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Hard Riot’s second album to be released tomorrow

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German hard rockers Hard Riot will release the successor to their debut “Living On A Fast Lane” (2012) tomorroe, 2nd June, via Pitch Black Records. Its title is “The Blackened Heart” and it contains 11 tracks, 12 if you get the physical CD. Track listing as follows:

1. Blackout
2. Suicide Blues
3. Devils BBQ
4. The End
5. Count On Me
6. Not Alone
7. The Enemy Within
8. Dirty Games
9. Last Goodbye
10. High Society Bitch
11. Hit The Ground
12. The End (CD Bonus – feat. Richard Sjunnesson of The Unguided)

For more info visit and the band’s Facebook page

Pitch Black Records welcomes Stonecast and Artical

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French heavy/power metallers Stonecast (that now feature legendary drummer Kenny Earl “Rhino”) have signed with Pitch Black Records. The upcoming album “Heroikos” is scheduled for release on November 12th, marking the label’s last release for 2013.

Track-list is as follows:

  1. Jakuta (cult of the bolthrower)
  2. The Barbaric Rhyme
  3. Elysean Winds
  4. Triumph
  5. Substance
  6. Of Fire and Ice
  7. Kings Unborn
  8. Gods of Dust
  9. The Place
  10. Savage Princes

 photo artical_zps78c2ea31.jpg

Also Greek power metal act Artical is now part of the Pitch Black family, and like Stonecast, their new album (already the third) “Illusion X” will see the light of day on November 12th, with the following track-list:

  1. Look in the Mirror
  2. Chasing my Life
  3. I am so Different
  4. Follow the Light
  5. Wings of Time
  6. Run Like the Wind
  7. Illusion X
  8. Mother

Gypsy Chief Goliath release video for “Got No Soul”‏

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 photo GCG_1_zpsf38bb5e7.jpg

Canadian stoner metalllers Gypsy Chief Goliath are about to release their second album “New Machines Of The Night” (8th October via Pitch Black Records) and in advance has posted online a video for the track “Got No Soul”:

The CD version is available to order from

Blynd – Punishment Unfolds

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Punishment Unfolds
Released: November 2012
Thrash Metal/ Heavy Metal
Released via Pitch Black Records

‘Punishment Unfolds’ is the second album from the Cyprus-based thrash metal band Blynd. The album artwork was done by Septic Flesh’s Spiros Antoniou and the album features guest appearances from Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ) and George Charalambous (Winter’s Verge).

Now there’s a certain number of things that spring to mind when you hear the words thrash metal and term “symphonic” is definitely not one of them! Oddly enough that’s exactly how the aptly named ‘Divine Gathering’ sounds; a melodic instrumental with that soundtrack quality. Yet don’t let this deceive you; as straight afterwards come the guitar riffs with ‘Arrival of the Gods’, offering enough solos to make the previous track seem like a distant memory. The title track ‘As Punishment Unfolds’ sees a slight change in style, with the guitars switching to playing speed-thrash metal while the singer seems to have taken inspiration from bands like Grimfist. Not a good mix!

Sadly as the subsequent tracks reveal, it’s the vocals which let this album down. ‘The Chosen Few’ is a good example of this problem. The guitar parts are decent and there’s some nice melodic solos but then the vocals re-emerge ruining the effect. Things only get worse with ‘Convicted In Devil’s Land’; one of those tracks that never really gets going, making the aforementioned bad vocals that much less bearable. Even ‘Sins to the Cross’ with all its skilfully executed guitar solos would have worked better either with a different vocalist or as an instrumental. ‘Infinity Race’ suffers from a case of far too many stop-starts which make the track sound very disjointed.

There is however, one good song on here and that’s ‘Divine Conspiracy’ is with its Machine Head -style guitar riff intro paving the way to some energetic, melodic thrash metal with enough catchy riffs to make up for the vocals.

2.5/5 – Sadly I have rate this based on the music not the cover-art.

Iza Raittila

Sacred Blood – Alexandros

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Sacred Blood
Released: May 2012
Epic Power Metal
Released via: Pitch Black Records

‘Alexandros’ is the second album from the Greek epic power metal band Sacred Blood. It is a concept album based on the life and legend of Alexander the Great.

So aside from the rather cheesy intro which comes complete with battle sounds and an epic story-telling voice, this is pretty much what it is says on the tin. ‘Alexandros’ treats the listener to some epic power metal akin to the likes of Manowar with hints of Iced Earth. Take ‘The Bold Prince of Macedonia’ for instance: the vocals bear a strong similarity to Manowar, then there’s the choir-like, warrior-style backing vocals all of which add to the overall ‘epic’ effect.

Luckily they have managed to throw in some catchy guitar riffs and solos as well; on tracks such as ‘Death Behind The Walls’ and ‘Ride Through the Achaemenid Empire’ which remind me of Iron Maiden for some reason. Then there’s the soundtrack-esque, symphonic instrumentals like ‘Golden Shields in the Sky’ which, in true story-telling fashion, features more of the vocalized commentary similar to that of the intro. In addition to these the album also features some slower tracks such as the acoustic guitar driven, keyboard-infused ballad ‘New God Rising (At the Oracle of Siwa)’ or ‘Heart of the Ocean (Nearchus Advancing)’ which features some melodic, soft-sounding female vocals.

