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Hildamay and Steak Number Eight to co-headline UK tour

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English post-hardcore Hildamay and Belgian atmospheric sludge Steak Number Eight will join forces in 8 shows through the UK in the following dates:

November 1st – The Anvil, Bournemouth
November 2nd – The Ivy, Sheerness
November 3rd – Underworld, London
November 4th – Boileroom, Guildford
November 5th – Bodega, Nottingham
November 6th – Classic Grand, Glasgow
November 7th – Zero Alt Club (Kalinka Bar), Middlesborough
November 8th – Underground, Stoke

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For Hildamay, this tour is both the celebration of their debut “Miles Away” first anniversary and the introduction of new material, like the upcoming single “Drag”, scheduled for release next month. Quoting frontman Tim Lawrence: » We have a few things up our sleeves for the tour. We’re getting to play some new places on the tour as well which is always exciting for us, and we’ll definitely be showcasing a few new songs from our next release, including the new single. «

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As for Steak Number Eight, this fourth visit to British shores comes in support of “The Hutch”, released earlier this year via Indie Recordings. Frontman Brent also has something to say about this: » We are very excited to be back in the UK and kill your ears again. We can’t wait to hang out with you people and to drink gallons of foam free beer!!! «

Pierce The Veil to tour Europe with Bring Me The Horizon

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American post-hardcore Pierce The Veil will support Bring Me The Horizon on the latter’s European tour in promotion of “Sempiternal”. The tour will begin in the UK with 8 shows. All dates are as follows:

Wednesday 30 Oct 2013 GLASGOW / O2 ACADEMY
Thursday 31 Oct 2013 NEWCASTLE / O2 ACADEMY
Friday 01 Nov 2013 BIRMINGHAM / O2 ACADEMY
Saturday 02 Nov 2013 BIRMINGHAM / O2 ACADEMY
Monday 04 Nov 2013 MANCHESTER / ACADEMY
Tuesday 05 Nov 2013 MANCHESTER / ACADEMY
Wednesday 06 Nov 2013 LONDON BRIXTON / ACADEMY
Thursday 07 Nov 2013 LONDON BRIXTON / ACADEMY
Saturday 09 Nov 2013 KOLN/EWERK GERMANY
Tuesday 12 Nov 2013 TILBURG/013 HOLLAND
Wednesday 13 Nov 2013 BRUSSELS/AB BELGIUM
Saturday 23 Nov 2013 TREVISTO/NEW AGE ITALY
Sunday 24 Nov 2013 ROME/ORION ITALY
Friday 29 Nov 2013 LEIPZIG/WERK 2 GERMANY
Saturday 30 Nov 2013 HERFORD/X GERMANY
Wednesday 04 Dec 2013 MALMO/KB SWEDEN
Saturday 07 Dec 2013 OULO/TEATRIA FINLAND

Quoting Pierce The Veil singer, Vic Fuentes: » My prediction is that touring Europe / UK with our best friends is going to be insanity every single night! Our last trip of shows over there made for some of some of the craziest and most entertaining nights we have ever had on stage as a band, and we’ve been counting down the days till this next tour. It is also a real honour to share the stage with BMTH in their home country, as well as play for our amazing fans across Europe and even a few other cities we’ve never ventured before. We’ll be hitting the stage with a full production as well as new songs that the UK and Europe have never heard us play live before. So pumped for this tour and can’t wait to see all of our fan’s faces again. «

Pierce The Veil online:

Beneath The Darkness–New World Order EP

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Beneath The Darkness
New World Order EP
Released: Late January

Formed in earlier months of 2012, Beneath The Darkness have been making a noise in East Yorkshire’s scene, from playing local shows to headlining a tent at Tribfest and even supporting Welsh hardcore outfit Continents. The band finally recorded their debut EP, New World Order EP, over the last few months, with it being released later this month.

The EP opens up with violent sounding but catchy Remember The Way which really demonstrates the strength and depth of the song writing of such a young band – a brilliant beginning for the EP. The use of “beauty and the beast” vocals is surprising but it creates a unique sound for the EP and the band, whilst blending in with the callous drum work, thundering use of bass and screaming, melodic guitars. Entranced is one track that stands out above the rest of the EP, combining fierce screams with piquant singing that booms out over the heavy, driving riffs, like a volley of cannon balls on the battlefield.

Manic is infectiously catchy and memorable, probably due to the vast use of melodic riffs that are acutely combined with the heavier elements of the band’s music. Even the solo has a very memorable quality to it. While Manic is the most melodic track of the EP, there are plenty of melodic sections racing through the EP, colliding with the more lethargic aspects, instituting a violent, bloodthirsty and captivating sound.

