song and a real journey in itself. The sorrow in the actress’ eyes was perfect, the scenery in this video was really important too. It has log cabins, woodland, seascapes, huge bright fields, cobble stone hills but the most challenging part was making it rain; I felt it was necessary for the feeling of the song, it was always in my mind. So I built my own rain machine. And it rained!” commented vocalist Mikee Goodman.

As with Primal Rock Rebellion in general, there’s no easy option take here, but the end results are all the more satisfying for the time and passion spent…

Primal Rock release second single

Posted in News with tags , , , , , on 25th May 2012 by Nico Solheim-Davidson, the North Sea Poet

Primal Rock Rebellion, the outfit composed of Iron Maiden guitarist & songwriter Adrian Smith and one-time SikTh front-man Mikee Goodman, have released brand new single, No Friendly Neighbour, on Spinefarm Records.

Produced by Smith & Goodman and mixed by Simon Hanhart, No Friendly Neighbour is taken from the debut Primal Rock Rebellion album, Awoken Broken, released on February 27th 2012, also through Spinefarm.

Nominated in the Best New Band category at this year’s Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards, Primal Rock Rebellion is clear proof that stepping outside of your comfort zone can reap spectacular rewards, with No Friendly Neighbour the full-tilt result of two very different minds meeting somewhere in the middle!

As with the video for previous single, No Place Like Home, the clip for No Friendly Neighbour has been directed by Goodman; however, whereas the ‘No Place…’ promo was a visually OTT affair, showing a world of monsters and trepidation, the new one focuses more on the musicians themselves, with drummer Dan ‘Loord’ Foord (ex-SikTh) also coming further to the fore.

Goodman commented: “We actually shot the new video on the same day as the No Place Like Home one, and it was a very intense experience. mean, I’d been deep in a cave the entire day before – got in at 3am, up at 6am, then started directing, producing, performing and even making the crew breakfast! Really, it was too much to take on, but it pushed me right to the edge – that’s why my performance is so full on. I hope the passion for the music really comes across.”

The video for No Friendly Neighbour can be viewed below: