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Stonegriff – Prologus Magicus

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“Prologus Magicus”
Traditional doom metal
Released on 30th August 2013
Via Metal On Metal Records

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After four years, three demos, one EP and two singers, Stonegriff seems to have finally found the right formula for their debut album – “Prologus Magicus” is one of the best news doom lovers got lately.

Following the most traditional vein of the genre, that seventies heavy metal feeling is more like a living presence, with the guitars tuned a bit higher and the pace not as slow as the one the majority of doom bands play at. Also, Jacob’s clean but raspy voice, often producing long and dark screams, adds a quite refreshing sharpness.

The thick riffs of “Black Magic Circle” and its occasional rhythm changes will get hold of your senses. Then “Secrets Of Your Soul” extends that good vibe, adding some classy touches such as guitar flicks and psychedelic vocal effects here and there.

“Mercenary Bay” is a mid-tempo track with a raw heavy metal guitar solo. Also the guitar and bass works in “For Madmen Only” are worth to pay attention to, as well as the clearer and lower pitches of Jonas’ voice.

With both “Impossible” and “Black Snow” – the latter, more melodic, featured in “Compendium of Metal Vol. 6”, a compilation put up by their label Metal On Metal – go into more melancholic paths, so listening to “Devil’s Daughter” will cause a (pleasant) shock, given its seventies rock’n’roll beat. A very lively song, not to be expected from a doom band, and that’s what makes it more interesting. But “In The World That You Rule” goes back to the slow-tempo in order to finish the album in pure doom style. Quite a treat!

4 / 5

By Renata “Pieni” Lino

Nomad Son set to release Pilgrimages Of Doom DVD

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Alongside the release of their third studio album on 30th August, Nomad Son‘s 2008 sold-out debut album, First Light, will be re-released through Metal On Metal Records. It will be released on DVDplus format alongside with the Pilgrimages Of Doom DVD with a completely new layout. The DVD contains over 2 hours of pro-filmed and edited exclusive footage from the band’s shows at Hammer of Doom, Doomsday, Headbangers Open Air warm-up and Doom Shall Rise festivals, interviews, a song from a Maltese TV program and a slideshow.

Nomad Son online:

Nomad Son’s about third album details revealed

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30th August will see the release of Nomad Son‘s third studio album, titled The Darkening, via Metal On Metal Records. The Maltese trad. doom band, who were formed in 2006 by veteran Albert Bell (Forsaken), will bring high-octane doom fused with 70’s styled hard rock and classic heavy metal.

Three tracks, which are The Devil’s BanquetThe Darkening and Descent to Hell, are now available for streaming via Metal On Metal’s official website.

Jowita Kaminska-Peruzzi (ExodusWitchburnerArkham Witch) has once again created the artwork for the album. The CD is available for pre-order with discount from the Metal On Metal Records online store.

The Darkening tracklist:

1. Light Bearer
2. Age of Contempt
3. The Devil’s Banquet
4. Only the Scars
5. Descent to Hell
6. The Darkening
7. Caligula
8. The Orphaned Crown
9. Epilogue

Nomad Son online: