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Valkyrian Festival announces two more bands

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Valkyrian Festival, which is in aid of Rape Crisis, has another three brilliant bands to this year’s bill. This year’s Valkyrian Festival already boasts a number of talented bands from both the UK and Europe, including Scottish black metal royalty Cnoc An Tursa, as well as Scarborough-based instrumental progressive death outfit Bharghest, as well as the more symphonic sounding Aonia, Azylya and Divided We Fall alongside the thrashtastic Reign of Fury and Dutch powerhouse Ex Libris, who boast Xandria’s new vocalist Dianne Van Giersbergen amongst their ranks.

Added to the final day of the festival are Spanish gothic metallers Tears Of Martyr. Having started as a doom metal band, the band’s sound soon developed in something darker featuring a lot of the key elements found in their music now. Tears Of Martyr have in the past opened for the likes of Epica, Draconian and Dark Tranquillity. Their next album, Tales, is set for release on 26th April 2014 through Massacre Records.

Announced alongside Tears Of Martyr are the festival’s special guests for this year Kent-based rabid thrash/death metallers Wretched Soul. Hailed as “a rising star in the underground thrash metal scene” by Musicosis, the quartet are a fine addition to the festival. The band comment:

Wretched Soul are very excited to be performing at Valkyrian Festival 2014 and to once again be sharing a festival stage with our good friends, Reign of Fury, alongside Bharghest and so many other great bands. Good cause, great crowd. It’s cool to be playing Bridlington again as well, which is one of the most metal towns we’ve played so far! See you there!

The full line-up for Valkyrian Festival 2014 is as follows:

Fri. 21st November
CNOC AN TURSA (Headliner) – Bharghest (Main Support) – Drekavac – Exile The Traitor – Crooked Lizard (Opener)

Sat. 22nd November
AZYLYA (Headliner) – Sakara (Main Support) – Sorronia – Northern Oak – Badge – Chemikill – Mørktår – Divided We Fall – Clunge Hammer

Sun. 23rd November
EX LIBRIS (Headliner) – Reign of Fury (Main Support) – Wretched Soul – Aonia – Alice In Thunderland – Tears of Martyr – Avalon – Synchronix

Valkyrian Festival 2014 is in aid of Rape Crisis and will take place at Basement (formerly Shades Nightclub) in Bridlington from 21st – 23rd November. Weekend tickets are priced at £15 and are available for pre-order from Day tickets are also available at the follow prices: £7 (Friday) – £12.50 (Saturday/Sunday).

Valkyrian Festival is sponsored by The Crypt of Curiosities and Black Phoenix Rising Metal Forums. For further details, head over to the official Valkyrian Festival Facebook page.

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Sinister – The Carnage Ending

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The Carnage Ending
Released 28th September, 2012
Death Metal
Massacre Records

Having been around for more than 20 years and still thriving in the metal scene, Swedish death metal band Sinister has definitely hit home with their newest full length album, The Carnage Ending. This album is full of memorable riffs, epic headbanging parts, and just an overall punishing sound that will literally give you chills by its shear awesomeness. This album is easily up to par, if not better, than their previous albums and has a consistent sound and style that defines them as a band.

The album starts with an intro song, Gates of Bloodshed, and for those who are fans of Sinister will know that they’re pretty fond of using intro songs on their albums. The buildup of the intro then is immediately followed with Unheavenly Domain’s opening riff. That heaviness is carried consistently through the rest of the album while being mixed with some slower parts as well.

The song Crown of Thrones is one song that stood out to me on this album. The song starts off slow, gradually building you up until you think it’s just about to get into the faster part, and then it stops and starts the buildup process all over again. While this was certainly a tease, I feel that the unexpected pause added more anticipation in wanting to hear the song and definitely got me more pumped. One other song that stuck out to me was Defamatory Content. This song gave me goosebumps in that the mix of slow, groovy riffs paired with the faster, neck-breaking riffs just made the song not only more interesting but I feel that it added to the heaviness as well.

2012 is just an overall good year for death metal, and Sinister definitely adds to that with this album. Their easily distinguishable vocals paired with their familiar guitar sound and blast beats makes this band a favorite of mine and will hopefully be a favorite of yours too. This album was beyond the expectations I had and I praise Sinister for still delivering brutal music even after all these years.


Lauren Gowdy


DEADBORN’s Mayhem Maniac Machine Out Today on Apostasy Records

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On this 20th day of April 2012 Germany’s Apostasy Records have dropped a bomb called Mayhem Maniac Machine from tech-death unit DEADBORN. With a slightly rougher and thicker  production compared to 2007’s acclaimed Stigma Eternal, the nine songs  feature intelligent arrangements that alternate between blast attacks  and driving rhythms, combined with brilliant melodies and groovy  elements. The album was engineered, mixed and mastered with producer  Christoph Brandes at Iguana Studios (Necrophagist, Dead Eyed Sleeper,  etc). The songwriting and production match the best tech-death of the  90s with the modern sounds of today. Put simply, Mayhem Maniac Metal is  DEADBORN’s masterpiece.

DEADBORN  has just been confirmed to take part in the German edition of 2012’s  EXTREMEFEST, which runs July 5th – 7th in Hunxe, Germany. DEADBORN will  appear alongside the likes of CANNIBAL CORPSE, EXODUS, ORIGIN, NASUM,  SUFFOCATION and many more. For details visit
“Deadborn has crafted a worthy death metal release that you all should own. They  don’t re-invent the wheel; but instead portray a true understanding of  the genre and knew how to craft their music accordingly. Treat your ears  to some properly crafted technical death metal!” – Axis of Metal
“Head spinning and entertainingly violent.” – From the Dust Returned
“Consisting  of nine muscular deliberately combative tracks the album is a deeply  satisfying varied and abusive tower of steel. Unrelenting with brutality  and direct sonic manipulations Mayhem Maniac Machine hits every one of the senses with an unerring bullseye.” – RingMaster Review
“This band repeatedly blew me away with each song.  I will have this album until I DIE, it is that good.”- Metal Blast (5/5)
“A  varied and sometimes even catchy, yet highly technical and brutal  album, Mayhem Maniac Machine is probably the strongest death metal album  of the year so far.” –  EMP, Germany
Digital promos are available for review, airplay and interview consideration. Get in touch at for inquiries.
DEADBORN’s debut EP Decades Of Decapitation (Self-released, 2004 / Sylphony Creations, 2005) pounded relentlessly  on its way through the death metal underground, receiving critical  praise from the press, which led to a steadily growing fan base. Their  first full length Stigma Eternal (2007,  Massacre Records) was hailed by press and fans as well. European tours  with Disbelief and Graveworm in 2007 and with Hate Eternal, and Cephalic  Carnage in 2008, as well a tour with Dying Fetus and several festival  shows and headliner concerts, blasted the band to new heights in the  Death Metal scene.
Vocals: Mario Petrovic
Guitars: Jo Morath
Guitars: Kevin Olasz
Drums: Slavek Foltyn
*Session Bass: Christian Neumann (Jack Slater)

Davidian – Our Fear Is Their Force

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Band: Davidian
Album: Our Fear Is Their Force
Genre: Thrash/Death
Release date: February 2012
Label: Massacre Records


German metalheads DAVIDIAN have just released their third full length – first under the Massacre Records label and, most important, first with singer Tobi Brausch.
Those who’ve known the band for their previous album, “Hear Their Cries” (2008), may have been a bit confused when DAVIDIAN recently asked on their official Facebook page the fans opinion on their genre – thrash, death, or whatever. Sure, every thrash metal band has its bits of death here and there (and vice-versa), but there was no doubt about DAVIDIAN‘s thrashy nature. Until now. “Our Fear Is Their Force” combines the best of both genres in equal parts, and even though I answered their question with “good music doesn’t need labels”, the correct answer would be “thrash/death”.
“Behind An Angelic Smile”, for instance, has the aggressive and shredding guitars typical of thrash metal, as well as the regular fast drums and some high screams. But at the same time, it has deep growling vocals, blast beat drums and several changes in tempo, just like any good death metal track. It could easily become a hit-single.
I’m picturing in my head “Manmade Hell” live and I can see the crowd headbanging in the first minute, moshing in the second, and then raising their fists in the air during the quite melodic chorus.
The first chords of “Desperate Cries” may deceive you with all that gloomy/doomish sound, but trust me – it’s merely to enhance the “desperate” in its title. It soon develops into another sharp song, DAVIDIAN-style.
Another mosh-friendly track should be “Vicious Circle”, while the final keyboards in “Fake Society” carry an epic and dramatic feeling to it – a feeling you can also get throughout “Freedom Of Choice”, without ever compromising its heaviness. And I must add that the guitar solo in “Inner Turmoil” deserves some brownie points.
Without meaning to undermine Dave Hopkins’ vocal skills, this album proves that his successor Tobi has a much stronger voice and is able to reach a wide range of tones, which fits like a glove to the band’s new sound. Considering all of the above, I believe saying DAVIDIAN took one step further into evolution is quite an understatement.


Renata “Pieni” Lino