Though Beneath The Darkness are still a young band, they certainly know their way around their instruments and have a knack for writing infectiously good tracks. Each track on New World Order radiates with energy and aggression, whilst keeping those nice little hooks in there to keep the listener’s attention.


Nico Davidson

For All Those Sleeping ready to hit the road with IWrestledABearOnce

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Post-Hardcore quintet For All Those Sleeping are about to hit the UK for a run of 7 shows supporting I Wrestled A Bear Once. The tour is kicking off in Birmingham on September 8thh, will take them to London on Sep 13th, and finishes in Brighton on September 14th.

FATS formed in St. Cloud, MN in 2007. The band issued the independent EP The Lies We Live in 2008, and then signed with Fearless Records in 2009, leading to their 2010 full-length debut, ‘Cross Your Fingers’. The band hit the road hard in support of these releases, including tours with Falling In Reverse, Asking Alexandria, Motionless In White, A SkylitDrive, Breathe Carolina, Sleeping With Sirens, The Word Alive to name a few.

For All Those Sleeping (supporting I Wrestled A Bear Once)

08 Sep      Birmingham, O2 Academy 2
09 Sep      Newcastle, O2 Academy 2
10 Sep      Leeds, Cockpit
11 Sep      Manchester, Sound Control
12 Sep      Plymouth, White Rabbit
13 Sep      London, Garage
14 Sep      Brighton, The Haunt

For All Those Sleeping’s second album Outspoken is set for UK release early next year.

A Hero A Fake – The Future Again

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A Hero A Fake
The Future Again
Released July 2012
Victory Records

Allow me to start off by saying that I cannot stand Post-Hardcore. I regard it, along with a multitude of various other Kerrang-cover-adorning subgenres as whiny, mindless, poseur dribble. Listening to such scene bands is about as fun as bathing in napalm and then going for a roll in a lovely salt pit. Regardless, I have listened to A Hero A Fake (missing a semicolon there, lads) on their new album, “The Future Again”, and you get to read my thoughts on the matter. How very lucky.

Well, speaking positively, the production isn’t bad. The instruments are clean-sounding, and everything is well enough mixed. This is probably due to the band being instantly marketable to the hordes of scene kids that follow such music, so the label will have splashed out on a nice studio. And fair play to them, it does sound nice on that front.

But OH MERCY. Breakdowns. Breakdowns everywhere. The default “let’s be all heavy hurrdurr” breakdown makes a stunning appearance on this album. But EVERYWHERE. All is standard, chug chug guitars, China cymbals and quick bursts of double bass… nothing new, whatsoever. It just sounds repetitive, not to mention gob-smackingly unoriginal. What makes it worse is that in places, this is accompanied by the most painful-sounding, horribly generic “shout-along” lyrics… And on that note, I must say, the lyrics in general? Good Lord. It was painful. I’m sure, if this sort of thing is your cup of tea, then they must be very meaningful, but honestly? It just sounds childish to me. Not at all helped by the absolutely pathetic vocals… from what I can hear, they appear to have two vocalists, one of whom does a fairly decent scream, but the other does one of the most pitiful sounding “loud talks”. I can’t call it anything else, because he just sounds like he’s talking loudly the whole time. It’s interesting to note that when all the “Metal” press began to slate Metallica and Lou Reed’s “Lulu”, the same kids who love this music hated it. But the vocal style sounds very very similar, and is based around an Identical idea. It sounds horrific.

The artists themselves are skilled. Yes. They have the ability to play their own instruments, and do so well. But then again, it should be expected of a band to do that. Writing good music is where real talent lies, and I’m afraid there was absolutely nothing here of any particular artistic merit. For example, Quorthon couldn’t really sing, and most of the songs Bathory wrote are not particularly technically complex. But that music was brilliant, and Bathory stand out, because their songwriting was immaculate. A Hero A Fake are EXACTLY the same as every other band of their kind, and will be forgotten by next year, having ridden on the crest of what is currently fashionable, and then drowned in an ocean of mediocrity and terrible songwriting.

I’ve heard nothing today to change my opinion of Post-Hardcore, ad if that’s what you enjoy, then sure, go and spend your money on this. You’ll be delighted, because it’ll sound exactly the same as every other band you listen to, and we wouldn’t want anything different, would we?

Just don’t get annoyed when I spend MY 12 quid on something that won’t make me want to burn out my ears with my own stomach acid.


Alasdair Dunn of Norderobring

Hawthorne Heights – Hope

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Hawthorne Heights
Released 5th June 2012
Post-Hardcore/Alt. Rock
Released via Carboard Empire

Hawthorne Heights are a band I’m familiar with, only in name. Hope, released via the band’s own label Cardboard Empire, is the band’s seventh studio release.