Overall this is a very good example of epic power metal which I would recommend to fans of Manowar and Iron Maiden.


Iza Raittila

Greek Titans Sign To Pitch Black

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Pitch Black Records is pleased to announce the addition of three outstanding Greek metal acts into its roster and the release of their albums in May. Each band is unique in its own way and style and their albums will be impossible to go unnoticed.

LITROSIS “I am Death” (symphonic black metal) due for release: May 1st 2012.

Their debut album will be the second release in the ‘Blackest Pitch Series’, a series which always features an eclectic selection of black metal with the first pressing being a unique and collectible packaging limited to 333 numbered copies.

MARAUDER “Elegy of Blood” (classic heavy metal) due for release: May 15th 2012

The Greek metal legends are back with their fifth offering! Superb compositions, a powerful production and an already proven performance make waiting for this album unbearable!

SACRED BLOOD “Alexandros” (epic power metal) due for release: May 29th 2012

Sophomore release for this band that goes beyond epic, fusing metal with folk instruments. A concept album adequately dealing with a mighty certain someone who needs no further introduction… Alexandros, better known as Alexander the Great.

More details about each band and album will be revealed soon.


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Debut album by German hard rockers salutes those about to rock.

PITCH BLACK RECORDS announces the addition of German hard rock outfit HARD RIOT into its roster with the band’s debut album, “Living on a Fast Lane”, due for release on April 10th, 2012.

HARD RIOT were formed in 2006 in the city of Heilbronn, Germany and the band consists of four young friends who share the same passion – hard rockin’ music.

Their powerful stage presence and performance has landed them with numerous live shows over the past few years and many devoted fans. In 2009 HARD RIOT released a self-financed 5-track EP (“The Hidden Truth”) and in 2011 they entered Maranis Studios in Backnang, Germany, relying on the excellent skills of producer Vagelis Maranis who oversaw the entire recording and production of their debut album.

HARD RIOT is Michael Gildner on vocals, Andreas Rockrohr on guitars, Mario Kleindienst on bass and Carmine Jaucci on drums. Their influences include AC/DC, Metallica and the Scorpions among others but their influences don’t stop here. These and many more are clearly evident throughout their music. The band’s main style is hard rock but one can also find a good dose of heavy/speed metal in their music. One thing is certain when listening to HARD RIOT perform, they are enjoying every moment of their music and that’s something that is undisputedly conveyed to the listener!

“Living on a Fast Lane” will be available worldwide on April 10th, 2012, through Pitch Black Records and its distribution partners as well as through all major mp3 stores.

Subscribers to the Pitch Black Records mailing list were already treated to an exclusive preview of a track taken off the album and that track is now available as a free download at

Track listing:
1. Get Ready
2. Hellfire Rock
3. Don’t Need You
4. No Surrender
5. Tears in the Rain
6. Turn on the Lights
7. Nothing but You
8. Take me Down
9. Hard Way Down
10. Black Widow
11. Rock ‘n’ Roll Outlaw

More information at

Illnath – Third Act In The Theatre Of Madness [2011]

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Band: Illnath
Album: Third Act In The Theatre Of Madness
Release year: 2011
Genre: Symphonic Black Metal


After a 2-album affair with Worldchaos Production, Danish Illnath
went solo and self-released an EP earlier this year, “Lead The Way”. This work caught the attention of Pitch Black Records, who signed the band and now brings us “Third Act In The Theatre Of Madness”.

Although an extreme female singer is not exactly new, I’m pretty sure most of you will be surprised to know that the vocals in Illnath are provided by a woman, Mona Beck. But she also uses clean tones here and there – the opening track “Third Act” even has a few seconds with a really girlie-like voice, almost lyric – which, in my humble opinion, wins some points over her predecessor Bjørn “Narrenschiff” Holter, given the higher contrast.

The drummer, Dennis Stockmarr, is also new, although I’m still not sure if he’s part of the band “for real” or just a session musician. Whatever the case, I’m glad they opted for a human musician instead of a machine, like so many other black metal bands do.

The music is fast, as it’s supposed to be, but the melodic parts are more than that, as the strings and synths produce a too much elaborated mesh to be called simply “melodic”.

I highlight the keys in “Third Act” and “Snake Of Eden”, the bass and two-voiced chorus in “Scarecrow”, the guitars in “Lead The Way”, “Shorthanded” and “Vampiria” (no, not a Moonspell cover). “Fall Of Giants” is probably the fastest song, while “Spring Will Come” (an antithesis to the moto of the “Game of Thrones” tv series, maybe?) is the softest – if we can use such a term in this genre of music. Bottom line is – this album is full of highlights, and I’m sure you’ll all find different ones to these I’ve mentioned.


