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Castles’ “Fiction Or Truth?” details revealed

Posted in News with tags , , , on 26th September 2013 by Pieni

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After releasing their debut album “You, The Organ Grinder”, barely one year ago, Belgian hard rockers Castles are about to introduce you their second full-length, “Fiction Or Truth?”, with the following track-list:

1. Palm Reader
2. Bask in the Slimelight
3. Long Distance Runner
4. We Are Fascinated
5. Untame
6. Fiction or Truth
7. Chew the Roots
8. Boneshaker
9. Followed by 100 Rats
10. The Great Rot

Quoting guitarist and singer Edward Godby: “I think that being taken out of our habitual environment and having the pressure of knowing that we had to work intensively in order to achieve what we wanted, gave the studio session a little something extra, something that the record wouldn’t have had if we’d recorded it bit by bit, over a longer period of time. It was a good time!”

“Fiction or Truth?” will be released on November 25th in two colours on gatefold vinyl via Palm Reader Records, and pre-orders are available now at this location. It will also be available as a download on a “pay what you want” basis via the band’s bandcamp page until the 1st of January, when it will be sold for a fixed price of 4,99 €.

Here’s a teaser of the upcoming album: