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Man.Machine.Industry – Box Of Horrors

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“Box Of Horrors”
Release: 4th March 2016

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Man.Machine.Industry’s new album “Box Of Horrors” gives you a little of everything the band stands for – all strains of metal.

Even though their sound has always been braided with an industrial thread, frontman Jhonny Bergman is a pretty old-school soul. I believe “Trend Killer” is the one song – not only in this album but in all M.M.I.’s discography – that mirrors it, thrashing away like there’s no tomorrow.

Now “Let It Burn” has the aforementioned industrial twist to it, not compromising the aggression at all. It just adds some texture, that’s all. It’s go the same vibe of the previous (and my favorite) LP, “Lean Back, Relax And Watch The World Burn” and the chorus is catchy, not in a melodic way but in the sense that will make you want to scream along with it. Powerful!

“20.000 Horns At The Sky” may not be as speedy, but its marching beat and groovy bass line make it quite belligerent just the same. As for the exquisite melodies that M.M.I. have gotten us used to, in songs like “Vivete et Sinete Mori” or “Colours”, take a listen to “Rise Above”. Plenty of melodic exquisiteness there.

Living up to its name, the title-track is a creepy ballad, heavy on guitars. Some string arrangements, acoustic notes and somber choirs make a hell of a combination.

I was surprised to hear another ballad right after this one, but “Destroyers Of Gods And Man” carries such a sadness and despair that you’ll put aside the slow pace and will keep in mind just its weight.

The rhythm is spicy again in “Too Close To The Sun”, with hints of Arabian cadences. “Rise Of The Fallen” is one of those in-your-face kind of songs and the album closes up with yet another ballad, “Heading For Nowhere”, with some keys that somehow remind me of R.E.M. “Everybody Hurts”, so yeah, a ballad in the full sense of the word.

So now you know what I meant by “all strains of metal”. “Box Of Horrors”, like its predecessor “Lean Back…”, is a diverse and solid album, better appreciated if listened to at a high volume.


Renata “Pieni” Lino

Man.Machine.Industry – The Cross [EP]

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“The Cross” [EP]
Metal / thrash
To be released on 14th February 2014
Via GMR Music

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Man.Machine.Industry are working on their new album, but apparently they’re so eager to share their music that they decided to release an EP in advance.

When frontman JB said some time ago that things would be different, I confess I was a bit apprehensive. What I’ve always loved about M.M.I. was their industrial twist over the shredding metal and I was afraid they’d now go old school thrash all the way and get lost among all the others of that genre. But no. Things are indeed different, especially when it comes to keyboards, but both from what they’ve done so far AND from what other metal bands do.

It’s not by chance that the EP is titled after the first song – “The Cross” is the best track of this 4-piece. Its backbone is made out of a more traditional heavy metal riffing entwined with some heroic synths and it sounds pretty strong. As always, the bass makes its stand and adds a groovy depth all over the song. Also the sharp beat and the determination in the gang vocals shouting “THE CROSS!” will make their way through your ears.

“Kill” has these intriguing keys which is what will catch your attention. The rhythm is not so fast – except for a few moments closer to the end, where the band starts thrashing away – and the guitars are a bit shallow, but the keys draw some spotlight and make it interesting.

The beat in “Colours” reminds me of “Vivete et Sinite Mori (Live and Let Die)” but at a slower pace. It’s somewhat repetitive and monotonous, the melodic guitar solo a little dissonant and out of place among the rest of the instruments. It’s the lesser track of the EP.

On the other hand, “Slave” is full of speed and aggression, giving you a glimpse of a rawer side of M.M.I.. Still is “The Cross” that mirrors their true nature and I’m looking forward to the upcoming album, which apparently will follow that direction. JB said he “got some awesome songs for that one” and I believe him.

3,5 / 5

Renata “Pieni” Lino

Man.Machine.Industry release video for “Aim! Hold! Fire!”

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Swedish Man.Machine.Industry have recently re-released their 2012 album “Lean Back, Relax and Watch The World Burn” with two extra songs (“First Chord Struck” and “Eye Of The Beholder”). Today, they launch a new video for the song “Aim! Hold! Fire!” featured in it:

The band is currently in the studio writing and recording both an EP and an album to be released next year, and have confirmed a Swedish tour opening for Raubtier on the following dates/locations:

27 Haparanda – Folkets Hus
28 Luleå – Kulturens Hus
01 Umeå – House of Metal (festival)
06 Göteborg – Trädgår’n
07 Halmstad – James Rockbar
12 Norrköping – Dynamo
13 Malmö – KB
14 Karlshamn – Bellevueparken
15 Örebro – Ritz
21 Borlänge – Liljan
22 Skövde – Valhall
26 Gävle – Harrys
27 Stockholm – Klubben
28 Huskvarna – Folkets Hus
29 Linköping – L’Orient

M.M.I. release video for "To A Blood Red Sky"

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Stockholm based industrial metal MAN.MACHINE.INDUSTRY have just released a video for the song To A Blood Red Sky, featured on their latest album Lean Back, Relax And Watch The World Burn.

It’s the second video for this album, directed by singer/guitarist J. Bergman himself. The first one, a KILLING JOKE cover of “Eighties”, featured Jens Westin of CORRODED. “To A Blood Red Sky” also has a special guest, this time Ronnie Nyman from ALWAYS WAR. And fifteen fans and friends, who already had their screams recorded in the album.