Renata “Pieni” Lino

Illnath Joins Pitch Black Records

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PITCH BLACK RECORDS announces the addition of Danish female-fronted melodic death metal outfit ILLNATH into its roster of artists with the band’s third release, “Third Act in the Theatre of Madness” scheduled for release on November 18th (21st in the UK) 2011.

Formed in 1999, ILLNATH are a band which has evolved explosively through the years. Initially labeled as a symphonic black metal act their style is now a “mature” blend of melodic/symphonic death metal.

Having released a demo in 2000, IILLNATH’s debut album (“Cast into Fields of Evil Pleasure”) came in 2003 with the follow-up (“Second Skin of Harlequin”) in 2006. The band toured extensively in Europe and has also played in various European festivals. The band’s third album (“Third Act in the Theatre of Madness”) is the band’s most melodic yet at the same time extreme offering to date.

The band has a completely new lineup comprised of original member Pete Falk on guitars (also handling the main songwriting tasks), the powerful voice of Mona Beck, the killer basslines of Kenneth Frandsen and session drummer Reno Killerich.

“Third Act in the Theatre of Madness” will be available worldwide through Pitch Black Records and its distribution partners as well as through all major mp3 stores. The CD version will also feature a bonus track.

Subscribers to the Pitch Black Records mailing list were the first to check out a track off the album and that track is now available at

1. Third Act
2. Scarecrow
3. Lead the Way
4. Snake of Eden
5. Shorthanded
6. Spring Will Come
7. Tree of Life and Death
8. Fall of Giants
9. Vampiria
10. Kingship Incarnate (CD Bonus)

More information at

Emerald Sun – Regeneration [2011]

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Band: Emerald Sun
Album: Regeneration
Release Year: 2011
Genre: Power Metal

Emerald Sun have been a part of the Greek power metal for thirteen years now, with a surprisingly small discography. “Regeneration” is the newest addition to said discography.

The album begins with the track “We Won’t Fall”, which begins with a rhythmic drum intro which is soon accompanied by a rock sounding riff. The guitar goes slightly more metal when the synths make themselves heard. The vocals have a very Judas Priest-meets-Iced Earth sound to them. The synth riff gets irritatingly repetitive throughout the track. There is a technical use of guitar work which improves the track a fair bit. However, the highlight of the track is the guitar solo. “Theater of Pain” follows after. It begins with the sound of clapping followed by a drum intro. The guitar riff that follows has a slight Dragonforce sound to it. There is a great use of double bass pedal throughout the track and the synth riffs work well with the guitars. The guitar solo sounds choppy to begin with but soon improves. There is a line of narration towards the end of the track, which gives the track a little bit of a Gothic novella sound.

Next is “Where Angels Fly” which begins with a heavier riff than the past two tracks. The vocals sound a tad lower as well and the synths work extremely well with the guitars. The drums on the other hand do sound quiet compared to the synths, guitars, bass and vocals. Some of the guitar sections on this track aren’t exactly impressive, as they lack technicality and musicianship. The solo, however, is good. The title track “Regeneration” comes after, being composed entirely of eerie and epic sounding synths. “Starchild” comes blasting in next with a fierce combination of guitars, drums and keyboards. The vocals, again, sound slightly lower. The keyboard riffs are more impressive on this track than they have been on the previous ones.

“Speak of the Devil” is next, beginning with a synth-and-drums intro. The guitars soon make themselves heard. The vocals sound like a harsher version of those found on a Manowar album to begin with and go back to sounding like a Judas Priest-Iced Earth combination. The synth sections sound great, especially when combined with the vocals and drums. Next is “Planet Metal” which begins with a heavy intro which is soon accompanied by synths and vocals. There is a slight use of squeaky vocals as well which kind of ruins the song. Aside from that, it is an okay track.

“Chasing The Wind” is next, which begins with a mixture of guitar, drums and synth. It isn’t exactly a heavy track, as it sounds more like a hard rock track rather than a metal track. The guitar solo, however, does add an element of metal to the track. Next is “Fantasmagoria” which begins with a slow synth intro, which is soon accompanied by a slow guitar riff and female vocals. The male vocals come in when the track turns heavier. There is also a use of harsher vocals, which sound eerily familiar to that of Marco from Nightwish. The guitar solo is similar to that of something that Megadeth would perform. After the guitar solo, there is another vocal section in which a new set of vocals come in, which sound a tad bit like those of the late, great Dio. The only problem with this album is that it’s far too long.

The last track of the album is the bonus track, which is a cover of Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out For A Hero”. It begins with a few chords played on the keyboard and a few quick blast-beats. After that the main keyboard riff begins. The guitars soon come in, bringing the metal element to the track. The vocals soon follow, sounding very much like Bonnie Tyler, almost to the point where the the vocals sound like female vocals. The guitar solo, however, is absolutely immense. If anything, this cover is probably more of a comical cover than a serious tribute to Bonnie Tyler.

Most bands normally get their sound perfect by their third album. Emerald Sun however have failed to do so. “Regeneration” is a great album but it sounds as if it is lacking in parts. Hopefully, Emerald Sun will have their sound perfected by the next album release.


Nico Davidson