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Lapis Lazuli – A Justified Loss

Posted in CD, Metal with tags on 16th May 2012 by Demolithia

Band: Lapis Lazuli
Album: A Justified Loss
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Release Year: 2011

My first contact with Lapis Lazuli was some years ago, when they did an open air liveshow in my residental town – Ostersund. Back then the band´s name was Aftermath and was fronted by the vocalist Meliesa McDonell.

Normally I don´t listen very often to Lapis Lazulis kind of music, but now and then one have to. Right.And thus one might say I have been blessed witnessed this band performing live with both the former female vocalist aswell as the current, I must admit that the band now is a strong unit consisting talented musicians.

For starters, the instrumental intro tune on Lapis Lazulis latest effort – “Facing Demons” seems a little mournful in its construction, but still symphonic beautiful. Generally speaking are the songs on this album as a gentle touch along the spine, aswell as a blow inte face. The connection between the instrumenatal float and the strength Frida Eurenius possess vocally seems obviously magic. And if I should compare with other bands sounds similar, the first name that strike my mind is Blackmoore´s night..

Best songs: Burning Bridges and Leaving Scars