There Was A Kid (Part 2) is the intro track of the EP, being composed of mystifying keyboards and a very odd sounding guitar riff. The vocals are composed of what sounds to be poetry recited, followed by a more solid vocal melody. New Winter brings about a good use of clean vocals and a slight use of screams, which help to add a small post-hardcore sound to the alt. rock styling of the guitars and drums. Running In Place (NIKI AM) begins sounding like a decent post-hardcore anthem but it’s the vocals that take the emphasis away rom the raging aggression of the music, making it more alt. rock, a sound that isn’t helped by some of the riffs later on in the song.

The beginning riff of Stranded rings out a similar sound to those found in Sweet Dreams, the vocals help add to that for a short while before the song takes on a more alternative form in the vocal workings. Nowhere Fast is reasonably well composed and performed track but it’s a little too laid back or my tastes, though it does add a new dynamic sound to the EP. The title track, Hope, begins with a noticeable bass riff and pop punk sounding vocals. The guitars also take up a pop punk sound, a bit surprising, but enjoyable enough.

The vocal melodies and guitar riffs of Vandemonium are catchier than the common cold. The use of screams in some sections of the song are a welcome change to the sound of the album, when compared to some of the previous tracks. Chemicals is the ending track and I can’t help but feel it sounds like a Paramore track only with male vocals as opposed to female vocals. Either way, the track contains some solid drum work and enjoyable riffs.

I’ll be honest, Hawthorne Heights really aren’t my cup of tea but I see why they’ve got to where they are today, musically speaking, after listening to this EP. It has some pretty cool tracks and it’s definitely worth a listen, whether you like the band or not.


Nico Davidson

Yashin w/Support @ Fibbers, York

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Bands: Yashin, Jody Has A Hitlist, With One Last Breath, Tantrum To Blind
Location: Fibbers, York
Date: 14th March 2012

In all honesty, I wasn’t even planning on going to this but I ended up with a free ticket last minute and it was better than letting go to waste. There were only two bands on the line-up I knew of; Jody Has A Hitlist and Yashin. The former I’ve seen before and the latter I know through reputation for their live shows. The opening band of the night were a Swedish rock act called Tantrum To Blind, who put on an energetic performance. They opened up their set with Get Get Get, a very pop punk meets alt. rock sounding track. The set moved on into more alt. rock sounding songs such as Rise & Fall and If We Let It Go. The frontwoman certainly knew how to whip a crowd into a frenzy, leading for a good response from the crowd which is always nice to see. I believe it’s safe to say that they made some new fans that night, me being one of them.

Second band on the bill were York’s very own With One Last Breath, who despite being very post-hardcore sounding, had a slight death metal sound in the vocals. They were quite bass heavy during in their set, to a point, in parts, where only the bass could be heard. Aside from that one issue, their riffs sounded raw, heavy and destructive, as did the drum work. Drunken and Hell We Create were to be the highlights of their set. The main support of the night came form Dublin-based Jody Has A Hitlist, who I was loathing to see as the last time I saw them, watching paint dry seemed like a more exciting option. The band came onto the Gladiator medley, which oddly, made the crowd somewhat excited. Musically, their songs weren’t as bad as when I last saw them and they had sounded like they had improved a bit, though the actual live performance was still pretty poor. The vocals were pretty much spot on and the riffs worked quite well, though I do wonder why they were the main support as they still aren’t overly impressive.

Finally, Glaswegian post-hardcore sextet took the stage, gaining the largest crowd response of the night. Though before that, the crowd chanted “Yashin” in unison for several minutes. Everything, from the guitars to the bass to the drums, was heard clearly and the band’s use of clean vocals and screams was beyond impressive. The riffs, though being brutal and heavy, also had a technical flair to them which was interesting to hear. The actual performance itself was beyond charismatic and energetic, I’m amazed the vocalists were out of breath due to all the bouncing around and crowd surfing they did. Runaway Train was one of the more tech metal sounding sounds of the night while The Last One Standing was a more violent sounding mosh along anthem. Yashin finished their set with the aforementioned song but performed an encore in the form of the heartfelt track Stand Up.

Yashin have quite the hype surrounding them when it comes to their live performances and it’s easy to see why. Out of all the bands I’ve seen over the years, Yashin definitely come into my top three for best live acts. They’re also one of the few bands that puts so much effort into their live performance, as well as their music. The support acts, Tantrum To Blind and With One Last Breath were pretty cool, though the night would have been more enjoyable if Jody Has A Hitlist wasn’t main support.

Nico Davidson